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Review: Vont LED Outdoor Solar Light Spotlights

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As the days shorten and the sun sets before rush hour traffic winds down, I have found myself wanting a bit more light in my life. Well… at least a bit more light in my yard. However, I didn’t want to deal with wiring, nor did I want dinky, weak lights that just offered a decorative glow. So, Vont’s LED Outdoor Spotlight Solar Lights seem like a great option to brighten up my yard.

How did these lights live up to my expectations? Vont’s solar lights were remarkably tough, extremely bright, and very easy to install.

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First Impressions

Vont LED outdoor solar light 02
Vont LED outdoor solar light 03

Vont’s spotlights showed up well-packed and without any damage. The parts are straightforward and the instructions are clearly written with clear photos of the units. This came in handy since the power/mode switch button is hidden beneath the unit. However, the instruction paper does not include how to mount the units—although, I would soon find out this installation is quite easy.

Vont LED Outdoor Solar Light Spotlights Specs

Vont LED outdoor solar light 23

When it comes to solar lights, Vont’s are often regarded as excellent value for the price. But what does your money exactly get you when you order a set of Vont Spotlights?

Versatile Use: These spotlights can be mounted to fences, wooden posts, a mailbox, porch rails, or patio columns. Or you can install them in-ground anywhere you have dirt, grass, or a pot with soil.

Vont’s Amazon listing suggests you can mount the units to plants, however, I would only recommend mounting them to established trees since you will have to use screws. While you may be able to zip tie them to a tree or shrub, I advise against it since it could girdle and damage or kill your tree.

2 Modes: Use the high output mode for a brighter light or the low for a light that still seems extraordinarily bright in my opinion.

Illumination Time: These lights will stay illuminated for 6 hours on high more or 12 hours on low mode.

Wattage: These lights offer 100 Lumens of light.

LEDs Count: Each light is composed of 16 small LED chips.

Weatherproofing: Vont lights can withstand high and low temperatures as well as rain and snow. They are rated at IPX7, which means they can be submerged one meter for 30 minutes (which may come in handy if you’re installing lights above a pond).

Vont LED outdoor solar light 19

Operating Temperature:

  • High temperature: 60 °C or 140 °F
  • Low temperature: -20 °C or -4 °F

So far, my Vont lights have withstood temperatures below freezing, in the mid-to high 20’s Fahrenheit.

Lens Material: ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene + Polycarbon

Size: These units are not petite by any means. The light heads look a little like security cameras. With the lawn stakes, the light stands about 12 inches tall before being sunk into the ground. The light is 4.25-inches wide and 5.5 inches deep.

Weight: These lights are not heavy whatsoever.

Positioning: The light has 90-degrees of up-down range. You can flip the unit or turn it to direct the spotlight where you want it.

Vont LED Outdoor Solar Light Spotlights In-Use

Vont LED outdoor solar light 15
Vont LED outdoor solar light 17

My Vont LED Solar spotlights have been lighting up my yard for just about a month. While they have not undergone extreme high temperatures, I’ve been able to assess how well they work and hold up to wind and rain. Furthermore, I have used them in-ground as well as mounted, and here are the results:


In-ground installation of these lights is the easiest thing in the world—in fact, I feel confident enough to say that installing them in-ground is foolproof. The stakes are nearly identical in design to plastic tent stakes, just without the hook at the top.

Vont LED outdoor solar light 11
Vont LED outdoor solar light 13

All you have to do is line up the stake with the neck of the light and push. Then, place the lights where you want them installed and apply pressure directly down on the collar where the stake meets the unit.

Mounting my Vont lights was not foolproof, although the installation was still pretty easy and straightforward. While the product comes with screws, it does not come with mounting instructions.

Vont LED outdoor solar light 10
Vont LED outdoor solar light 26

Here’s what I did:

  1. I placed the unit where I wanted it, with the mount flat against the wood, and marked where the holes would be. You can also press the screw tip into softer wood instead.
  2. I then set down the light and used a drill to sink the screws in then remove them. You could make a pilot hole instead if you want. While the hole makes it look like you can install the screws then hang the unit from them, you cannot. The screw heads do not fit through the fat part of the hole.
  3. Return the light to its final location and sink the screws in. You will notice the lights get in the way of drilling your screws in. You will want to use a bit extender or screwdriver (and some patience). I actually dropped one of the screws that came with the unit and replaced it with a standard screw.

The box does remind you to turn the light on before installation—which is a good idea if you’re mounting it up high. And remember to tighten the knob once the light is in position.


Vont LED outdoor solar light 32
Low setting illumination
Vont LED outdoor solar light 31
High setting illumination

These spotlights are brilliant. They are bright, clear, and light up every night—including on days that have been overcast and rainy.

When I had them lighting up my mailbox numbers, it was easy to read the address from quite a distance. This comes in handy since our mailbox can be easily passed on accident.

After three weeks of mailbox lighting, I decided to mount the lights to illuminate my backyard and driveway. Despite the solar intake not being pointed directly at the sun. They do a great job of flooding light on the immediate surrounding area, but their throw is about 10 feet max.

The color of the light is also quite nice. It’s not harsh nor is it overly warm. It gets your attention without irritating your eyes.


Mounting will take you about 5 to 10 minutes per light and the design results in the light being in the way of the screw. I also worried a little bit about theft of the lights by neighborhood kids (shenanigans type of theft) since you can just pull them out of the ground—however, this wasn’t an issue, and Vont warranties the lights for theft.

Final Thoughts

Vont LED outdoor solar light 05

Vont’s solar spotlights are easy to install and reliable. The units are free of frills while offering intense, consistent light—they are anything but wimpy when it comes to illumination. They work best as uplighting or lights for walkways, and they offer long-lasting illumination through the night.

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