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Review: Leonisa’s Complete Coverage Comfort Fit Bralette

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Bras + online shopping… A match made in heaven or not so much? It likely doesn’t come as a surprise that the comfort, fit, and style of a bra can make or break an outfit and your day. Loose straps, itchy material, bulges in unflattering places, extra movement when you walk.

When I was given the opportunity to try out the Leonisa Complete Coverage Comfort Fit Bralette, I was both excited and skeptical. Why? Well, to be honest, I mostly wear bras without underwires. And when I do wear underwire bras, I usually opt for simple t-shirt bras. Additionally, I hadn’t been measured for a bra in years, so I was worried I would wind up in a bra that squeezed me to death or gaped at the top of the cup.

However, Leonisa’s “Perfect Bra Quiz” and “Our Fit Guarantee” seemed promising. And I love that Leonisa embraces and women of all sizes and seems to understand the subtleties of undergarment comfort. Plus, Leonisa promotes eco-friendly practices with responsible manufacturing. I’m a sucker for companies that sponsor eco-driven missions.

Anyway, when it came to trying out a bra that looks more elegant than industrious, I was nervous, to say the least.

Sizing and Ordering

I usually order a 32C bra, but it’s been years (and a few pounds) since I’ve been measured. So, I grabbed a measuring tape, followed the instruction on Leonisa’s “Find your bra size” instructions. (I took the “Find your perfect bra quiz,” too, but it’s more of a product selector than a sizer.) Anyway, I ended up with a 34C.

First Impressions

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My Leonisa Complete Coverage Comfort Fit Bralette arrived packaged in clear plastic with a plastic cup protector. The bra itself was hardier than I imagined with full cups and a wide band.

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Leonisa Complete Coverage Bralette-12

To the touch, the material on the interior of the cups was extremely soft and the straps feel strong but not bulky. The straps are also convertible if you prefer crisscrossed straps or want to wear this bra with a tank.

First Impressions of the Fit

Leonisa Complete Coverage Bralette-15

When I first tried on my Leonisa bra, I was impressed with the fit. It provided a snug but not tight hold and the three hooks evenly distribute the pressure and weight evenly across my back. It also provides the right amount of space under my armpit to prevent rubbing. Also, the material feels breathable and not bulky whatsoever.

Leonisa Complete Coverage Bralette-3
Leonisa Complete Coverage Bralette-13

And guess what? No gaping in the front, and no bulges across the back. The underbust band stays in place and doesn’t roll. I would describe this bralette as a t-shirt bra-plus.

First Impression of Style

Leonisa Complete Coverage Bralette-2

I adore the way this bra looks. It is sexy in an Americana-esque way. The sheer Smartlace® above the cups and the biased cut back band turn a plain Jane bra into a full coverage bra with flair. The neckline is very flattering. There is a slight ruching on the interior of the cup and under the armpit which is a nice design detail.

Leonisa Complete Coverage Bralette-11
Leonisa Complete Coverage Bralette-10

My only qualm is the fact that I don’t feel like “bralette” is the correct label for this bra. It has an underwire—although not as serious of an underwire as many other bras—and its cups are fully formed and have complete coverage. Most bralettes I’ve seen and purchased are lighter in material and are wire-free.

Leonisa Complete Coverage Bralette-7

Additionally, the Smartlace® is smooth, so it won’t create ripples or bumps under a thin t-shirt.

Size and Color

Great news: the “Find your bra size” worked perfectly. The bra fits like a glove—no top-of-the-cup hump or gap. The band also holds snug and I can switch between the four sizing options if needed.

I love the black and sheer combo of this bra. It works perfectly under most colors of clothing.

Comfort Field Test

I’ve worn my Leonisa Complete Coverage Comfort Fit Bralette several times since receiving it. I wanted to really put it through the wringer by wearing it all day during my usual activities. I decided if I wouldn’t wear a sports bra for the activity, the Leonisa should do the trick. So, I wore it from 7 AM until nighttime—through my workday and into the evening.

And for the most part, it did the job well. It did not hike up at all. I didn’t find myself tugging it down or pushing the straps back up. I truly appreciate that the adjustable straps do not slowly readjust themselves. At no point did my back or shoulders hurt. Nor did I feel overly restricted.

While walking my dogs and going grocery shopping, the bra held my bust in place without too much bounce or jiggle.

I did find toward the end of the day that the lace did tend to get a little itchy. I noticed I was reaching around and running my finger beneath the band and where the hooks attached. So, while the three-eye-and-hook offers excellent stability, the exterior of the piece has a slight plastic-like texture that is somewhat stiff and pokey.

Use and Durability

The Leonisa Complete Coverage Comfort Fit Bralette has become my go-to bra for most workdays. It offers excellent support, coverage, and an attractive shape. I appreciate that it gives me shape without excessive padding, visibility beneath shirts, or gaping. I have yet to experience any shoulder or back pain while wearing it.

The stiffness of the Smartlace® has diminished over a few washes. However, the clasp material still has that slightly stiff/pokey edge where the seam comes together. I do change into a wire-free bra after my workday.

Leonisa Complete Coverage Bralette-9

As far as durability, the straps and band have held their shape. No lasagna ripples in the straps despite frequent wear. The Smartlace® has started to fray just slightly along the edges slightly, though.

Final Thoughts

This bra would be a great choice for most women’s needs (especially those that need an underwire or a firmer hold). It performs well in an office, classroom, or running day-to-day errands. It offers excellent versatility, coverage, and comfort—and it stays in place all day. The Complete Coverage Comfort Fit Bralette will give you a great shape and lift without extra padding, and it is very breathable.

Amanda Brahlek

Amanda is an avid outdoors person, competitive runner, and the author of The Complete Guide to Owning a Deaf Dog. She has a lifetime of experience hiking, camping, boating, and running along with over eight years of dog training experience.