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Review: Tradlands Brianna Nico Linen Dress

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I got to try out some clothes from Tradlands recently. They sent me the Brianna Nico Linen Dress in cobalt (which I will review here), the Lily Midi Wrap Dress in black, and the Cottage Crewneck Sweater in storm.

All three pieces are designed with quality and longevity in mind, and they are crafted to fit all shapes and sizes. Tradlands combines quality materials with effortless style, focusing as much on comfort as fashion.

First Impressions

Tradlands Nico Linen Dress-2

The first thing that I did when I put this dress on was to stick my hands in my pockets. That was when I fell in love with it. I couldn’t help but keep my hands in my pockets as I walked around. When I went out, I had my keys and wallet in my pockets, something that I have not been able to do easily with other items of clothing.

Tradlands Nico Linen Dress-10

When I put the dress on, the day was hot and windy. The baggy fit meant that the dress did not cling to me, and there was good air circulation. When the wind hit me, the material formed a good barrier against the wind, and I can see how it would help to keep me warm when the weather gets cooler. Due to the length of the dress, it all held in place and was not blown up by the gusts.

Tradlands Nico Linen Dress-1

I really like the sun coverage that I get. When I wear tank tops, and even in t-shirts, my neck and shoulders can get burnt. The dress covers me up well, protecting me from burns, and negating the need for generous applications of sunscreen. That is down to the thickness (and quality) of the fabric, which is soft but feels durable enough to last for a long time and retain its shape.

The garment can be easily dressed up or down, and it will go with anything. I could see myself wearing this dress with heels or crocs. There are no fiddly buttons or fasteners, making it an easy and effortless dress to wear.


The dress is made from 70% Tencel and 30% linen. I had to Google what Tencel is, and I found that it is a fiber made from the wood pulp of trees. Tradlands pride themselves on using renewable fibers, and this definitely fits the mold. Tencel is recyclable and Earth-friendly, something that I definitely look for in clothing.

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When blended with other materials, such as linen, it adds wrinkle protection and has a silk-like feel. The combination of materials adds moisture wicking to the garment.

Tradlands Nico Linen Dress-11

The dress has an airy feel, and the mixture of Tencel and linen adds some breathability. I also appreciate that both materials are easy to care for, and I won’t need to use any special care instructions when cleaning the dress. The care instructions do recommend that you cold wash the dress and hang it to dry, but I do that with most of my clothes anyway.

Size & Color

From looking at the pictures on the website, it was obvious that this was supposed to be an oversized dress. I ordered the small, and I love how it fits. It is a perfect summer dress. It has a relaxed fit around my waist and hips, and that allows extra movement and breathability. I don’t feel constricted when swearing this dress. I would definitely recommend selecting the size that you would normally wear and expect it to fit loose.

Tradlands Nico Linen Dress-9

There are multiple sizes to choose from on the website, ranging from XXS all the way up to 5X. You will be hard-pressed not to find your size amongst all of the options, and I really believe that this dress will look great on any body size and shape.

You have seven colors to choose from. I went for the cobalt but was tempted by the emerald too. The colors make a statement without being overly bright. They look classy without being boring.


This is a midi-length dress that is amazingly comfortable. It fits loose on me, and I feel that I can do anything in it. The waist does not pinch, and neither do the sleeves or collar.

One of the best things about this dress is the inclusion of pockets and not tiny pockets that you cannot fit anything in. Most women’s wear, especially dresses, are severely lacking pockets. This dress has a pocket stitched into each side, hidden amongst the seams. The pockets do not detract from the look of the dress, but they are still big enough to hold your belongings, allowing you to leave the house without a purse or bag.


As I have mentioned a few times in the review, this is a dress that will look good on everyone and can be used in both formal and casual situations. With how flowing and large the dress is, it is definitely a dress for the warmer weather. You can pair the dress with a sweater or jacket, but it definitely makes more of an impact when worn on its own.

Tradlands Nico Linen Dress-4

It is a great dress for summer, and I can see myself wearing this at the beach or on a picnic.

Wrapping Up

This dress has pockets, and that is a big plus for me. Even if it did not have pockets, it would still be a dress that I would wear a lot. With summer just hitting, I am going to be wearing this dress all of the time, and I know that I can wear it almost anywhere.

I love my color choice, and it looks exactly as it did on the website. This is a dress that I will wear for many years, and I know that it is going to hold up.

And, did I mention pockets! A dress with pockets! What more do I need to say?

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