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Review: Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket

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As a good New Englander, there is one rule I live by. That rule? You can never have enough warm clothes. From jackets to boots to sweaters, for those that live in the north, the more the merrier.

Now, that said, just in time for the colder months, recently, I was asked to try the Teddy Zip-Up Jacket from Italic.

Italic was originally operated on a membership-based model—kind of like Costco. But, fortunately for everyone, they have officially transitioned to an open marketplace.

That means we all—you, me, your grandma—can shop without having to sign up!

So, is this jacket everything I hoped it would be? On the website, it looked like I might have just stumbled on an outer layer that I could easily wear in fall, winter, and spring. Even better, although it is marketed as activewear, I suspected I could get away with wearing it to the gym, to work, even out on a date. The styling looked clean, simple, and modern! I feel like a princess in it—not kidding. Keep reading to find out why.

First Impressions

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-7

If you have ever ordered clothing or, actually, anything online, then you know the fears that come with it. Will it fit? How is the material? Is it well made?

No stranger to these fears, when placing my Italic order, the above questions came rolling through my head.

However, luckily, as soon as I opened the package, those fears quickly disappeared.

And, my thoughts were replaced with comments like.

“Wow, it’s so soft. Like hugging a teddy bear!”
“It’s thick! My other shearling jacket is so thin. This will keep me warm.”
“The collar is stunning.”
“It’s boxy, but the cut actually makes it great to wear with anything!”
“The washing instructions are simple; thank goodness I don’t have to dry clean it.”

Long story short, I am pleased with the styling, material, and quality of the jacket.

I am also pleased with the simplicity of the company’s branding.

What do I mean by that?

Well, with a quick examination, I noticed that the name Italic wasn’t anywhere on the front of the jacket. Phew!

Why does this matter?

Because I’m a firm believer that too many companies ruin good jackets by plastering their name or logo on the outside breast area.

Instead, Italic chooses to keep it fresh and clean. Which is reflected in the branded tags.

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-16

With that, here is a good time to talk about Italic as a brand.

Who Is Italic?

With some quick research into the company, I found that Italic is all about sourcing, developing, and curating high-quality items for lower prices.

Essentially, their idea is to democratize retail by making it more affordable without compromising on stuff like material, durability, etc. Hello, accessibility.

To drive this idea home, if you check out their product pages, Italic proudly announces their high-quality manufacturing partners, as well as a brief bio of the company, plus the ‘past clients’ the manufacturer has worked with.

In the case of my new Teddy Zip-Up, it is made by a family-owned company called Intramural Goods who has worked with Alo Yoga, Vilebrequin, and Paul Smith. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

In this light, it’s time to get back to why I feel like a princess in this jacket!


Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-3

As an owner of many jackets—long ones for the bitter cold, waterproof ones for snow-filled days, shells for times when I’m exercising, even ones made of similar shearling material—I have yet to find one that I would be comfortable dressing up or down.

But here we are. I found it. This jacket is versatile and it fits well on my small frame. Win!

For example, the other day I was wearing my rattiest PJs and had to run out to the grocery. With this jacket on, I wasn’t worried about seeing a friend. I felt put together. Later that night, I was wearing a little black dress and tights. I wore this jacket to dinner and felt refined.

Simply put, yes, this is a casual jacket at its heart. But, the Teddy Zip-Up has impeccable styling that results in a high-end appearance. It can easily be paired with PJs, leggings, jeans, sneakers, boots, heels, and dress clothes.

I said it! It’s hands down my most versatile jacket. Let me walk you through the features to explain.

High Collar

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-10

Great for warding off the cold, the high collar hits just below the chin. This also uniquely gives the jacket a subtle air of sophistication. I like it and I know you will like it too.

Wide Sleeves

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-4

Unlike other jackets, this little number includes wide sleeves with a hidden cuff. When on, the wideness creates an elegant, incredibly modern bubble effect. This isn’t your average casual outer layer.

Boxy Body

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-11

A feature I wasn’t sure about before seeing it in person, the boxy body somehow doesn’t cut the torso short. Actually, it hits just at the hips and makes this jacket wearable with any sort of clothing. A bulky sweater can be tucked inside, while a long dress can hang from the bottom without looking silly.

Sleek Pockets

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-15

This jacket is equipped with three pockets – two at the side and one on the chest. A feature that will usually make a jacket look casual or high-end, oddly enough, these pockets are somewhere in between. They are minimal yet functional.

Material And Care

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-12

Polyester Outer

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-8

I’m not typically a fan of polyester. Something about it just isn’t my first choice for material.

However, with one touch of this jacket, I’m down.

It is soft. I mean rub on your face softly. And, it is thick. On cold, windy days, there is no air getting through this baby.

Cotton/Spandex Lining

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-6

I was happy to see that this jacket was lined.

If it was just the shearling material, I would be worried about overheating and wearability.

But this cotton is very breathable while the spandex offers ideal mobility.

Machine Wash

As I mentioned above, this jacket is easy to care for.

To clean, all I need to do is turn it inside out and put it in the machine on a gentle cycle with cold water.

From there, I like that it can be tumbled dry.

No dry cleaner runs for this girl.


Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-18

Okay, this is my only complaint about the jacket.

It collects lint so, let me repeat, so easily.

While the fibers are soft, the fibers also act like a sticker, trapping small things that come in contact with it.

Fortunately, I did notice that with one pass of a lint brush you will be good to go.


Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-5

So, after styling and material, we are now at quality. Is this jacket made with care and designed to last? Without a doubt yes! It is marvelously well-constructed.

How do I know? I did a thorough check of the detailing.

Hidden Seams

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket-13

A telltale sign of durability is the stitch work and seaming.

That said, the Teddy Zip-Up jacket makes the cut.

It has beautiful seam work that is almost unnoticeable on the outside and done with precision on the inside.

Also, try as I might to find a loose string or fray. Nope. None were to be found.

Metal Zippers

Okay, as a jacket person, zippers are super important to me.

Many jackets come up short when it comes to zipper quality and the possibility of the material getting stuck.

Not this jacket!

The zippers are metal, which is very durable.

And, the material is neatly constructed around the zipper parts.

I don’t see the lining loose, which means the zipper will remain snag free.

Closing Thoughts

Put it all together and you have a jacket that is ultra-cozy, looks amazing, and is made to last. AKA it makes me feel like a princess, even if I have comfy clothes on.

Yes, it can get linty, but this isn’t so bad. I can deal with that in return for the beauty of this wonderful outer layer! That said, I look forward to living my day-to-day life in the Teddy Zip-Up Jacket by Italic.

Emily Tailer

Emily Tailer is a freelance writer and a contributor to Durability Matters.

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