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Ekster Solar-Powered Tracker Review & Guide

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I’ve heard about trackers used to locate things like bikes, so it makes sense that there is also a tracker that can fit in your wallet and bag, and this tracker from Ekster is perfectly sized for that, being roughly the same size as a credit card (only slightly thicker).

I got to try one out (along with the Ekster Aluminum Wallet), and since this is my first time ever using a tracker like this, I am also going to take you through exactly how to set it up and use it.

First Impressions

Ekster Tracker Card packaging

The tacker comes in slim packaging, and when unwrapped, it felt nice and light (definitely a good thing) without feeling cheap or flimsy. I don’t expect the tracker to be handled roughly or take any damage, but it looks and feels like it can, while still remaining operational.

As mentioned in the intro, the tracker is roughly the size of a credit card:

  • Height: 3.5”
  • Width: 2”
  • Thickness: 0.15”

I couldn’t find the weight listed, but it doesn’t feel as if it weighs more than a few grams.

Ekster Tracker Card - front
Ekster Tracker Card - back

Overall, it is slim, small, light, and feels as durable as I would like a tracker to feel.


This is a tracker that has a single main purpose, but there is a little more to it than meets the eye. Here is what you get with this Ekster tracker:

  • Solar Powered: There is a small solar panel on the front, and you only need to charge it for a few hours to get 2-3 months of charge.
  • Ringer: You can ring your phone or wallet (wherever you have put your tracker).
  • Coverage: You get a worldwide lost and found platform.
  • Selfies: A remote selfie feature, allowing you to take photos from your phone remotely with the tracker.
  • Voice Activation: Can be used with Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.
  • Compatibility: Can be used with iOS 11/Android 5 and above.
Ekster Tracker Card in my hand

How To Use The Ekster Tracker

What I want from this tracker is tracking, so I set out to download the app, set up the tracker, and test it out.

The App

I have an Android phone, and it runs Android 10, so I had no problems downloading and installing the app.

The short step-by-step on the packaging instructed me to download the Chipolo app, so I went into Google Play and did just that. It only took a few seconds to download.

The next step was to follow the in-app instructions.

As you click through ‘next,’ the app gives you a list of features available to you. Once you reach the end, you are asked to set up an account.

Setting Up An Account In Chipolo

I was presented with three options for sign up: Google, Facebook, or Email. I have a Google account, so I clicked on that option.

  • It displays an option to read the privacy policy (I honestly did), and then I hit ‘continue.’
  • There is an option to agree to receive updates and special offers. I chose to decline this.
  • I was then asked to allow location history. While you do not need to allow this, it does say that it allows for better tracking, so I agreed, knowing that I could change this later.
  • I was then asked to add a new device.

Adding A Device

There are two device options: One (for keychains) or Card (you can also choose to add a partner product).

I clicked on ‘Card.’

The app told me that it needed location permission, and I was advised to hit continue and select ‘Allow all the time’ in the pop-up. I did so, even though I could also select ‘Allow only when the app is in use.’ I can change this later if I need to.

The app also needed Bluetooth to connect to the card, and I hit the enable button on the next screen. My phone checks for confirmation, and I hit ‘allow.’

The app then instructed me to press the button on the front of the card, listen for the sound, and hold the card close to my phone.

I did exactly that, and the app immediately moved to the next screen, where it tells me the pairing has been successful.

I now have the option to ‘Ring to find.’ I hit the button, and the Card starts to ring. I hit the button on my phone to stop the ringing, and it does.

Using The Chipolo App

Now that I have my card paired with the Chipolo app on my phone, I have some functionality available to me.

ekster mobile app screenshot

Ringing My Phone

If I double press the button on the front of my Ekster tracker, my phone will start to ring (not my phone’s default ringtone). I had a pop-up on my phone to turn off the ringing.

You can change the ringtone within the app.

Finding My Card

I can look at the location of my card through the app. The location is entirely accurate, showing me the location of my house (where I am currently writing this).

Out Of Range Alert

This feature can be turned on or off. My phone will alert me when I am out of range of my Ekster tracker. This could come in handy if I put my tracker in my wallet, as I will not be able to leave my home with my phone and not my wallet, or the phone will alert me.

There is not an exact distance set up, and it is reliant on your Bluetooth, so the range will depend on that, although you should not be able to get too far from your tracker without your phone ringing (or vibrating).

Take A Selfie

I was done setting up my tracker, so why not take a celebratory selfie?

Within the app, I chose the ‘take a selfie option. The front camera opened, and I was instructed to press the button on the front of the Ekster tracker twice. When I did, it captured a selfie on my phone.

A little redundant when I was holding my phone, but you can see how this can be used to set up a selfie without your phone in your hand.

Alexa, Google Assistant, & Siri

I do not use any of these voice assistants and do not have an account set up, so I was not able to test out the functionality.

When you do have voice commands set up, you can ask Chipolo to find your tracker.


Overall, the device is extremely easy to use, and I like that the functionality is exactly what you need without adding multiple options that you will never use. Even if I opened the app without seeing any of the functionality or features beforehand, I know that I would be able to navigate it and use the tracker easily and intuitively.

With more time, I am going to be able to test out the functionality and range of the tracker, but I have already seen what it is able to do, and I am impressed by it.

If you want a tracker that can fit inside a wallet, phone case, bag, or anything else, or if you always forget stuff when you leave the house, then the Ekster tracker is an ideal solution.

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