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Review: ewool® PRO+ Heated Vest for Women

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When it comes to winter, it’s difficult to find relief from the cold–especially when there’s outdoor work to be done. While I normally layer up, I often find myself shedding layers (and tossing them wherever I can nearby). This is less than ideal. So, when ewool® reached out to ask if we would try out their heated vest, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only had I heard about the phenomenal quality that ewool® offers, but the ability to switch between heat levels while keeping a full range of motion sounded like the perfect solution to my winter work.

In this review, I will go into detail regarding how the ewool® PRO+ heated vest for women held up against winter conditions. I wore my ewool® vest through adding a new garden bed, digging a pond, working in my garage with the garage doors open, and hiking.

First Impressions

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The vest arrived neatly packaged with the battery and charger packed in the vest’s zippered pouch.

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As I was unpacking the vest, the first thing I noticed was how soft the fabric is and how high-quality all the details are. I’m a sucker for neat seams, and the ewool® PRO+ didn’t let me down. Every seam is neatly stitched without any loose threads. I also adore that the top of the front zipper includes a neat “fold-over” of fabric that prevents the zipper from irritating your skin or catching in your hair.

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 22

I was also impressed with the thoughtfulness of the vest’s battery-management design.


  • Multiple pockets where you can plug in the battery (front left or in the back pouch).
  • Pockets in the back pouch to hold the batteries secure.
  • An in-vest charging port, so you don’t have to remove the battery to charge–this would work great on road trips.
  • A light system that indicates how much of a charge the battery has remaining.

What Else Impressed Me About This Vest?

Each zipper has durable weatherproofing and the front zipper can zip bottom to top or top to bottom.

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 17

The internal ID pocket is also great for when you want to travel light. You can fit your ID along with a few credit cards or some cash in it.

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 11

The inner liner is extremely soft. And each pocket is lined.

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 04

The Fit of the Vest

I found the vest to be extremely comfortable and attractive. The soft fabric that runs from armpit to hip reduces bulk that can make you look wider. It also pulls the vest a bit tighter for a more form-fitting appearance.

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 15

When you’re wearing the vest, you cannot feel the heating elements (or wires). The vest also feels extremely soft.

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 21

I did notice the fabric is a bit stiff. This means if you sit with the vest on, the collar pushes up a bit toward your chin.

The length of the vest is phenomenal. I have a long torso and found many vests land above my pant’s waistline—which results in them hiking up the shirt I wear beneath, along with exposing my lower back when I bend over. One discrepancy between the product’s listing and the actual product is that the dip in the fabric over the bum isn’t as pronounced as their photos show.

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 19

The Performance of the ewool® Heated Vest PRO+

I found the heating control button very easy to use and to adjust while working. You can tuck the button away by folding it up when you do not need to access it.

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 25

The vest kept me warm while I worked or hiked outdoors. I found the vest provided thorough and even coverage of heat over my chest, neck, back, and lower back. I particularly appreciate the lumbar heat.

This vest is durable! After wearing the vest through some serious physical chores, I didn’t notice any true wear and tear.

After 3 weeks of use, the vest did not show signs of:

  • Pilling
  • Stretching
  • Loosening seams
  • Fraying edges
  • Zipper-sticking (although the very bottom zipper tends to be stiff)

You can also store a few items in the back pouch if you want. For example, you can put a granola bar in there for a hike.

The Battery System

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 08

The battery holds a charge for a long time. I used it on “normal” for over three hours and hiked with it on low for five hours. It’s also quite thin, so you don’t wind up with one place in the vest with a lump.

The On-Vest Heating System & Battery Details

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 26

The large rubber button is intuitive and easy to access.

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 23

The in-vest charging port comes in handy since you don’t have to fiddle with pulling the battery out and then back in before leaving the house. It also charges quickly from dead (in about 2-3 hours).

ewool pro plus heated vest for women 24

I appreciate the lighting system on the battery, so you can know when it’s fully charged. You can also check the charge by pressing the button beside the lights.

All of the cords within the vest and pockets are coated in thick wiring insulation, which feels like it’s built to last.

The back-pocket battery pouches are very easy to use. The day-glow orange edges to the pockets are another thoughtful touch since the black-on-black can make locating the pocket slits effortless.

Are There Any Cons?

The battery is a bit heavy. If you’re comparing vests, you will likely find that this is pretty on-par with heating systems.

The shape of the battery is a bit bulky. If you have it in the front pocket, you will feel it when you’re sitting.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a vest that is super soft yet tough, this vest is for you. When it comes to heated vests, it has a lot of perks you won’t find in other brands. These include durable zips, a flattering fit on the waistline, and a charging port built into the vest. Additionally, the vest exudes quality and thoughtful design. And, yes, it will keep you toasty warm with excellent coverage around the torso.

Amanda Brahlek

Amanda is an avid outdoors person, competitive runner, and the author of The Complete Guide to Owning a Deaf Dog. She has a lifetime of experience hiking, camping, boating, and running along with over eight years of dog training experience.

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