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9 Products You Only Need To Buy Once

Why do you buy new products? Has the previous version worn out or broken down? Does it need repaired and is too expensive to fix? Is it because of planned obsolescence? Could it be our own fault?

Are you tired of spending your hard-earned money on products which you really do not want to buy? Well, you do not have to. Many products are manufactured to break down after a certain period of time and need to be replaced. It is one of the clever ways in which a company makes money from you. A newer model comes out, or the product is designed to be disposable.

Well, I am here to tell you that you do not need to put up with that any longer. With a little planning and a little more money spent at the outset, you can find products which can last for a lifetime. No more will you buy the same product again and again. Buy it for life and save yourself a lot of hassle.

Here is my favorite ‘buy it for life’ products which you only need to buy once.

1. Umbrellas

Credit: Davek

How many times have you bought an umbrella? Probably not a lot but I am guessing more than once. If I mention a broken umbrella and you have a picture in your head of an umbrella turned inside out and struggling against the wind, or a snapped piece of metal, then you have probably gone through a similar experience to me (and many around the world).

Now, you are not going to buy many umbrellas throughout your lifetime, but you are going to buy more than one. Or are you? With companies like Davek, you only need to buy once. They are more expensive initially, but that investment pays off. They will replace or repair your umbrella if you need it, meaning that your purchase is a purchase for life.

2. Luggage

red oxx
Credit: Red Oxx

Again, this is a product which you are not going to buy hundreds of times, but it is probably a product which you have bought at least once. We all love to travel and that traveling can take its toll on our luggage (think baggage handlers). When we buy a bag for our stuff, we do not imagine that we are going to do the same in a few months or years, but we often do.


The good news is that a bag can be a bag for life. Red Oxx has a lifetime warranty on all of their bags and suitcases. If the bag is broken or damaged, they will repair your bag or send you a new one. It pays to pay a little more.

3. Flashlights

Credit: Maglite

There are two kinds of people, those who buy a flashlight to use all of the time or those who buy one for emergencies. It does not matter which you are; you need a flashlight which is robust and will work. A flashlight should be a “buy it for life” (BIFL) product, but so often it is not. That is why you need to pay a little more for quality and never worry about buying again.


Companies like Maglite have been manufacturing flashlights for decades. Not only that, but they also offer 10-year warranties on their products. With a warranty that long, you know that the product is going to last.

4. Memory Cards & Flash Drives

Credit: Kingston

When you backup information from your computer, you want that information to last a lifetime. That is why you need a BIFL product to store it on. There is almost nothing more important, in this day and age than data. When you back up your data, you need to know that it is safe, and that is why I recommend spending more on a high-quality product which is going to last.

Companies like Kingston not only manufacture BIFL products, but they also repair them should they break down.

5. Socks

darn tough vermont
Image: Darn Tough Vermont

If there is one thing which I hate to buy again and again, it is socks. They are one of those products which you just forget about until a hole appears and there is nothing left to be done. Those socks on sale may seem like a great deal but how good is the deal really when you take into account how long they last?

You need socks which last forever. Thankfully, there are some companies out there which craft high-quality socks and are backed up by a generous warranty. Companies like Feetures and Darn Tough Vermont create such socks and do it in style. All of their socks are robust and durable while still being stylish. The great part is that they come with a ‘no questions asked’ lifetime guarantee.

6. Pens

Image: Cross

Sure, you can get a pack of seven billion ballpoint pens for six dollars, but is that really worth the investment? I mean, half of them are not going to work, and you are going to have scribbled ridges across our paper, while the other half are going to run out quickly or not write very well. What you need is a durable pen which will get the job done.

We do not often think about investing in pens. That is about to change. If you invest in one great pen, you are going to save yourself a lot of money and hassle in the long run. Cross has been making silver and gold-cased pens for almost 200 years. Their pens are elegant and stylish and write amazingly well. This pen will last you forever while helping you to make a statement.

7. Knives

chicago cutlery
Image: Chicago Cutlery

If you are anything like me, then you like to be in the kitchen. There is nothing better than sitting down to a delicious home-cooked meal which you have created in your own kitchen. When it comes to food preparation, a knife is an essential piece of equipment. As long as it cuts, it is okay, right?

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Well, a dull blade can not only be annoying, but it can destroy the taste too. Cutting herbs with a blunt knife can take away some of their flavors and cause them to spoil quicker. And, do not get me started on trying to cut a tomato with a blunt blade. When it comes to cooking, you need a BIFL product.

The knives from Chicago Cutlery come with a lifetime warranty. Not only that, but they also stay sharp for longer, helping you to cook for longer. Should you find a flaw in the knife, they will happily replace it.

8. Water Bottles

polar bottle
Image: Polar Bottle

I love water bottles for two reasons. First, I love to have water with me no matter where I go. Be it a hike, a run, or just a trip to the supermarket; I like to stay hydrated. Second, it saves. A reusable water bottle helps to save the environment by cutting down on plastic waste and helps to save me money by not having to buy those plastic bottles full of fancy spring water.

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Companies like Polar Bottle are offering great products which have lifetime guarantees. What I like the most about this company is that they will even replace parts of the bottle for you. If the carry strap or cap breaks, they will send you a free replacement. This really is a buy it for life product.

9. Headphones

Image: Koss

If you have ever traveled, you probably have a tiny bundle of wires in a drawer in your kitchen with two little earbuds attached. It may seem like a good deal to use these free headphones (don’t, the sound quality is terrible), or to buy a cheap pair but it is not. Cheap headphones are cheap for a reason. Not only do they use sub-standard materials, but the sound quality is extremely poor too.

Our ears are sensitive. Investing in a high-quality pair of headphones is one of the best things you can do for your wallet and your mental stability. A high-quality pair will last you a lifetime. A cheap pair will be a pair which you will buy over and over.

Companies like Koss will repair, replace, and refund. If you buy from them, you are buying for life.

Buy It For Life

Do you want a “buy it for life” product? Of course, you do. We all do. Well, there is no reason why you should not get what you want. You may have to spend a little more money now but ‘future you’ is going to thank you for that investment. A little more money spent initially is going to get you a better-quality product and one which will last.


Buy it for life products are about saving you money and elevating your quality of life. It just makes sense.

Andrea Soke

Andrea has a background in economics and finance, but she's also passionate about gardening, sustainable living, and finding new ways to maintain a clean and orderly home. She believes in quality over quantity.