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Review: Cyansky M3 Ultra Compact Titanium Flashlight

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I had the chance to try out two of Cyansky’s flashlights, the Cyansky H3 Tactical Multi-Color Flashlight, and the Cyansky M3 Ultra Compact Titanium, which I will present below.

While the H3 is a regular-sized flashlight, the M3 is super compact, and I was excited to have something that was totally different from what I am used to.

This is a compact flashlight with fewer functions than a larger flashlight, so it deserves a more compact review. I liked the titanium body and how transportable the flashlight is, but what else did I like?

Unboxing and Unwrapping

The box that the flashlight comes in is small, as you may expect. The box is plastic and does a good job of protecting everything inside, though the flashlight is crafted from titanium, so there is no need for any real protection. There is a little plastic window on the front of the box and this allows you to see the flashlight in its entirety. Already, you can see how compact this flashlight is.

Cyansky M3 - box

So, what do you get in the box?

There is the flashlight itself, a charging cable (USB to micro-USB), a removable and rechargeable battery (inside the flashlight), a lanyard, a key ring, a belt clip, a spare O-ring (sits between the two body pieces for a watertight join), and an instruction manual.

Cyansky M3 - contents of the box

Most of what is contained is what you would expect, though I did not expect to have so many carry options. You can use the lanyard to attach it to your wrist (or anything else), the keyring will fit with your keys, and the belt clip allows you to carry it hands-free.

First Impressions

The selling point of this flashlight is the size, and it definitely is incredibly small. When I first saw it, I loved the size, and it got my mind racing. Is there anywhere that I couldn’t take this flashlight? Being able to fit it in your pocket without being intrusive is definitely a big deal. It is small and light enough to take anywhere with you.

Cyansky M3 - in palm

The packaging states that the flashlight weighs 0.76 oz (19 g) without the battery, and I would estimate that the weight doubles with the battery inside.

The second selling point is the titanium body. I believe that the flashlight comes in only one finish: a medium gray all over. Cyansky has even kept the writing on the body in gray to blend in. The finish looks flawless, and the durable glass on the front looks extra tough.

Cyansky M3 - in hand

This is a smaller flashlight, so it does feel different when holding it, and it is not a flashlight that you are going to grip with your whole hand. The body is etched to give more grip, and I can imagine that this works well in wet conditions or if your hands are sweaty.

I like that both ends are flat, so you can place the flashlight face up or face down. The sides also have some squaring on them, so the flashlight does not roll, unless you have it on a steep decline.

Cyansky M3 on a wooden floor 2

Overall, I like that it is light and durable. Durability Matters is all about durability, and this is one of the most durable flashlights that I have tested (this is an opinion, of course, and I am only going by first impressions).

Cyansky M3 - tailstand


There are four main modes on this flashlight:

Low: 5 lumens (beam distance 19 feet / 6 meters)
Medium: 30 lumens (beam distance 49 feet / 15 meters)
High: 150 lumens (beam distance 111 feet / 34 meters)
Turbo: 700 lumens (beam distance 240 feet / 73 meters)

Keep the flashlight on low, and it will last for 72 hours on a full charge. With medium, you have 11 hours, high lasts for 2 hours, and turbo gives you 0.5 hours of runtime.

This flashlight does not compete with larger flashlights when it comes to lumens, beam distance, and runtime, but it does an impressive job for something so small. The battery is compact too, so keep that in mind, and 700 lumens on turbo will beat many other larger flashlights out there.

Overall, I was impressed with the power.

Here is the flashlight in action, scrolling through low, medium, high, and turbo modes.


The strobe light output will give you 700 lumens of flickering illumination for 1 hour and can cover 240 feet (73 meters).

Ease of Use

This flashlight has only one button, and you control everything with that button. The button is the same color as the flashlight, so it blends in nicely. It does sit slightly above the body, so it can be found in the dark, but it might take a second or two.


Hold the button for 0.5 seconds and the flashlight will turn on. Hold the button again for 0.5 seconds and the flashlight will turn off.

When you turn the Cyansky M3 on, it will always default to the low setting.

Low/Medium/High/Turbo Output

When the Cyansky M3 is on, press the button to cycle through the four outputs. No need to hold, just press and let go.


The strobe can only be activated when the flashlight is on. Press and hold the button on the side until the strobe activates (~1 second). To turn off the strobe, either press the button once to switch back to low output, or hold the button down to turn the strobe off.

One interesting thing is that the strobe light will alternate between two speeds. It will pulse quickly for ~2 seconds, before pulsing slower for ~2 seconds, and then alternating back and forth.


I felt like I had made an amazing discovery when I found this function. A lockout function is not mentioned in the manual, and I thought that I had broken the flashlight initially, but my persistence paid off.

Press the button twice in quick succession and the flashlight will blink twice. The flashlight is now locked and cannot be turned on. If you try to turn it on, the flashlight will only blink twice. Press the button twice again in quick succession and it will unlock the flashlight.


Charging is very simple

Unscrew the body just above the halfway point, and the top will pop off to reveal the battery (rechargeable RCR123A li-ion battery, but it can be powered by a disposable CR123A or 16340 Li-on, too). Once you slide it out, you can attach the charging cord to the battery and the other end to a power source.

Cyansky M3 - battery next to the flashlight

I attached the battery to my Mac, and it charged in under an hour. I wasn’t timing it, so I cannot give an exact time. When charging, a red light will show through on the top of the battery, and that will turn to green when fully charged.

Cyansky M3 - battery conncected to USB

What Else?

The flashlight does come with an IPX8 rating. It is dust proof, great when it is so small and will likely be included in your outdoor bag or pocket, and the waterproofing is handy too. As you will usually have it in your pocket, you don’t need to worry if you fall into a stream while hiking or a lake while kayaking. The flashlight is submersible to 2 meters.

The flashlight is crafted from titanium and has been impact tested to 2 meters. I have not tested this, but I have no doubt that it will hold up to an impact.

There is protection from the flashlight overheating, and the bulb can get hot when used continuously on the highest setting. If the device gets too hot, the flashlight will switch down outputs. This will also happen when the battery is low, and the bulb will flash 3 times every 5 minutes to alert you.

The flashlight comes with a 15-day replacement warranty and a 5-year free repair warranty. You also have lifetime maintenance, and will only need to pay for parts after 5 years.

Who Is This For?

This is not a typical flashlight, and it is not designed to be your main flashlight, but it is designed to be an everyday carry (EDC) flashlight. If you put this on your keyring, you can take it everywhere with you, and use it in every situation. Lose a coin under your car seat? Check underneath with this flashlight.

Of course, the intensity on the higher settings also makes this a great addition to a trip to the great outdoors. Carry this as a backup, and it can also work as a main flashlight.

The size and durability, along with the strobe function make it a sensible flashlight to carry at night. Not only can it illuminate your way in dark areas, but the strobe function could ward off thieves or signal for help.


I’ve never had a flashlight as small as this one. I am not sure that I will carry it around in my pocket with me every day, but I am sure that I will have it on my person from time to time. I may even store it in my car, and I can see it becoming a staple in my biking bag or camping gear. I have found myself using my phone flashlight from time to time, but this flashlight will work way better.

I am interested to see what this compact flashlight can do, so I can see myself using it more than my regular flashlight. I love the output from such a small device, and I am sure that I will be using the Cyansky M3 for many years.

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