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Review: Tradlands Lily Midi Wrap Dress

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I got to try out some clothes from Tradlands recently. They sent me the Lily Midi Wrap Dress in black (which I will review here), the Brianna Nico Linen Dress in cobalt, and the Cottage Crewneck Sweater in storm.

Tradlands specialize in creating women’s wear for all sizes. As you shop through the clothing, there are sizes from extra, extra small all the way up to plus sizes. The clothes are designed to be accessible for all body shapes, taking the hesitation out of ordering fashionable garments.

First Impressions

Tradlands Lily Wrap Dress-2_2

This is a large dress and fits extremely baggy, though there is a tie on the front that can be used to create a tighter fit around the waist. The dress is long, and that creates extra room, and the bagginess of the sleeves accentuates that.

Tradlands Lily Wrap Dress-6_2

The dress is soft and comfortable and has a nice shape to it, and I can feel that the shape is going to hold up well over time. It is also a versatile dress, and adding accessories can help to dress up the garment or create a more casual look.

One thing that struck me when I wore the dress, was the versatility in how it could be worn. Women’s bodies often change shape, and this dress can accommodate that, making it an item of clothing that lasts over time. It is also an excellent maternity dress, one that can be adjusted as pregnancy progresses, and it could be used when breastfeeding too, offering easy access.


Like the Brianna Nico dress, this is another dress that blends together Tencel and linen. With 70% Tencel, the dress has a silk-like feel, and I like that it has a softness too. Without even looking at the care instructions, I know that this is going to be an easy dress to take care of. The Tencel helps with wrinkles, and I noticed that when I was ironing it for the first time. It was effortless to iron, and now that I have most of the wrinkles out from when it was shipped, I know that it is going to stay that way.

Tradlands Lily Wrap Dress-9_2

The Tencel helps the dress to be moisture-wicking and breathable, and because it is a wrap dress, that is going to be perfect for the warmer weather. I always like to choose sustainable fabrics, and, again, the Tencel excels here, coming from tree fibers and being easily recycled, though I can’t see myself recycling this dress any time soon.

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Size & Color

When I went back to the website after I received this dress, I noticed that customers recommend that you order a size down. I didn’t see this and ordered my regular size (small), and it does fit on the larger side; not that that is a bad thing, but I would recommend ordering a size down if you want it to fit tighter.

This is a midi-length wrap dress, and it is designed to give a loose fit; and I like that there is a belt at the front that can be tied, allowing you to find your perfect fit. You can also wear it over other clothing, and leave the dress open too. I wore it alone, and I liked how I looked in it. The dress has a deep neckline, and it gathers in the back to add a little more shape even with the loose fit. The sleeves are 3/4 length, and I like the extra comfort that they bring. You do not have to worry about the cuffs.

Tradlands Lily Wrap Dress-7_2

On the Tradlands website, you can order in a variety of sizes, from XXS to XL, but make sure to order the size down. There are also two designs, plain black and patterned. The pattern gives more of a summer look, but I liked the idea of having a dress that could double as formalwear. It is also a style that I can pair with many other items of clothing.


The Tradlands website describes this as a relaxed-fitting dress, and that is exactly what it is. When I was wearing this, I felt comfortable. It is light and breathable, and the belt on the front adds to that. If the dress ever feels tight, you can loosen it on the spot. And, as it is a wrap dress, you can pair it with other garments to create different looks.

Tradlands Lily Wrap Dress-5_2


This immediately looks like a formal dress, but it is actually a casual and loose-fitting dress masquerading as a formal dress, and that is definitely a strength. While this is a dress that can definitely be worn in many situations, I can see myself wearing this in more formal settings. This dress would not feel out of place in any formal gathering, even something like a wedding.

The design of the dress is to be loose-fitting, but the details do create some shape, and that helps to accentuate the wearer. If you want something classy and casual, I would recommend the patterned dress, but for more formal occasions, the black dress is sure to be a hit.

Wrapping Up

It was my own fault that I did not pay attention to the comment in the size section, but I am still happy with the dress I have. As I have mentioned through the review, choose the size below what you would normally get.

Even with a looser fit, I still like this dress, and I am going to have lots of opportunities to wear it. This is not a dress that I am going to wear on a daily basis, but it will be a dress that I pull out for special occasions.

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