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Review: Tradlands Cottage Crewneck Sweater

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I got to try out some clothes from Tradlands recently. They sent me the Cottage Crewneck Sweater in storm (which I will review here), the Lily Midi Wrap Dress in black, and the Brianna Nico Linen Dress in cobalt.

Tradlands came about from a lack of comfortable designer clothing. This type of clothing is what women want to wear (in my opinion, anyway), and each piece is designed to be comfortable, stylish, and last longer than everything else.

First Impressions

Tradlands Cottage Crewneck Sweater-1

When I first put this sweater on, it reminded me of the sweaters that I used to wear in the 80s, and definitely in a good way. It is a retro-chic sweater that still looks and feels modern. It has a dropped-shoulder look that adds to the retro-ness of it.

I live in a hot and dry climate, and that means a lot of static. My hair is thin, and I often find it hard to find clothing that does not create more static. The chunky knit cotton means no static cling when I wear it, and my hair is not constantly sticking up.

I wore the sweater with jeans, and I can see just how versatile it can be. I would wear this sweater with almost any dress or pair it with some leggings. The material is soft and strong and definitely showcases the Tradlands ethos of creating durable and fashionable clothing.


The sweater is made from knitted yarn that has been custom dyed. The 100% cotton is responsibly sourced and woven in Peru, and not only does that create a soft sweater, but it fits with my ideals too. I try my best to look for sustainable and eco-friendly clothing that lasts, and Tradlands ticks all of those boxes.

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Tradlands Cottage Crewneck Sweater-11

The yarn is chunky, and that creates a lot of warmth while still remaining breathable. It is a sweater that is going to keep you warm in the winter, but also a garment that can be worn in the warmer months too.

I can’t see myself having to wash this regularly, but when I do, I will wash it on a cold cycle like I do for most of my clothing and lay it flat to dry so that the material does not stretch.

Size & Color

This is a sweater that is designed to fit loose and wide. I ordered the size that I normally would (small), and it fit perfectly. I like that it has a wide fit, and this creates comfort, but it will be hard to wear with a jacket over the top unless you have an extremely loose-fitting jacket.

There are six sizes to choose from on the website, ranging from XXS to XL. You also have three color options, and while I liked all three, I went for Storm.


This is an extremely comfortable and comforting sweater. Wearing it is like being hugged in a soft blanket. The cotton has been spun into chunky yarn, and it is super-soft.

Tradlands Cottage Crewneck Sweater-5

It also creates a chunky look without being too heavy. When you lift up your arms, you can see (and feel) that it is extremely wide (more so than it is tall), and this creates a lot of room. I’m pretty active, and this is going to allow me to add a layer of warmth when needed while still being able to move around easily.

Tradlands Cottage Crewneck Sweater-2

Having said that, it is also a sweater that is stylish. The ribbing on the sweater creates some elegance, and there are extra textures on the wrists and hemline.

Tradlands Cottage Crewneck Sweater-10

This is another piece from Tradlands that is created for all body types and sizes, and I can imagine anyone looking great in one of these sweaters.


When I caught a glance of myself in this sweater, I couldn’t help but imagine walking through the trees on an autumnal afternoon. There is something chic about the sweater that begs to be taken outside when the weather is brisk.

It is definitely an item of clothing that I will wear in casual settings both because of the look and the extreme comfort, and it pairs really well with jeans. While it may be hard to dress something over this sweater, it is definitely an item of clothing that can be worn over multiple layers. When it gets a little warmer, you can wear it by itself and still be comfortable.

Wrapping Up

I love this sweater. The look, feel, and warmth of it are perfect for me, and I can see myself wearing this a lot. When fall hits, I will use it a lot, and even into winter. In the spring and summer, it is excellent to throw on when the sun goes down and sit outside or around the fire.

You can dress this sweater up, but, for me, it is going to be part of my casual wear. It is an oversized sweater that brings lots of comfort.

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