Review: ORORO Heated Men’s Classic Jacket

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I’ve spent time in some frigid places, including Michigan’s UP, and I’ve always considered myself an expert in outerwear. I have a collection of jackets for about every 10-degree drop in temperature, and I never considered owning a heated jacket. Why did the thought never cross my mind? First, the pictures of heated jackets online always make them look like they have bulky coils that resemble a stovetop more than items of clothing. Secondly, I never knew how darn comfortable they were until I tried out the ORORO Heated Men’s Classic Jacket.

If you’re wanting to know the ins and outs of this jacket, keep reading. I dive into the details of fit, function, and the magic of wearable warmth.

First Impressions


When my ORORO box arrived, I was thrilled to find all of our items neatly tucked into packages that exude quality.


I also did not quite know what to expect in terms of the thickness of the jacket, and I was not disappointed. The jacket is made from several layers of thick polyester. The seams are flattering and add a bit of flair without being overly stylized.

If you’re buying the jacket as a gift, you can rest assured that the design is timeless and could look as good on a 15-year-old as it would a 95-year old.

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The blue zipper is a bit deeper in hue in person (compared to the website’s photos), but I actually like it better this way.


As a man that is a bit larger than most jacket models, I appreciate that the jacket is extremely warm without being bulky.

The Fabric and Feel—Unheated

The outer layer of material is a soft matte black fabric while the pockets, neckline, and cuffs are lined with fleece.


The instructions say it’s machine washable, but I haven’t had the need, yet.


It’s the perfect weight for daily wear if you live in a cool or cold climate. This is definitely a workhorse when it comes to outerwear. This jacket is neither too light nor too heavy. Let’s say that it’s anything but flimsy–and it’s as warm as many puff jackets, but without the puff. I commute to work in mine on a daily basis since receiving it.

This jacket really cuts out the wind, and while I have yet to get caught in a downpour in it, the outer fabric is water-resistant.

The Feel—Heated

You know that feeling when you walk indoors and the house is filled with the warmth of a fire? This jacket feels like that but all day long. The steady warmth isn’t what you would call “hot” to the touch. It’s more of a steady all-encompassing heat wrapped around your chest.

The first time I wore it, I layered beneath it. At first, it didn’t even register in my mind that it was heated, but after an hour of walking against the cold wind, I certainly felt its effect.

So, I know what you’re wondering: Does this jacket make you overheat and sweat? Nope. It’s super easy to turn the heat level down or off, and the fabric breathes really well. If you’ve had a jacket that felt like it trapped moisture in, this is not one of them.

Warm, Warmer, Warmest: 3 Levels Heat

I appreciate that I can turn the heat level of the jacket up on colder days when I’m commuting, and turn it down as I get more active while hiking for work in the woods. Also, the jacket gets toasty warm within about 30 seconds of turning it on, which is great.

The mechanism for changing heat levels is the button on the chest. Honestly, I hadn’t even realized it was a button and not just the logo at first.


Well-Designed Details

It’s easy to see that the folks at ORORO have put a lot of thought and care into every aspect of this jacket. Here are some of my favorites:

A Removable Hood


I find that I haven’t had much need to put the hood on for my daily commutes, but I do zip it on before hikes.

Cinchable Bottom

The bottom of the jacket has a cinch along the seam to keep cold air from sneaking up your lower back.

Collar Details

I was worried the collar may stick up and poke my jaw or neck—It doesn’t. Also, I appreciate that there’s an extra layer of fabric that runs over the zipper to prevent your hair from getting caught up in it.

bluesign®-Certified Materials

I work for a land conservation non-profit, so I like to choose products that are both durable and eco-friendly. I appreciate that this jacket is built to last for years, and it’s made from fabric that takes into account its impact on the environment and the people that make it.

Charging and the Battery

The battery fits neatly on the interior of the jacket. It’s actually behind the front left pocket. It’s about the size of my wallet. Charging is as easy as plugging it in. And connecting it to the jacket is as easy as, well… plugging it in, too.


How long does it stay heated?

The jacket produces even heat for a long time. In fact, I have yet to find myself stuck in the cold without any more battery power. However, here’s what ORORO says about its battery time:

  • 3 hours on high
  • 6 hours on medium
  • 10 hours on low


The only drawback I have discovered is itty-bitty: There’s a slight swish noise when your arms rub against your sides.

ORORO Heated Jacket Review At-a-Glance

General PerformanceYesNo
Even heatingX
Hot spotsX
Stays dryX
Value for moneyX
Size shape, slimmingMakes a swishing sound
Stylish matte black with blue accents
The right amount of stretch
Evenly heated across the chest
Matches most clothes
Water-resistant outer layer
Great wind resistance
Timeless style
Versatile for many outdoor activities
Removable hood
Quality zippers
Heats quickly

A Lasting Impression and My New Go-To Jacket

While I could go on and on about the quality of this jacket, I want to say that it’s such a relief to not have to think about which jacket I’m going to throw on before walking out of the house. The ORORO Classic Heated Jacket is ideal unheated on days when it’s in the 40s to 50s and perfect heated should the mercury drop below 40 °F.

If you’re looking for a jacket that will last as long as your car or the perfect gift for someone that appreciates well-constructed, durable products—this is it.

Jeff Hill

As a GIS Specialist for a land conversation non-profit, Jeff has the expertise and ability to put outdoor gear, including tools, technology, and clothing through real-life trials for accurate and informed reviews. For over a decade, Jeff has traversed a wide range of terrain types and less-than-ideal weather conditions along the way. He has a knack for testing buy-it-for-life products.

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