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Review: Quince Mongolian Cashmere Sweater

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Autumn, in the Northern Hemisphere, is disappearing day by day. As the days become colder and more overcast, finding warm, comfortable clothing to wear is a priority. I love Fall and early winter days, because it means dressing down in a cozy sweater during the daytime and getting to enjoy all the comfort that provides.

When I received Quince’s Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan, I was hoping for versatility, comfort, durability, and warmth. What I wasn’t expecting and was pleased to find was luxury.

Quince Values

Quince values “quality products that can elevate your life.” As I am a part of the working class, these values mean a lot to me. When I buy a product, I want it to improve my way of living and have a long-lasting place in my wardrobe, otherwise I can’t afford to have it in my closet.

Investing in durable clothing, such as a great cashmere sweater, can reduce my environmental impact and lower my cost of living. Quince’s Mongolian cashmere sweater achieves both.

Quince #1

Quince is aiming to make their packaging 100% compostable by 2023, and they’re eliminating all virgin plastics. When I choose a company to support, sustainability always factors into my decision. These values are about more than just the environment; they elevate the product.

First Impressions

Quince #2

When I first received the package, I was relieved to find that both of the sweaters I had ordered were in a simple plastic shipping bag. Too much packaging on products is off-putting and wasteful, especially when the extra packaging doesn’t serve a purpose. For example, I don’t need a protective cardboard box for a sweater.

Quince #3

Both sweaters were in perfect condition – there weren’t any loose threads, and there had been no tampering with the clothing. I was delivered perfectly new and unworn garments, and to top it off, both sweaters are really soft!

Quince #4

The oatmeal color that I chose really stood out to me. It is a warm, light brown color that I fondly associate with Fall. You can’t go wrong with this color, because of how well it pairs with just about any other colored clothing, and it’s pleasing to look at.

Style and Fit

The style of the oversized boyfriend sweater is baggy and slightly wide, and hung off my frame in a loose and comfortable way. I would describe my body type as curvy, and I ordered my usual size (medium), which has a loose fit, and hung to my hips the way it was designed to.

This sweater can be worn casually, during a jaunt into town, or worn in a more formal style, like the business-casual required for an office setting. I’ve used it for both, though I plan to wear it mostly for use in the office.

Quince #5

It pairs well with work pants, or as the oversized sweater over a dress.


Not just useful in the office or for trips to town, this sweater is a great layer of warmth for a late-Fall hike in the woods. Pair it with leggings, skinny jeans, and/or a latte. The buttons are large and easy to open without marring the clothing, and they look cute as a result of this design, too. I’ve worn this sweater open and closed, depending on how warm I needed to be.

Style for All Seasons

This sweater is WARM! And not in a sweaty arms kind of way. It’s soft against your skin and comfortably holds in body heat. This is a sweater for all seasons. Whether it’s worn open on a late summer’s night, or as an extra layer in late winter, this sweater will do what you need it to. It adds a strong and versatile range of uses to my wardrobe.

It looks good with a dress shirt or a t-shirt too, which I find is pretty rare for a sweater. It’s difficult to find a piece of clothing with as much range as this.


This shouldn’t be understated – the Quince Mongolian cashmere cardigan is well-made. I have a dog, and she’s not as delicate with my clothing as I am. Even with her nails raking across the sleeve for my attention, the sweater has stood up to the test. The fibers are thickly woven and don’t falter under pressure. After wearing the sweater many times, I haven’t seen a single loose thread or any loosening fibers.

To top it off, my dog’s hair falls away pretty easily from the clothing, which is helpful because cashmere shouldn’t be washed as often as other fabrics.

Quince Cashmere Sweater: Luxury at an Affordable Price

Quince #6

Overall, I feel good in this sweater. It is soft against my skin, and I feel confident about how it looks on my body. Loose sweaters can give the false impression that you’re “frumpy”, but I don’t feel that way in Quince’s garment. It looks great paired with boots or sneakers and feels like the type of sweater I can take on a road trip as my only sweater, because of how darned versatile it is. If given the chance, I would buy it again.

Laura Ohlmann

Laura Ohlmann is a professional writer focusing on poetry and nonfiction. She enjoys camping, cycling, hiking, and leading her dog, Lady, on adventures through Pisgah National Forest. Her lifetime goal is to visit all of the National Parks with her partner in the United States before exploring other countries.

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