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Review: Jowissa Tiro Swiss Made Watch J4.296.M

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So many watches are a dime a dozen when it comes to style and utility. You can absolutely pick up a watch at most department stores for anywhere between ten dollars and two hundred. You can certainly find a watch for thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.

The thing is – none of these price tags guarantee quality, style, and durability. I’ve spent hundreds on a watch only to have the strap break… while I was on a hike and that watch was never seen again. After that experience, I was somewhat jaded when it came to watches, hence my under fifty dollar watch purchases since then.

Until I met Jowissa.

At First Glance

I can tell you straight, I’m not the most delicate of creatures. I live most of my life elbow-deep in coffee equipment or outdoors on hikes in Southern California. That being said, I’m not one to forgo an aesthetic appeal and still consider the look and feel of a product just as much as its ability to withstand the challenges of my lifestyle.

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Jowissa rests at the intersection of aesthetic and durability. Swiss made, Jowissa is an established company with a presence in over thirty countries. It’s obvious that Jowissa values both classics and trending styles as they offer many options on either end of the spectrum.

In terms of affordability, it’s true that Jowissa does not fall under my scornful under fifty price range (but really, that was just me being bitter about losing a good watch). However, Jowissa offers watches in multiple price ranges, allowing customers to choose between everyday wear and special occasion purchases.

A Green Commitment

Perhaps my favorite aspect of Jowissa as a company is its commitment to sustainability. We at Durability Matters are certainly passionate about ethical and environmentally conscious brands.

For every shipment to each customer, Jowissa pledges “green shipping” which allows them to donate to the Jari Pará REDD+ Avoid Unplanned Deforestation project in the Amazon rainforest (a Verified Carbon Standard project certified by Pachama).

Not only does Jowissa work to offset its carbon footprint with sustainable shipping practices (not to mention sustainable shipping at no additional cost to the consumer), Jowissa also works alongside Offset Earth. Offset Earth is an organization committed to planting trees to offset the rising level of carbon dioxide. Jowissa has pledged to provide the funds to plant one tree for every twenty US dollars (or 18 EUR) spent on

When it comes to choosing a company to purchase from, Jowissa checks all of the boxes. I’m not just okay with their message, I’m happy knowing that all purchases from this company help offset their carbon footprint. Many luxury companies do not offer commitments of this sort.

Nevertheless, finding a product is what puts those pledges into action. I’m a classic kind of gal. I love the look and feel of elegant and simple watches with leather bands and basic faces.

Jowissa Tiro Swiss Made Watch J4 296 M - 2_1

Which Watch?

Jowissa certainly offers more intricate and, arguably, more feminine watches but those aren’t for me. After scrolling through the seemingly infinite yet not overwhelming options, I found myself with at least ten different tabs open. I might know what I’m looking for but that doesn’t make me any less indecisive, especially when faced with so many gorgeous options.

Finally, I settled on the Tiro Swiss Made Watch J4.296.M (you might note that this watch is indeed in the men’s section, however, Jowissa very diplomatically labels this watch as unisex). Available in two face sizes, 38mm and 45mm, it can be worn by anyone and look like it was made for them. I opted for the 38mm face size as my wrists are famously small (see photos for an example of how even the most reasonably sized watch overshadows my ridiculously small wrists).

Jowissa Tiro Swiss Made Watch J4 296 M - 7

Despite my small wrists, the Tiro withstood the challenge and proved that it truly is a unisex watch. Anyone of any shape and size can wear the Tiro and feel amazing in it. I certainly did.

The watch itself is available in a few different colors though I chose the silver face with gold plated casing and detailing, accompanied by a brown leather wrist band. Truly, the most classic look you can go for.

It’s All in the Details

As an affordable option, the Tiro has truly thoughtful details from face to band. The Tiro boasts a stainless steel casing with a pearly silver dial and gold plating on the casing and dial features.

Tiro Swiss Made Watch J4 296 M - front
Credit: Jowissa

Beneath the tempered mineral glass face, the Tiro houses elegant triangular Dauphin-style hands. The hands on the Tiro are one of the small details that really drive home the beauty of this watch. Delicate and intricate, the Tiro watch hands are hollow stainless-steel components with gold plating to match the dial hour markings and watch casing. I really love the look of the triangular hands as it adds a bit of nuance to the otherwise classic aesthetic, bringing the Tiro up to date with current fashions.

Similarly, the dial hour indices are simple statement baton-style markings. The boldness of these markings, like the triangular hands, is a subtle but confident transition from classic to modern. Additionally, the calendar detail is cozy inside of a small gold-plated frame and features the day only and leaves it up to you to remember the month and the year.

Tiro Swiss Made Watch J4 296 M - face
Credit: Jowissa

Some folks may prefer the date in its entirety but I quite like the simplicity of simple the day (to be fair, I usually can remember the month and the year unless someone asks me my age and then I’m always twenty-five).

Last but not least, the band. The site image shows a deep, rich brown alligator-style leather band that complements the gold plating very nicely. The band that I received was less of the advertised deep brown and was slightly lighter in tone with a touch of golden orange to the brown. While not entirely accurate in comparison with the photo, the color itself is lovely.

Jowissa Tiro Swiss Made Watch J4 296 M - 11

Final Word

As a whole, the Tiro is a simple aesthetic with thoughtful details that, upon closer inspection, really stand out. I love the overall design of the face and that it’s not only easy to read but also stylish and eye-catching.

If you’re in the market for a somewhat affordable watch from an ethical and environmentally friendly company, Jowissa more than gets the job done. Again, I opted for a classic watch with a hint of modern updates but Jowissa offers a fantastic range of stylish watches with something for everyone.

After wearing the Tiro straight for about a week, I can confirm that it is comfortable, beautiful and certainly lives up to the Swiss made reputation.

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Sophie Kidd Carr

Sophie Kidd Carr is a freelance writer and a contributor to Durability Matters.

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