Review: ORORO “Bay City” Heated Hand Warmer

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Nothing is worse than numb fingers or trying to perform a tactilely difficult task with thick gloves on. This leads to one of the best solutions for both in the winter: the heated hand warmer. As someone that grew up in Florida, I never realized how versatile and useful these could be until I moved north. Before this review, I had only used a non-heated warmer and tested heated hand muffs in the store. So, needless to stay, testing the ORORO Heated Hand Warmer was a true treat.

First Impressions of the ORORO “Bay City” Hand Warmer


When I first opened the package, I marveled at how well packaged and labeled the warmer was. The battery, charger, and cords are neatly wrapped, and the instructions are clearly written and helpful. You can tell right away that this company puts a lot of thought into the quality of its products and the presentation.

Finishes and Details

The ORORO logo on the front and the light-up logo offer a balance of style and uniqueness. I appreciate the clever design of the logo color indicating the heat level of the hand warmer.


In addition to the hand compartment, this hand warmer has a zippered pocket for the battery, which lies flat against your body, and two more zippered pockets for storage. I could easily fit my phone and wallet in both pockets. You can also use them for granola bars or trail mix if you are using the hand warmer on a hike.


I also appreciate the S-hook that hangs off the bottom, which you can hook your keys to, although they will dangle against your leg and knock into you as you walk. I like using this hook for gloves or my hat, instead.


While it may be an overlooked detail for most, I appreciate that ORORO invested in quality zippers. There’s nothing worse than fiddling with a zipper when it’s cold out, and these are as smooth as butter. The zippers come together with a layer of fabric (which I believe is water-resistant), which is great for keeping your belongings protected.

The Fabric/Feel (Unplugged)


This hand warmer is soft–inside and out. And it’s not soft in an inexpensive-fleece type of way. It’s not cold to the touch like some poly-based fabrics can be. I had the pleasure of wearing this hand warmer in the rain, and the drops slid right off, and my hands, wallet, and phone stayed dry.

The exterior fabric is thick and the seams are neatly sewn. The interior feels like sherpa fabric, and the layering of the two offers excellent insulation.


The cuffs are similar in style to a sweatshirt’s. Unlike most sweatshirts, though, the cuff has a responsive yet strong elastic that doesn’t stretch or lose its shape. This is a huge plus since cold air can’t sneak in through any gaps.

The waist strap does its job, and there’s a layer of fabric that covers it where it rests against your body.


I adore an everyday wear item that is machine washable. Add the fact that you can wash a heated clothing product, and I’m in heaven.

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So far, I have only had to send my hand warmer through the wash once. It’s held up without any signs of aging or wear. You will want to factor in dry-time if you’re planning to use the hand warmer within a few days of the wash. It’s pretty thick, so it does need a little extra time to fully dry on the inside.


Let me begin by saying that I’ve been a huge fan of the fanny pack trend. I’ve been waiting for fanny packs to come back in style for two decades—however, now that I own an ORORO heated hand warmer, I do not think I will strap on my fanny pack until spring arrives.


This hand warmer is attractive and versatile enough that you would look normal wearing it downtown or tailgating. It’s also not overly large or bulky, so you don’t feel like a kangaroo.

The matte black matches almost anything you pair it with, as well.


The Feel When Heated

My experience in the past with heated blankets and garments has been that the area around the filaments gets screaming hot while the spots in between remain cool. That isn’t the case with this product. All three levels of heat produce even, all-around warmth.

And the warmer heats up almost immediately. I compare the feeling of the hand warmer to that of when laundry first comes out of the dryer, but longer-lasting, of course.

The soft fabric in addition to the even heat is absolutely wonderful.

Three Levels of Heat

One of the neatest features of the hand warmer is you can adjust the setting depending on your need or weather.

Changing the mode is as simple as holding down the rubber logo/button. It glows blue for the lowest setting, white for medium, and red for the warmest.

Battery and Charging

Along with the hand warmer, you’ll receive a 5200 mAh, 7.4V CE-certified battery, and charger. It is easy to attach and detach, and is not very heavy. I also noticed that the ORORO Men’s jacket uses the same battery.

I have yet to have the battery run out of power, but their website estimates it will last:

  • 14 hours on low
  • 9 hours on medium
  • 5 hours on high

Best Uses for the Bay City Heated Hand Warmer

You will be surprised how many ways you will find to make use of this product. It’s great for almost any outdoor winter athletics. I’ve used it to keep my hands before running, while relaxing in the yard, and on hikes.

I think it would be perfect for:

  • Tailgating
  • Watching any winter sport
  • Ice fishing
  • Warming up indoors after a long day in the cold
  • Outdoor work
  • Walking or hiking


The only drawback I found was that it shows pet hair and seems to hold onto more than some other fabrics.

ORORO “Bay City” Heated Hand Warmer Review At-a-Glance

General PerformanceYesNo
Even heatingX
Hot spotsX
Stays dryX
Value for moneyX
Not bulkyShows pet hair
Stylish matte black with white brand accents
Warms quickly
Provides even heat
Long-lasting battery (don’t need to carry extras)
Machine washable
Extra, nicely-sized storage pockets
Unisex and not too big for women
Versatile for many outdoor activities
Easy to use
3 heat settings
Heats up quickly
Super soft

Final Thoughts

The ORORO Bay City Heated Hand Warmer is a wonderful way to warm up the winter. It’s cozy, versatile, and attractive. It would make a thoughtful present for anyone that likes to spend time outdoors in the winter.

Amanda Brahlek

Amanda is an avid outdoors person, competitive runner, and the author of The Complete Guide to Owning a Deaf Dog. She has a lifetime of experience hiking, camping, boating, and running along with over eight years of dog training experience.