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Review: Klean Kanteen Insulated TKCanister Set & TKWide 64 oz Bottle

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I love food, there is no doubt about that, so I was excited to try out some insulated food and beverage containers from Klean Kanteen (you can also read my review of the Klean Kanteen Insulated 16 oz Bottle).

We have a lot of camping trips planned for this summer, along with outdoor meets, and I am excited to try them out fully, having the option of taking hot and cold food (as well as drinks) along with me, and I even got to try out a couple of the containers on a recent backcountry camping trip.

Even as storage containers, I would have loved what I was sent. But, when it comes to keeping food hot and cold, I was very impressed.

First Impressions

The four containers (a set of three insulated canisters and a 64 oz insulated bottle) are all stainless steel, and they felt extremely solid when I picked them up. They all have a little weight to them, something that gives me confidence that they will not break easily. They have no give in them and are completely solid.

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKCaniser and TKwide 64 - 1

There is a stainless steel handle on the top of each container, offering an easy way to carry them.

I like the uncomplicated metal design with a printed logo. My first impression was that they were going to last me forever.


I was shipped four stainless steel food and beverage containers, three canisters of varying sizes, and one stainless steel bottle. They can all keep food hot and cold.

  • 8 oz Insulated TKCanister: 5 hours hot / 20 hours cold.
  • 16 oz Insulated TKCanister: 7 hours hot / 25 hours cold.
  • 32 oz Insulated TKCanister: 11 hours hot / 45 hours cold.
  • 64 oz Insulated TKWide Bottle: 47 hours hot / 145 hours cold.

All of the containers are impressive at keeping food and drinks hot or cold, but the TKWide 64 oz bottle is particularly impressive.

I wanted to assess this, so I put the 16 oz canister and the 64 oz bottle to the test. I put iced water in the canister and hot water in the bottle (the instructions recommend that you let the water cool with the lid off for a couple of minutes before sealing it).

I let both containers sit for 24 hours and then checked on them. The 16 oz canister (25 hours cold) had cold water inside. The ice had all melted, but the water was definitely cold, perfect for a hot day. The bottle had water inside that was hot enough for me to be able to make coffee.

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So far, so impressed.


Stainless Steel

Each of the four containers is crafted mostly from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel (with the exception of part of the lids, which is plastic. The stainless steel is electro-polished for a great finish on the outside, and so that the interiors do not impart any flavors to your food.

TK Canisters and TKwide

Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation

The Climate Lock™ double-wall insulation is what keeps the heat or cold in, and it definitely works. We also took the 8 oz and 16 oz containers camping and used them for noodles and oatmeal. When sealed, the heat was locked in. When we boiled water, we kept extra in the containers for later use.

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKCaniser - closeup

TK Closure Leak-Proof Lid

Each lid locks into place with a quarter turn, which makes using them really easy. Once you have your food or drink inside, you can close the lid quickly, sealing in the heat or cold. The internal thread keeps the lid locked into place and improves thermal performance. Once the lids are in place, the containers are completely leak-proof.

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKCaniser - isolated

Swivel Loop

On the top of each container is a swivel loop. This locks into place on the lid, or you can lift it up to create a handle to carry the container. This was something that I definitely used, and it makes the canisters and bottle extremely easy to carry, even for children (my son was able to move around with his food).

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKCaniser and TKwide 64 - 4

Wide Mouth

The three canisters have extremely wide mouths, perfect for filling them with hot food without spilling, and you can eat straight from them. The TKWide 64 oz bottle also has a large mouth and seeing as you are going to be filling this container with liquids, this is definitely a positive addition. You do not need to use a funnel when filling with boiling water.

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide 64 oz - 1

Dishwasher Safe

All four containers can be washed in the dishwasher (or by hand). When we got home from camping, I washed them by hand, and the lids come apart into multiple pieces, making them easy to clean. This is important as the seals in the lid can get food behind them.

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKCaniser - disassembled

BPA Free

If you are looking for food-safe containers, these are them. All four are completely BPA-free. BPA can cause multiple health issues, but that is not something that you need to worry about here.


The stainless steel is backed by a lifetime Strong-as-Steel™ guarantee. If you have a problem with the integrity of the container (and from my use so far, I can’t see that happening), you can have the container repaired or replaced.

Who Is This For?

You already know that these containers are a great addition to a camping trip, but what else can they be used for?

Let me just add a quick note about the camping trip. This was backcountry camping, so we had to hike in with all of our gear. While these stainless steel containers have a little more weight to them than plastic containers, they were still light enough to take, and we did not have to worry about spills.

If you want to take hot food with you, perhaps for lunch if you work in an office, then the containers come in sizes that will fit every appetite, and they will keep your food hot. You can make some food in the morning, and it will still be hot at lunchtime.

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKCaniser - food 2

The same goes for if you are leaving for the day on a trip or outing. You can take hot or cold food and have it still be hot or cold when it comes time to eat. The bottle is perfect for taking drinks for multiple people.

Whether you are hiking, camping, fishing, or engaging in any other outdoor pursuits, these containers are going to make your life easier.

Final Thoughts

I have not had these food containers for long, but I have already used them, and I know that I am going to use them again—a lot. I am already planning trips where I can take hot food with me and not have to worry about cooking when I get there. With summer in full swing, I have the perfect solution for my iced coffee and other cold drinks. When the sun beats down, I often want a little more than just a 12- or 16-ounce cold drink.

These are solid containers that are going to last, and I can see my family and me using them for a long time. Even as food storage options in the house, they are a perfect fit.

I would definitely recommend these food storage options if you need to keep food hot or cold.

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