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6 Best Real Leather Portfolios & Padfolios For Men

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A high-quality leather portfolio is a statement unto itself. It shows others you are committed enough to your professional work to invest in a long-term portfolio. The leather binding is elegant and eye-catching. Looking inside, the carefully organized pockets and dividers reflect well on your own organization.

Leather portfolios are also more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts. The craftsmanship that goes into making such a portfolio means it will last decades, or even for a lifetime. They are durable and wear gracefully. And frankly, real leather smells gorgeous.

When traveling for business, attending a meeting, or sitting down for an interview, a leather portfolio is an excellent way to organize all your belongings in one place. Rather than scrambling to sort through a handful of loose papers at your meeting table, leave a strong impression with a beautiful, minimalist real leather portfolio.

A well-crafted real leather portfolio lends you an air of professionalism, and keeps you organized and work-ready.

Our Top Picks

1. Leather Documents Folder ‘Candide’ from Time Resistance


  • Available in a range of colors
  • Made from full-grain leather
  • Masterfully handcrafted


  • Does not fit US letter size paper

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Time Resistance is a brand that prides itself on offering long-lasting, handcrafted products. The ‘Candide’ leather portfolio is no exception. Its flawless leather is made of Italian Vachetta full-grain cowhide, the same leather used on Louis Vuitton handbags. What that means is a smooth, buttery-soft portfolio with a polished design perfect for a business executive.

On the inside, you have space for a notepad to slot into as well as a number of pockets. You can fit standard-sized papers alongside a laptop or tablet up to 11” on the diagonal in the largest of these pockets. There are also small pockets sized for business cards or the like, pen holders, and a zipper pocket that would suit a phone nicely. All of the hardware is durable brass, same as the zipper that holds the portfolio shut. The lining is cotton—good looking and easy to clean.

One of the most unique things about this ‘Candide’ leather portfolio is its unique personality. The Lithuanian artistans who handcrafted the portfolio deliberately tanned the leather using methods that leave the natural grain intact. The result is a unique pattern on every ‘Candide’ in the world, so your portfolio will be truly unique. You have a choice of black leather, two tones of brown, or one of a selection of bright, playful colors.

Time Resistance set out to make a product that would stay by your side for life, and from the beautiful minimalist design to the reliable craftsmanship, this portfolio achieves just that.

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2. Bellroy Leather Portfolio


  • Has expandable storage
  • Made from premium leather
  • 3-year warranty


  • None

The Bellroy Leather Portfolio is a smart place to keep your office or travel items in one place, in a neat and organized manner. Leather ages elegantly and after time and frequent use it becomes soft and pliable as well as taking on a unique patina.

The Bellroy Leather Portfolio offers easy access to books, paper, pens, and business cards as well as your cell phone, notepad, tablet, e-reader, hard drive, power bank, charger, cables and accessories. For those who want to use the portfolio for travel, there is ample room for passports, IDs, travel documents, check-in papers, and all the devices already listed.

The elasticated pockets and expandable storage allow space for all your daily work or travel items, and the good quality zipper will ensure that everything stays put once it’s closed, while still being comfortable and convenient enough to clasp in one hand. The Bellroy portfolio measures 13” x 9.8” x 0.8” and is made from premium, environmentally certified leather. It carries a 3 year warranty.

3. Gavarnie Genuine Leather Business Portfolio


  • Superior full-grain cowhide leather
  • Spacious with lots of storage
  • Comes with letter-sized notepad


  • Bigger than some buyers expected

This portfolio is an excellent choice if you are looking for a stylish portfolio that is also practical. The Gavarnie leather portfolio is crafted from full-grade cowhide leather. You have the option to get it embossed with your name or company logo, for that personalized touch. There is also a document-size pocket on the outside.

Beneath the zippered closure is the spacious interior. To one side is a suede-lined compartment for a notepad with a pocket behind it for another notebook. Across from that is an accordion pocket with room for a 13” laptop, or a stack of papers stacked 1/2” thick. This massive pocket is closed by a snap, to keep your belongings in place. Aside from that there is another paper-sized pocket, pen holders, business card pockets, and a phone-sized pocket. If you need to pack up and bring your entire office on the go, this portfolio can hold it all. Not only that, its clever design means it will not show any bulges or burst open at the seams, so you can pack it full knowing your important business papers are safe.

The Gavarnie Leather Business Portfolio is made to look good, thanks to several rounds of examinations where the leather is checked for nicks or scratches. Only the highest quality leather makes it onto a portfolio, and it shows. You can get this leather portfolio in a buff-brown or walnut-brown color, or in a charming oil wax. With the latter, the leather is not colored, only sealed, so you get to see the beautiful natural grain.

If you want a mix of professional simplicity with functionality, this portfolio is perfect for your needs.

4. Maruse Personalized Italian Leather Executive Padfolio


  • Genuine full-grain Italian leather
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • Slim profile but spacious interior


  • Could use more interior pockets

Italy has one of the oldest leatherworking traditions in the world. This leather padfolio is the product of generations of artisans passing down their craft. Working with fine Tuscan full-grain calf hide leather, Maruse makes a compact and classy padfolio that will give you a giddy smile each time you open it.

Calf leather is smooth and soft, making the padfolio’s cover a work of art in itself. You can also have it monogrammed to personalize your padfolio. The padfolio has a zippered closure and uncomplicated layout inside. There is space for a notepad, a pocket that fits a 13” laptop, and room for a few cards, a pen, and a couple of papers. Mixed with the natural leather is a fabric lining which looks incredibly beautiful when the padfolio is opened. It is sure to make a splash the first time you bring it to a meeting.

The strength of the Maruse Executive Padfolio is its minimalist approach. Its design does not waste space on anything more than the essentials. You can buy it in a range of subtle, professional colors. Practically, the combination of high-grade leather with the quality fabric lining means the padfolio is very durable and can last a lifetime.

While its few pockets may not appeal to everyone, for the businessman who can work magic with just the essentials and a winning smile, this padfolio will be a perfect compliment to your professional ensemble.

5. Bosca Leather Portfolio


  • ID window & business card pocket
  • Hand-stained Italian leather
  • Pen pocket in spine


  • None

For analog guys and girls in a digital world, a leather journal is a must-have. However, what isn’t, is the necessity to throw it away or replace it after use; being costly and the resulting in unnecessary waste. The Bosca Leather Portfolio is the perfect long-lasting alternative, allowing users to replace the inner pad whenever it’s finished up. No need to buy a new leather journal — just slip in a new 8.5” x 11” one inexpensively, and you’re good to go.

An additional ID window, pen, business card, and sheet pockets add to its versatility and usability. Plus, there are various leather color options available, including amber, cognac, dark brown, and black tan tints. The leather itself is certified Italian Vegetable Tanned leather — a much more sustainable and eco-friendlier option than regular tanned leathers.

Certified Italian Vegetable Tanned leather is tanned in Tuscany using only natural tannins found in vegetables and plant matter. All certified Italian Vegetable Tanned leathers are made artisanally from the hides of animals destined for slaughter — none are killed for it. Additionally, all Certified Italian Vegetable Tanned leather tanning processes are metal-free, and tanneries operate in sync with environments.

6. Epping & Park Leather Portfolio


  • Elegant Italian design
  • Luxury full-grain leather
  • Plenty of internal storage


  • None

Organize your business papers with the best from Italian leatherworking. The full-grain cowhide leather is so polished it seems to glow on its own. Just from the cover, you can tell that the Epping & Park Portfolio is designed to draw attention and make a statement.

A robust zippered closure hides the surprisingly functional interior. You have a pocket that fits a 13” laptop, a zippered pocket, card pockets, a pen holder, and a phone pocket. There is also space for a notepad. The pockets on this leather portfolio have a feature which is especially useful to extend your portfolio’s lifespan: elastic pockets. Gone are the days of your leather pockets being stretched out from constant use. The pockets are still trimmed with the same quality leather as the cover, so you retain the leather’s good looks.

This is one of those products that knows when to hold back, and the result is an elegant design. The cover has a bit of flair but is still minimalist. The interior has no more pockets than a businessman really needs in a portfolio, and cleverly builds the pen holder into the portfolio’s spine. You get a portfolio with lots of space if you need to pack it full, and yet never looks empty when you just need to carry a few papers around.

From the sleek leather cover to the robust and long-lasting construction, this handcrafted portfolio is a sure way to stay organized while also looking good.

What To Know Before Buying a Leather Portfolio

Portfolio vs. Padfolio: The Differences

Portfolios come in all shapes and sizes because they are made to carry a range of items. Rather than opening book-style, many unfold more like an accordion. This gives them the capacity to carry more than just flat items. Some portfolios are even large enough to transport artwork, while others are laptop or tablet sized. The portfolio will usually have a pocket on one side for a notepad as well as a number of pockets to carry pens and other office supplies.

If you want to transport only flat items, a padfolio is for you. These are similar to portfolios, but are slimmed down to save on space. The thin design is perfect for papers, notebooks, or some laptops. Overall, padfolios tend to be book-sized. A padfolio will have a compartment for a notepad, as well as one or two pockets which can fit a couple papers.

Craftsmanship and Durability

Leather products have the practical benefit of being long-lasting, so long as they are well made. Handcrafted portfolios tend to be of higher quality, using better leather and having better construction. A good leather portfolio will not only last for years but will age well.

Look for high-quality leather without any nicks or scratches. Portfolios have a number of moving parts which can wear down, but if the leather is good it will not stretch or crack from repeated use. Quality leather is also water-resistant, meaning it will not stain from water damage. Another feature of the portfolio’s craftsmanship is its stitching. Recessed or at least flush stitching prevents it from snagging during transport. Overall, prioritize durability in the craftsmanship of your portfolio to maximize its lifespan.


A portfolio is only as useful as its contents, and the design of the portfolio’s interior often affects how you use it. On the outside, most leather portfolios will share a similar, smooth-faced design, so the inside is where each individual portfolio really shines.

The interior is often available in a range of colors and materials. Look for reinforced pockets or heavy-duty materials to avoid damage. Also look at the arrangement of the pockets and other compartments. Is the layout intuitive and organized? Can you easily access your most important documents? Do you need to dig through the portfolio to find a given item? A well-designed portfolio will have a logic to its layout which can keep you precise and organized.

Storage Space

Portfolios often have room for a number of items, and the stylish design of a leather portfolio accomplishes this without looking bulky. Consider what you are using your portfolio for: if you only need to store business cards and a few papers, you might opt for a slimmer portfolio, or a padfolio. If you need your portfolio to be a complete toolbox for any and all work scenarios, look for extra pockets and compartments. Should you decide to carry your laptop or tablet in the portfolio, that will also require its own spacious pocket.


A workday often means more than just handling documents. You might need to use your portfolio as a clipboard to write on. The speed with which you can find and produce a document from the portfolio may be important. Multi-functionality can be a major asset in a leather portfolio. Whether you are an executive working in an office or a surveyor taking notes in the field, the practicality of your portfolio with be important.


The reason you are using a leather portfolio in the first place is to protect your documents and belongings. A portfolio which cannot close properly, or which runs the risk of popping open at any time, is failing in its primary purpose. No executive wants to walk into an important meeting to find that their key papers have fallen out on the walk over.

Zippered closure is the most secure method for a leather portfolio. It offers a perfect seal and is sleek and easy to use. Zippers are also durable and often compliment the aesthetics of the leather. For internal pockets, closure is less of a risk, especially if protected by an external zipper. Velcro tabs and snaps can hold heavier items like electronics safe in their respective pockets.

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