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Review: Pelican 1495 Protector Laptop Case

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For those using a laptop on construction sites, in bad weather, or extreme temperatures, a rugged laptop is the perfect choice. A rugged laptop comes with a heftier price tag, but is built using an impact resistant casing and reliable hardware.

There are also those who need high-performance laptops to run software which can be taxing on their computers. People who work on intensive engineering projects or massive graphics renders need this kind of laptop. And with the boom in esports, competitive players need the best gaming laptops they can get their hands on.

Rugged laptops may not need the protection of a hard-shell laptop protector case, but high-performance laptops, which are built for indoor and careful use, certainly do. A high-performance laptop will cost several thousand dollars, so you will want to protect your investment.

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A soft protective sleeve or a briefcase laptop are simply too risky for your important computer.

What you need is a guarantee your laptop will survive travel, harsh weather, and any accident that may occur.

What you need is a hard-shell laptop protector case, like the Pelican 1495.

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Look and Feel

Pelican’s 1495 Protector Laptop Case is so robust, it’s like carrying a safe around in your hand. When I first got my hands on it, I was immediately impressed by the feel of the injection molded ultra-high impact resistant plastic shell. The case’s surface is smooth and flawless, a testament to Pelican’s top-quality production methods. Even the handle is very comfortable and sturdy to hold.

Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - front

When my case arrived, it came with the manual and a pamphlet detailing Pelican’s lifetime warranty. Tucked inside the case is a padded shoulder strap that clips onto the case for everyday carry.

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking for this product in Europe, it’s sold under the Peli brand, so you’d be looking for the Peli 1495 Protector Laptop Case. Since we’re based in Europe, I got the European version. However, except for the brand name, everything else is the same.

The case has a weight to it that inspires confidence, a promise that the contents will be safe. To ensure a complete seal, there is a built-in pressure valve to equalize air pressure inside and outside the case and to prevent water from leaking in.

Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - pressure valve

Aside from being watertight, the case is also crushproof and dustproof.

Keeping your laptop locked up tight is a three-digit combination lock. Once the correct combination is entered, you flip open four heavy-weight latches.

Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - feature image

As I tested the case, I was impressed at how tightly the latches shut; it took some real strength to open them.

Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - open hinges

The hinges are made of the same high-quality plastic as the case, and open very smoothly. They are also protected behind plastic ridges to help reduce any damage.

Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - hinge

All the hardware on the case is durable steel.

Inside you have the main event. My case came with an organizer in the lid equipped with a few pockets for papers and pens. The organizer is screwed in and can be replaced with optional convoluted foam for extra protection.

Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - open
Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - laptop and organizer
Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - organizer lid
Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - ThinkPad E430 inside

My 14” Lenovo ThinkPad E430 leaves plenty of room for accessories like the charger, mouse, an extra battery pack, and more.

The body of the case has a Pick N’ Pluck foam liner for extra customization. This protective foam is segmented into cubes so you can tear out a block that fits your laptop perfectly.

Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - Pick N Pluck foam

There is also an additional layer of standard foam below the Pick N’ Pluck for extra cushioning.

Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - foam liner

I found that combining un-plucked foam with the foam in the lid worked perfectly well with my laptop. The foam is forgiving enough that you can squeeze items in.

Overall, the Pelican 1495 Protector Laptop Case is sturdy without being bulky. This is one of those “buy it for life” products that will be by your side for decades to come.


The 1495 Protector Laptop Case has a polypropylene plastic shell, injection molded for precise construction. The interior is lined with shock-resistant polyurethane foam. Most of the hardware is ABS (a kind of steel used in ship making) with the occasional stainless-steel component. The protector case is made in the US.

The Pelican 1495 case only takes up as much room as most briefcases. The exterior dimensions are 18.87” x 13.12” x 3.81” (47.9 x 33.3 x 9.7 cm), with the interior space measuring at 21.62” x 17.25” x 4.87” (54.9 x 43.8 x 12.4 cm). You can fit laptops up to 17” inside.

Without the high-density foam, the case weighs 7.23 lbs. The foam adds an additional 1.14 lbs, all of which goes toward absorbing impacts and protecting your laptop. In case of high water, the case is buoyant up to 45.15 lbs, well beyond what most people will pack into it.

For those looking to take their laptop into extreme weather environments, the case can survive temperatures as low as -40° F and up to 240° F. This is without any warping of the polypropylene shell or any damage to the case’s contents. For especially humid environments, silica packets are available from Pelican to absorb moisture, and can be reused to save on waste.

As mentioned briefly, you have a few options when ordering the Pelican 1495.

  • First, you can get just the case with nothing inside.
  • Second, you can get it lined with Pick N’ Pluck foam on the bottom and with convoluted foam in the lid (replacements for the convoluted foam are available in sets of three from Pelican).
  • Finally, you can get the lid-mounted organizer with a space for your laptop in the bottom—your choice of a standard-sized foam liner or a strap-in pocket with room for charging cables.

You can also have a plate mounted on the case with a custom engraving for an extra personalized touch.

Pelican 1495 Laptop Case - nameplate


There are quite a few accessories available to improve and maintain your protector case. Pelican offers key padlocks and combination padlocks to add an extra level of security to the case. They also have replacements for most of the individual parts including, crucially, the O-ring. You can also custom order fitted foam dividers for your case to make sure your laptops and other items get a snug fit.


Pelican wants to be sure you understand how well-made a product you are buying, so they make all their certifications easy to access through the 1495 Protector Laptop Case’s product page on their website. You can check and print copies of the case’s Def Stan 81-41, IP67, and STANAG 4280 certifications, proving it has passed vibration, impact, cold, heat, dust, water immersion, and fungal growth tests.

For easy maintenance and use, Pelican also provides instructions for using the combination lock and a copy of the warranty on the product page.

Combination Lock

One of the best features of this protector laptop case is the combination lock. Setting and opening it is a breeze (assuming you have the right combination).

To set a new code, make sure the latch on the left side of the number dials is in the “open” position and set each of the dials to zero. Next, slide the tab on the opposite side of the dials to the left, and hold it there. Finally, rotate the number dials to the desired combination, and then release the tab.
The combination code will now be set, and you can leave your laptop inside, safe and secure.

To open the combination lock, turn the number dials to match your unlock code. Then simply slide the tab to the right and the latch will pop open. Undo the four manual latches around the case, and you can open it.

If all else fails, you can get in touch with Pelican. They offer a service to reset the combination lock on the protector case.


The Pelican 1495 Protector Laptop Case is available from Pelican’s website, shipping to anywhere in the US or abroad. If you are looking to buy the case in Europe, it is sold under the “Peli” brand, which has its own website for domestic shipping.

Here is a short video to give you a look at what this protector case looks and feels like.

When you need a reliable and durable way to protect your laptop from any and all damage, the Pelican 1495 is the perfect protector case for you.

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