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9 Best Leather Work Gloves for Every Job

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Work gloves need to be tough, so it is no wonder that leather is often used. In fact, some of the very best work gloves are made from leather, and they give amazing protection from cuts, piercing, and abrasions, all while being breathable and comfortable. Add in the fact that leather lasts for a long time, and you have the perfect work glove material.

If you work in the type of job that requires you to wear gloves all day for protection, such as a woodworker, gardener, contractor, plumber, mechanic, or any other physical job, then you can’t go wrong with the dexterous mobility of a high-quality leather work glove.

If you are looking for the best of the best, then we have done the hard work for you. All of the gloves are arranged by type, starting with gardening. Let’s take a look.

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Leather Work Gloves for Gardening

From light yard work to home maintenance and landscaping, leather gardening gloves can protect your hands from thorns, splinters, abrasions, and more. If you want gloves that are lightweight and breathable while still being durable, then check out what we have found.

1. Supersfel Gardening Gloves

For: Men, Women | Sizes: S, M, L, XL

These genuine leather gardening gloves are ergonomically designed for a combination of comfort and safety, as well as sensitivity and flexibility of the hand. The lightweight and breathable sheepskin hand cover is fine enough so that you can feel what you are doing when handling tools or seeds, yet still strong enough to be puncture resistant.

The long arm, almost to the elbow, is made of the strongest wear resistant cow hide, and will protect your arm from even the sharpest thorns. A nifty tightening strap at the cuff of the glove allows you to close the top around your arm with a comfortable fit, and prevent insects or gardening debris from falling into your gloves while you work.

These Supersfel Gardening Gloves have a sturdy seam structure for long lasting fit, and the genuine leather is both water and thorn proof, though some care must be taken when drying these gloves, as with any leather product, to ensure they retain their shape once dry. These puncture resistant gloves will protect you during such uncomfortable activities as pruning or cutting back cacti, briars, roses, poison ivy, and thistles.

2. Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Gloves

For: Men, Women | Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

These gardening gloves have a certain elegance to them, available in pure white, and they also come in a variety of earthy tones too. When you are working in nature, you need protective gloves, and these do just that, protecting against punctures but also against anything that can cause rashes or other allergic reactions.

These gloves are very soft, so comfortable that you will forget that you are wearing them. The goatskin leather is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, and still contains all the durability and breathability of regular leather.

You expect durability, and you get it from these gloves, handcrafted to the highest standards. There are extra padding and double stitching too, with more focus put on the thumb and forefingers. These are gardening gloves that are going to last for multiple seasons.

3. Handlandy Long Thorn Proof Gardening Gloves

Amazon Prime
$18.40 $19.80

For: Men, Women | Sizes: S, M, L

When you are out in the heat all day, you need gloves that are breathable and comfortable. These pigskin gloves have a porous texture without being easy to puncture, and that keeps your hands cool and dry all day long. The 100% leather also means that the gloves won’t become worn down and will last year after year.

The extended cuffs protect your forearms, making them a perfect glove for pruning and tree cutting. No more scratched up arms and hands. You get coverage almost up to your elbow, so you really can dive headfirst into whatever your day throws at you.

The palm has extra protection to stop any punctures, along with the fingertips, and both are reinforced. The exterior of the glove is flexible and has grip, helping you to wield tools in the harshest conditions. Perfect for gardening and also all outdoor work.

Heavy Duty Leather Work Gloves

When you need to go hard, you have to make sure that your hands are protected; without them, you cannot get your work done. For the toughest jobs, you need the toughest gloves.

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1. Wells Lamont Heavy Duty Genuine Leather Work Gloves

Amazon Prime
$16.79 $18.99

For: Men | Sizes: M, L, XL

When you are working in harsh climates, you need more than just durable gloves. These are durable gloves, but they bring more than that. The heavy-duty gloves are water-resistant, and that is important in multiple jobs. With their water-resistance, they protect you from electrocution, should you be working with machinery in a wet environment, and they remain non-slip when there is moisture. On top of that, water is not going to seep through the glove and leave you uncomfortable for the entire day.

The 100% split cowhide is extremely abrasion- and puncture-resistant and comes with a reinforced leather palm, thumb, and finger patches. The elastic cuffs keep the gloves securely in place and stop any debris and dirt from getting in.

Amazing heavy-duty work gloves for when you are working in any dangerous situation, and perfect for all other heavy-duty work too.

2. Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2

Amazon Prime
$26.65 $44.72

For: Men, Women | Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

These durable work gloves are among the most comfortable out there and offer unrivaled dexterity. The patented seamless fingertips allow for amazing finger movement and grip, with double-layer protection for the toughest situations. There is also reinforcement in critical areas so that you can tackle the toughest jobs.

The thermoplastic rubber cuff puller helps you to get the gloves on and off with ease, getting the gloves into place so you can get to work. There is also a sweat cloth on the back of the thumb so that you can wipe your brow without stopping work. With so much packed into the glove, it is amazing to also know that the gloves are machine washable.

The gloves are genuine goatskin leather, which will not shrink when you machine-wash them, and they are engineered to fit comfortably. Great gloves if you need to wear hand protection all day.

3. Wells Lamont Heavy Duty Work Gloves with Leather Palm

For: Men, Women | Sizes: M, L, XL

These full-leather gloves are as tough as they get, crafted from pigskin leather to give you abrasion, puncture, and tear resistance. They also offer better water resistance than many other leather gloves out there, and pigskin is more waterproof than many other types of leather.

The heavy-duty safety cuff gives you exceptional wrist protection and the cuff is elastic too for added comfort. This keeps the glove in place and also keeps any dirt and debris out.

If you are looking for heavy-duty gloves for any machinery operation, construction, landscaping, DIY, and just about anything else, then you can’t go wrong with these.

Insulated Leather Work Gloves

When it gets cold and you still have to work outside, you need protection that is not only durable but warm too. These gloves are durable and will protect your fingers from the frost.

1. Carhartt Insulated Suede Work Glove

For: Men | Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Carhartt knows clothing and that has translated well to their range of workwear. The gloves are 70% synthetic suede and 30% cotton bringing you comfort, warmth, and ultimate durability. They have a pull on closure that fits tight on your wrist to keep the gloves in place and any dirt out. They also have 3M Thinsulate polyester lining to keep your hands warm. The breathable material will keep you cool on hot days but tasty warm on cold days.

The cotton duck shell has a palm patch for extra durability and puncture resistance, and there is suede knuckle protection too. These are tough gloves as long as you treat them right. Wash them by hand and hang them to dry and they will last you for years.

2. Wells Lamont Heavy Duty Leather Palm Winter Work Gloves

Amazon Prime
$14.28 $15.80

For: Men | Sizes: M, L, XL

The split cowhide leather is extra-durable and comfortable too. The palm has extra reinforcement, protecting against punctures and abrasions, and there is extra leather on the fingertips and knuckles. Underneath the leather, there is fleece-lined 100-gram Thermafill insulation. That insulation is going to keep your hands warm all through the day when the temperature drops.

The elastic wrist keeps the gloves securely on your hands, and that keeps in the warmth too. The elasticated wrist makes it easy to put the gloves on and take them off, and that can be critical in the cold weather, protecting your hands from the cold and giving flexibility.

These are great gloves for colder climates where you need to have a lot of flexibility in both hands and work for a long time.

3. Illinois Glove Company Buffalo Grain 3M Thinsulate Glove

For: Men | Sizes: L, XL, XXL

These gloves offer so much style that they are perfect for on and off the worksite. The genuine buffalo smooth-grain leather is soft and supple while being strong enough to hold up to whatever the toughest workplaces throw at you. The 3M Thinsulate lining gives you a layer of warmth below the tough leather.

The keystone thumb design gives you a better fit than cheaper work gloves allowing you to work for longer and with more comfort. The elastic back keeps the gloves on and the dirt out, making for durable and comfortable gloves.

If you are outside for long periods, such as landscaping, these are amazing gloves. And, they are waterproof too. If you are working outdoors, these gloves are going to keep you dry, warm, and performing.

What To Know Before Buying Leather Work Gloves

Leather gloves offer excellent protection and flexibility when you are working. They are soft yet strong, water-resistant, breathable, and stylish. If you are looking for the ultimate work glove, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality pair of leather work gloves.

Split leather will offer the most protection and are the most resistant to water (and chemicals), while grain leather is softer and smoother, and better if you need more dexterity and hand movement. So, what else should you look for?


Leather is naturally protective, but for the toughest jobs, you need more than just the material itself. When abrasions are an issue, look for extra protection on the palm, thumb, and fingertips. Keystone thumb stitching offers ultra-durability and the better the quality of leather, the less chance of it being pierced.


Leather gives durability (as long as it is genuine and quality leather), but it is the stitching that holds it together. Double-stitching is a must on all heavy-duty gloves, and at a minimum, make sure that there is double stitching in the high-stress areas, like palm, fingertips, and thumb.


You are going to be wearing your gloves for long periods of time, and often all day, so they need to be comfortable. That starts with the fit but involves so much more than just that. The gloves should be sized to fit, and they must stay on all day (an elasticated cuff often helps). You should also take care of them so that the leather does not wear down and become tough. Think about the breathability, and opt for warmer gloves if you are working in a colder climate.


The type of work that you are involved in will dictate the type of glove that you need. If you are moving your hands a lot, look for thinner and more flexible gloves. If you are working in a dangerous environment, look for puncture-resistant gloves and those that can protect your hands from abrasive chemicals.


If gloves are too tight, they are going to annoy you, and gloves that are too loose are going to come off too easily. If they are loose that can also mean that your grip is loose, and that can be the difference between safety and injury.

High-quality work gloves come in a variety of sizes, so there should be a fit for everyone. Check your hand size and try the glove on before you buy it if you can. If you are buying online, check the reviews to see if there is any mention of sizing discrepancies.

Types of Leather Work Gloves

There are a few different kinds of leather work gloves out there, and most are broken down by the type of leather.


There is an abundance of pigskin leather being created across the world and it is becoming more and more popular for use in work gloves. Pigskin leather is durable and breathable, and the natural layer of oil on the surface adds waterproofing.

Pigskin is flexible, but may need to be initially broken in, and is a great choice for jobs that require flexibility.


Deerskin is also unbecoming more popular for work gloves and it provides some of the most flexible and lightweight gloves out there. The grain on the surface adds natural grip, making deerskin leather gloves are perfect for work where accuracy is required.

They also make for good welding gloves or any work that involves extreme heat, due to the heat resistance of deerskin leather. While deerskin is great at withstanding heat, the tradeoff for that and the added flexibility is that it is not as durable as other leathers.


Goatskin leather is also thinner than other leathers and offers great flexibility, but it is more durable than deerskin, coming close to cowhide and pigskin. The only problem is that, over time, as the goatskin starts to wear out, it loses some of its puncture-resistance, and is often reinforced with tougher materials under the leather, such as kevlar.

The natural lanolin in goatskin makes it waterproof and also abrasion-resistant. It is also a leather that works well in high heats.


Cowhide is a thick leather and that gives it durability and natural protection from abrasions and cuts. But, that thickness can come at a cost, and you have less flexibility and a looser fit, which can mean less dexterity when you are at work.

Cowskin, however, will last longer than other leathers and is widely available, creating more affordable gloves.

Buffalo Hide

Buffalo hide leather is almost identical to cowhide, except for the color. Buffalo hide is darker than cowhide but, because it is a rarer material, it is more expensive.

When to Choose Leather Work Gloves

Can we claim that leather is always the best choice for work gloves?

While leather may not be for everyone or every job, there are a number of reasons why it makes for a great work glove. It gives

  • cut and puncture protection,
  • is abrasion-resistant,
  • adds grip,
  • protects from impact,
  • gives dexterity, and is comfortable.

And, leather gloves are constantly improving. Gone are the days of stiff leather gloves that do not fit properly and are uncomfortable. New technology means even better protection and reduced shrinkage and stiffness.

We can’t think of many jobs that would not benefit from a pair of leather gloves. Just make sure to choose the right type of glove for the job and take care of your pair; if you do that, your gloves will last and your work will be made all the easier.

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