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Buy It For Life: 23 Products That Last A Lifetime

When it comes to buying any product, I want it to last for life, but that is often never the case. Why is that? Because I have so often been seduced by a bargain rather than spending the money which will save me in the long run. I am sure that you have done the same.

A “buy it for life” (BIFL) product may cost more, but it will save you a lot of money. Over time, that more expensive product is going to work out cheaper. You are not going to have to pay to replace it often, nor are you going to have to repair it as frequently. A ‘BIFL’ product just makes sense.

Here is a list of my favorite ‘buy it for life’ products.


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1. Cutting Boards

We all have them, and we all use them. Yet, how often do we replace them? They can be cheap, but that often translates to disposable. Butcher blocks are great for chopping on. Look for wooden cutting boards, and go for thickness. Thin cutting boards will eventually be cut through. If you have a wooden board, make sure not to soak it in water, and oil it regularly.

2. Chef Knife

If you have one great knife in your kitchen, you can save yourself a lot of time and avoid hassles. One great chef’s knife can replace multiple knives, and the sharpness will also lock in the flavor of herbs and spices. Invest in quality and go for a knife which can be sharpened.

3. Measuring Cups

If you are in the kitchen a lot, then you use some sort of measuring device. If you want your measuring cups to last forever, then go for glass over plastic. Pyrex is always a good choice, and investing in quality will ensure the measurements never wear off.

4. Can Openers

Even if you do not spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you probably still use a can opener often. The key here is to go for simplicity. The more complicated a can opener is, the more likely something is to go wrong. Stay away from electric can openers and stick with the manual ones.


5. Blender

I love to make smoothies, and a good blender is versatile enough to do so much more. With so many moving parts in play, you need to go for quality over price. A great blender can set you back a couple of hundred dollars, but that money will be saved in the long run.


power tool

6. Flashlight

A good flashlight starts with the material and construction. You may have to pay more for a met-al case over a plastic one, but that protective case is going to protect the electronics inside. Pay more and never be caught out in an emergency.

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7. Multitool

Swiss army knives are handy, but they are not made for the more rugged jobs. A good multitool is a ‘BIFL’ product and durable. Keep one with you at all times and get the job done without the tool failing.

8. Paintbrush

Whether it is a quick touch up or an entire room, a good paintbrush will not only save you some time but will save you money too. Investing in quality will result in an even coat of paint on your walls and they are easier to clean. Higher quality bristles last longer and will not fall apart like cheaper paintbrushes.

9. Power Tools

I did some renovations recently, and power tools were a lifesaver. The one thing which I learned was to go for the name brand. The big companies have been making power tools for years and know what they are doing. Check out the reviews and go for the company which you like best.

10. Work Gloves

If you are going to use any of the above tools, then you need a good pair of work gloves. High-quality gloves will protect your hands and give you a better grip. The material is important. Look for high-quality materials and spend more to save more.


camera on a tripod

11. Camera

Your memories should last a lifetime, and your camera should be a buy it for life product too. A great camera will help you to capture those memories and can last a lifetime. Trusted brands like Nikon and Canon have been making quality cameras for years.

12. Headphones

If music is a part of your life, then a great pair of headphones is essential. Stay away from the cheap pair which airlines hand out for free (there is a reason for that), and pay more for a ‘BIFL’ product. Not only will high-quality headphones last, but the sound quality will be better too.

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robotic vacuum cleaner under sofa

13. Scissors

I bet that there is almost no one in the world who has not used a pair of scissors. Investing in quality means investing in a product for life, and also one which is going to stay sharp.

14. Stapler

We may not use this as much as we use scissors, but it can still be essential. There is nothing worse than a stapler not being able to staple paper. Invest in quality, and your BIFL product will staple everything in its path.

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15. Vacuum Cleaner

There is a reason why some vacuum cleaners suck and do not suck. Better materials and components not only means a vacuum cleaner which works better but also means a vacuum cleaner which will last a lifetime.

16. Washer & Dryer

Large appliances are something which I hate to buy, and that is the main reason why I only want to buy them once. Check out the reviews on a product before purchasing and remember that more money spent now means a lot less money spent later.

Sports & Outdoors

woman setting up a tent in the wilderness

17. Bicycle

I love to ride to work. If I am investing in something to replace my car, then I do not mind spending it on something which is going to be fast, comfortable, and save me a lot of money (especially on gas). A better bike will last longer and only need fine-tuning occasionally.

18. Cooler

If you like to spend any time in the great outdoors, then you need something to cart your food around in. Not only does a great cooler hold your food, but it also keeps it cool for a long time. Spending a little more initially means that your food stays cooler for longer and does not spoil. You will never need to replace it too. Lots of money saved.

19. Hatchet

You have your cool food, and now you need to cook that food. Making a fire is easy with a hatchet to cut some wood. It also makes for a versatile tool when hunting, fishing, and camping. Investing some money in a ‘BIFL’ product means a hatchet which is effective, stays sharp for longer, and never needs to be replaced or repaired.

20. Tent

Camping is intense (camping is in tents). Okay, that was a pretty bad joke, but sheltering yourself in the wild is no laughing matter. You spend a lot of money on a house, and there is a good reason for that. The more money you spend on a quality tent, the more you are going to use it, and the longer it is going to last. A tent should always be a buy it for life product.

21. Water Bottle

A ‘BIFL’ water bottle will not only save you money from not having to buy bottles of water when you are out but will also save you money by lasting forever. Having one water bottle for life is also great for the environment. Look for high-quality materials and companies which offer a warranty on their products.

22. Backpack

A backpack is one of the most useful luggage options when you are traveling. Not all backpacks are created equally, and much of this is down to the materials and construction. Look for high-quality materials, double stitching, and a trusted manufacturer. Find a style which you like, and a backpack can be a ‘BIFL’ product.

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23. Umbrella

An umbrella is not a product which you will buy often, but there is a good chance that you will buy an umbrella multiple times throughout your life. Again, this can be a BIFL product if you invest some money. Look for the companies (like Davek) which offer free replacements and repairs and never worry about buying another one again.

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