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The 9 Most Durable Luggage Brands

Not all luggage brands are created equal, and we should celebrate that fact.

Some luggage brands focus on style, others on functionality, many brands create durable luggage, while others only deal in large cases. Some brands have been around for a long time and are a well-known name in the travel industry, while others are new on the market, fresh upstarts that are taking the travel world by storm.

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There are some brands steeped in heritage, while others are redefining the way that we travel and reimagining what luggage can be.

At Durability Matters, we don’t care where you came from or where you are going, we only care about how durable, functional, and stylish your luggage is. If your luggage is the best of the best, then you are going to make our list.

All of the brands below are worthy of your consideration.


away travel luggage set
Credit: Away Travel

If your style of luggage is more minimalist-chic, then this is the luggage brand for you.

Away was founded in New York in 2015, one of the highest-funded female startups in history, and one that is taking the travel industry by storm.

When Away was created, they set out to bring built-to-last products to the market, focusing on the longevity and durability of a product, as well as elegance and style.

And, boy, have they done just that. These are not only extremely tough products, but they look beautiful too.

There are numerous styles and colors to choose from, smart features such as TSA-approved removable batteries, and sizes for every type of trip.

And, by offering products directly to consumers, and cutting out the middle-man (or middle-woman), they keep the prices low without sacrificing quality. A 100-day free trial and a lifetime warranty help make this luggage an easy choice.


pelican air 1535 case
Credit: Pelican

If you want luggage that is more rugged and outdoorsy, then Pelican has what you need.

Pelican is one of the leaders when it comes to high-performance luggage. Their products are not only durable, but they also come with temperature control, lighting systems, extra protection, and a variety of options too.

They are the kind of bags that you will find in the military, and that is the perfect choice if you know that your bag is going to be subjected to harsh climates and severe environments.

These cases are built to last a lifetime. With a molded plastic shell, water- and air-tight gaskets to protect your belongings, and a barometric relief valve to regulate the internal pressure, these bags will protect against impacts, water, dust, dirt, cabin pressure, piercing, over-zealous baggage handlers, and more.

The bags seal against small unwanted particles, are waterproof to 1 meter, follow all ATA standards, and look pretty good too. With a lifetime guarantee, this might just be the last travel bag that you ever buy.

Briggs & Riley

briggs and riley luggage
Credit: Briggs & Riley

Founded in New York in 1993, Briggs & Riley set out to engineer high-quality and durable luggage that meets the requirement of the modern traveler. They offer every type of travel bag imaginable.

There are traditional travel bags: carry-on and checked bags. They come in a variety of materials and styles, with many of them being designed to expand, giving the flexibility to move between short overnight trips to long-haul business trips. They also offer other travel options, such as briefcases, backpacks, totes, and more.

The one thing that stands out about all of the bags in the Briggs & Riley range is that they are amazingly stylish.

The colors range from muted to bold, and there are a host of handy features and innovations, including the Outsider handle (giving more room inside the luggage) and the CX Expansion Compression system (increasing your interior luggage space by up to 33%).

The best feature, though, in our opinion, is the ‘Simple As That’ lifetime warranty. Briggs and Riley are so confident in the durability of their product that they will repair your bag for free if it is ever damaged, no questions asked.

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samsonite luggage
Credit: Samsonite

If you have ever traveled, and even if you have not, you have probably heard of the name, Samsonite.

Born in Denver in 1910, Samsonite has been around for a long time, and there are good reasons for that. They started with high-quality and durable products, and have been able to use over 100 years of experience to constantly improve their product line.

They have a massive amount of products, so you are sure to find the travel option that is right for you but, more than that, all of their luggage is built to last.

They have built their brand to cater to the frequent traveler, offering all types of luggage options, while using their years of experience to give that luggage style, durability, and affordability.

Their journey is as eventful as yours is sure to be when you travel with Samsonite luggage. They have weathered the Great Depression, two World Wars, and lots more. They came out stronger on the other side.

If you are still not convinced, then take into account their lifetime warranty as a sign that they have full confidence in the longevity of their products.


delsey luggage
Credit: Delsey

Delsey started in France in 1946 and they originally sold leather camera cases. It was almost twenty-five years later that they delved into the world of luggage with their first hardshell case.

The quality and robustness of the luggage were excellent, but it may have been the touch of Parisian style that appealed to their now-loyal customer base.

Style is at the core of the Delsey brand, and they draw inspiration from the world around them, studying French architecture to create luggage that is almost art.

The proportions are inspired, and the silhouettes of each piece are polished and dripping with elegance. They are one of the most fashion-forward brands on our list.

But, don’t let the elegance and style fool you; they build robust luggage that lasts.

The unbreakable amper-free double zipper is seamless and tough, creating one of the strongest closures where you usually find the weakest point of a bag.

The cases are extra-stylish, lightweight, easy to handle, and bring a touch of French elegance to your travels.


travelpro platinum elite product image
Credit: Travelpro

Travelpro is a company that was in 1987 established by a Boeing 747 pilot. With extensive travel knowledge, the company set out to create the perfect bag for every traveler.

What came out of that is a favorite bag of many seasoned travelers around the world.

The products fall into the mid-range category, making them an accessible luggage option, while also being durable and high-quality.

Travelpro was the inventor of the wheeled, carry-on case, and they have only grown more innovative since then, all to make travel the best experience possible.

The suitcases are designed to be the maximum allowed, both in size and weight, and each suitcase is tested well above the maximum allowed weight.

With options in hard and softshell, you can customize to your needs, and the internal fold-out suiters help to keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free.

All of the luggage in the brand lineup is built to last and with functionality in mind. Each one also comes with a 5- or 10-year warranty.


Victorinox Werk Traveler promo image
Credit: Victorinox

The company that created the Swiss Army Knife is also credited with creating some of the best luggage on the market, though their cases do not have as many fold-out options as the knives do.

Victorinox has boiled their luggage down to the bare minimum so that they can focus on building the best of the best. When it comes to the outer shell, you can choose between virgin polycarbonate hardshell or abrasion-resistant nylon softshell. Both are extremely tough and durable.

Each piece of luggage is subjected to 30 intense quality tests to ensure that the reinforced seams hold up, the puncture-resistant zippers do not split, and the lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum handles do not bend.

You also get unique tracking IDs, TSA-approved locks, spinning wheels, expandable storage, space-making solutions, and a lifetime warranty.

Luggage this good should not come this cheap, but it does.

American Tourister

american tourister luggage
Credit: American Tourister

If you are not an intensive traveler and do not want to spend a lot of money on a case that you may not use constantly, then the lineup from American Tourister could be just what you are looking for.

They are mainly focused on softshell cases for holiday travelers, offering high-quality baggage at affordable prices.

If you think that durable luggage should be gorilla-proof, then you have come to the right place. Tested by having a gorilla stand on the luggage, these bags are going to have no problem holding up to flights, baggage handlers, impacts, drops, and more.

They are also owned by the same company as Samsonite, but cater to different groups of travelers, though you know that knowledge and experience will have been shared by both companies.

An affordable brand with a real focus on durability.


tumi luggage promo image
Credit: Tumi

If you are a pure business traveler, then Tumi has what you are looking for.

When the company was formed, they set out to create amazing luggage for business travelers. That all started with black-on-black ballistic nylon bags, and they have not looked back since.

The bags not only look good, but they are puncture- and tear-resistant too, protecting your business documents and laptop.

The nylon used is ballistics-grade, there is a patented Omega closure system that will further protect the contents inside, and the integrated wheel feature will take the weight off when you have been traveling all day.

Many travel brands cater solely to business travelers, but not many who do it as well as Tumi.

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