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Review: Olight Warrior X Pro Tactical Flashlight

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Olight has a great track record when it comes to flashlights, and the successor to the Warrior X is no exception. The Warrior X Pro is a tactical flashlight with intuitive controls, high max lumens, and a long throw. And it comes with some nice accessories that I have not yet had the pleasure of using.

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The unique design draws the eye, and I don’t think that it looks like any other flashlight on the market. When I hear the word tactical, I expect something that is tough and rugged, and that is exactly what I found.

So, what else did I like about the Olight Warrior X Pro?

Unboxing and Unwrapping

All Olight flashlights (at least, the regular-sized flashlights I have used so far) come in a thick cardboard box that doubles as storage. I expect that this will protect them when they are shipped, and it also offers a storage solution when you are not using it or when in transit.

So, what comes in the box?

Olight Warrior X Pro-17

Obviously, you get the flashlight, and that comes shipped inside a semi-rigid holster that can be attached to your belt (or looped onto anything else that will fit, such as MOLLE webbing). With a little research, the holster looks to be crafted from durable nylon.

Olight Warrior X Pro-13

The flashlight comes with the same USB magnetic charging cable that I have come to expect from most Olight products (and I like this method of charging), a lanyard, and a silicone tactical grip ring.

On the flashlight, there is a metal tactical grip ring and a pocket clip. The metal grip and pocket clip are two separate pieces, but the pocket clip only works with the metal ring and not the silicone one. The metal grip has a spot to attach a lanyard (also included). There are two rubber o-rings already installed on the threads. An instruction manual is included too.

First Impressions

The first thing that I noticed about this flashlight was the look. The metal grip and pocket clip give the body a chunkier look, and the knurling on the middle part of the body, combined with the thick ridges on the head and ridged bezel, create a rugged and durable look. From the description, the flashlight is presented as having an indestructible build, and I don’t doubt that.

Olight Warrior X Pro-07

The flashlight is thick and chunky, but it doesn’t feel too big in your hand, and it is not too heavy either. With how the flashlight is set up (and in line with it being a tactical flashlight), you are going to hold the Warrior X Pro with your fingers around the body and your thumb on the tail (the only button on the flashlight is on the tail).

The knurling on the body creates superior grip, and I can imagine that it works well in wet conditions, and the metal ring allows you to hold the flashlight in place with a finger—stopping the flashlight from spinning in your hand and allowing opposite force when you are pressing the button with your thumb.

Olight Warrior X Pro-15

You have options here for grip. I described the metal grip ring above, and the pocket clip that works in conjunction with the metal grip allows you to carry the flashlight without the holster. There is a silicone ring too, and that slips on easily after you remove the tail cap and slip off the metal grip and pocket clip. The silicone grip offers a better grip, and this can be an aid if you need to hold multiple items in one hand. Slip the metal ring back on, and you can attach the lanyard, giving a loop for your wrist or anything else.

Olight Warrior X Pro-18

The body of the flashlight is aluminum alloy, and boy, does it feel solid. The matte black finish is subtle, with blue highlighting the bezel on the head and a silver tail button (this is also where the magnetic charger connects). Pretty much what you see is what you get with this flashlight.


Check out the included video below for live-action brightness checks.

This is a bright flashlight. When I turned on the flashlight for the first time, even the splash on the wall was bright. When I took it outside in the darkness, I was impressed with the brightness when on full.

Olight Warrior X Pro-05

There are two main modes on this flashlight:

  • Low: 300 lumens; Throw: 180 meters / 590 feet
  • High: 2,100/1,000/300 lumens; Throw: 500 meters / 1,640 feet (at 2,100 lumens)

Here is the flashlight in action, showing Low and High modes:

Beamshots of the Olight Warrior X Pro

When the flashlight is on High, it will cycle through three separate brightness levels:

  • 2,100 lumens for 2 minutes.
  • 1,000 lumens for 100 minutes.
  • 300 lumens for 223 minutes.

This is on a full charge, so I am not sure how these numbers change as the battery starts to become depleted.

When the flashlight is on Low, you will have 300 lumens for 8 hours.

This is a bright flashlight. 2,1000 lumens are enough for any situation that you might find yourself in, and the 8 hours of use on Low is a lot (and 300 lumens is nothing to sniff at either). Even if you use the full tactical brightness of the flashlight and have it continuously on high, you are going to get two hours of use.

Just be careful when you are using the full brightness as the head of the flashlight can get hot (there is a warning on the flashlight).

Overall, the brightness is amazing.


This is an easy flashlight to use. There is only one button, and you can use that button in a variety of ways.

Olight Warrior X Pro-04

Press and Hold

Press the button all the way in and hold it there, and you will activate High mode. Release the button, and it will turn the flashlight off.

Press the button halfway in and hold it there, and you will activate Low mode. Release the button to turn it off again.


Press the button in fully and release, and you will turn on High mode. Press and release again to turn the flashlight off.

Press the button halfway in and release, and you will turn on Low mode. Press and release again to turn off.

Changing the Tactical Grip

The flashlight comes with two tactical grips that can be switched out (or you can use the flashlight without either of the rings).

To remove and install a new ring, you first have to unscrew the tail cap. After this, the instructions in the manual show that you should remove the o-ring before installing the new tactical grip. I found this near impossible to do, and the tactical grips slide over the o-ring anyway, so I am not sure if this is needed.

Olight Warrior X Pro-19

To remove the metal grip, slide it up the flashlight and off. You then need to remove the pocket clip before installing the silicone ring, or it will not fit properly. The pocket clip can be pulled off the body. The silicone ring will then slide down the tail and into place.

Olight Warrior X Pro-21

Installing the metal grip is just as easy, but be sure to put everything in the right place. First, remove the silicone grip. Next, install the pocket clip (this keeps the metal grip in place)—there is only one place on the body where the clip inserts properly. The metal grip will then slide down the flashlight, but be sure to line it up so that it connects to the pocket clip. Replace the tail cap, and you are good to go.

To attach the lanyard (only on the metal grip), push the small loop through the hole, and pull the rest of the lanyard through the loop.

Using the Holster

I like the included nylon holder, and it provides a storage option even if I don’t attach it to my belt while I am out.

Olight Warrior X Pro-09

On the back, you have a plastic ring to hang the holster. There is also a nylon loop that has Velcro all the way down and a metal clasp on the end. This allows the holster to fit snugly on any size of belt.

Olight Warrior X Pro-11
Olight Warrior X Pro-12

There is a hole on the bottom end of the holster that allows you to turn off the light while it is in the holster, and it stops the head from becoming too hot when in High mode.

I like the magnetic fastener on the front, and this allows for easy access to your flashlight when it is in the holster—something that is essential with a tactical flashlight.

Olight Warrior X Pro-10

The holster has a durable feel that matches the flashlight.


Charging with the Olight system is easy.

Take the USB-A charger, and connect it to a power source. Attach the other end (the round magnet) to the base of the flashlight. There you have it; the flashlight is now charging.

Olight Warrior X Pro-23

The flashlight will take 5.5 hours to charge from completely empty to completely full (as long as the source is powerful enough). As you are charging, the light on the magnetic charging ring will show the level:

  • Green = >95%
  • Red = Charging
Olight Warrior X Pro-24

The battery is a customized Olight 5,000 mAh 217000 battery which is included with the flashlight.

Olight Warrior X Pro-08

Vibrating Power Indicator

A neat little addition is the vibrating power indicator when the flashlight is turned on.

The flashlight will vibrate once every five minutes when the power is below 30%, once every minute when the power is below 10%, and once every ten seconds when the power is below 5%.

What Else?

The Olight Power X Pro comes with an IPX8 rating—meaning that it is completely waterproof and can be submerged for a period of time (although I don’t recommend testing this out).

Olight Warrior X Pro-06

The flashlight has been impact tested to 3 meters.

As with most Olight flashlights, the Warrior X Pro comes with a 30-day replacement and repair warranty from the seller and a 5-year free repair and replacement warranty from Olight. The battery and magnetic charger come with a 1-year warranty.

Who Is This For?

If you are looking for a tactical flashlight, you will love the Olight Warrior X Pro. If you are looking for a regular, everyday-carry flashlight, then you might be somewhat disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, this flashlight can serve that purpose, but you have to be aware that you are often going to be holding this with a different grip that is tailored for professionals, like the police, the military, and security personnel.

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Olight Warrior X Pro-20

Being waterproof and almost indestructible, the Warrior X Pro is perfect for the great outdoors or in any situation where there is a risk of damage. When you carry this flashlight with the rest of your tactical equipment, it is going to be the last thing that is damaged.

The holster is also a perfect addition for anyone who wants to carry their flashlight around hands-free.

If you are looking for a tough, bright, and tactical flashlight, I can definitely recommend the Warrior X Pro.


I can see myself using this flashlight a lot when I am out camping, hiking, and exploring. The holster offers a good storage option, and even if you don’t attach it to your belt, it can still be used to protect and carry the flashlight.

Olight Warrior X Pro-01

As far as brightness goes, this is one of the brightest flashlights that I own, and that is definitely going to draw me to the flashlight in certain situations.

The thing I like best about the Warrior X Pro is just how tough and durable it is. I know that I can use it in any situation without worrying about it getting damaged. This is a flashlight that I am going to use regularily.

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