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15 Best (Nearly) Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

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You love your dog. You want the best for them. You love to see their faces light up when you bring them a new toy to play with. The only ‘problem’ is that dogs are hunters by nature. They love to play with those toys vigorously, and that usually means getting their teeth into them. What you need is an indestructible dog toy, or as close to one as you can get.

A durable dog toy is not only going to keep your dog entertained for months but will save you from spending your hard-earned cash on toy after toy. Just like us, dogs also get attached to their things. Imagine Netflix taking away your favorite show. That is how a dog feels when their favorite toy is chucked in the garbage.

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Fear not. We have scoured the internet for the most rugged, durable, and almost indestructible dog toys. We have also chosen toys which are fun for you and the dog. We always recommend spending a little more to get quality, and you know that that means you will be spending a lot less in the long term.

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Indestructible Dog Ball Toys

What dog does not love to play with a ball? It is the quintessential dog toy that can bring hours of fun, not only to the dog but to the owner too. Balls are essential for a game of fetch in the park, fun for chasing around the home and yard, and a toy that your pet will happily chew on for hours.

However, that playtime can come at a price. The more exuberant your dog, the more they are going to chew and bite the ball. That can often result in a destroyed toy.

Fight back with one of these super-durable and nearly-indestructible dog balls.

1. Monster K9 Indestructible Dog Ball

Anything which comes with a lifetime guarantee deserves a place on our durable dog toy list. If the toy does not hold up, then you can get a free replacement. Of course, your dog is going to have a hard time destroying this ball which is advertised as virtually indestructible.

Made from industrial-strength natural rubber, this dog toy is rugged and reliable, while also being non-toxic. The shock-absorbent design is also puncture-resistant, meaning your dog’s teeth cannot easily break through the material.

The ball is around the size of a baseball. It is perfect for medium and large dogs and cannot be swallowed. Small dogs may have a hard time picking the ball up. This is one of the toughest dog toys which we found and one which gets you outdoors too — the perfect toy for a game of fetch with your best friend.

2. KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

Kong have a rich history making durable pet toys, and this extreme ball is crafted entirely in the USA. The ball comes in two sizes, small and medium, catering to all sizes of dogs, and is colored black.

The natural ball is created using a special rubber formula that allows it to hold up fantastically, even to the power-chewers. It is puncture-resistant, helping to keep your dog safe and healthy (you will not have to worry about the ball bursting and your pet swallowing it).

The ball is weighted for a long throw, giving a lot of exercise to your dog as they chase after it, and it has an extreme bounce. The bounce helps your dog to play, as it guesses which direction the ball will go in, bounding and jumping after it.

The toy will fit many situations. It works well for play with owners, but will also offer comfort to dogs with separation anxiety too. Great to chew on, helps with healthy teeth and gums, and helps with stress.

3. Chew King Extremely Durable Fetch Balls

Why would you throw around an old tennis ball, only for it to be destroyed a few days later, when you can use one of these extra-durable balls? This purchase comes as a set of three, but there are other options, too, including the size of ball, ensuring that there is something for every dog.

The balls are entertaining to chase, with a hole through the middle to reduce the weight and increase throwing distance, and that vent will also protect your beloved pet when they are chewing on it.

The balls are created from natural materials and are odor-free, bringing pleasure to pet and owner. The material holds the shape well and will stand up to repeated chewing. The space inside of the ball also allows you to hide treats for your dog to find. The balls glow in the dark, bringing an extra level of fun to your late-night walks.

A durable ball that your dog will love, and one that will last.

Durable Dog Bone Toys

Dogs love to chase bones, so what toy could be better than a chewable bone? With many benefits, such as dental hygiene and mental well being, these bone toys will enhance your dog’s happiness.

1. MewaJump Indestructible Natural Rubber Bone Toy

All dogs love bones, and yours will go crazy for the natural rubber bone. Coming in two colors, black and red, this chewable dog toy is crafted from natural materials that are safe for dogs, non-toxic, safe, and BPA-free.

The best thing about this dog toy is that it is nearly indestructible. It is bite-resistant, meaning your dog can chew on it for hours at a time, handy when you are away from home, and it has been specially designed to hold up to the most aggressive chewers.

The bone is also excellent for a game of fetch out in the park. It is easy to hold and throw, and your dog will love to chase after it, bringing it back time and time again. Chasing it will help with your dog’s physical development, while the chewing will help with mental well being.

The toy also helps with tooth and gum health, the chewing promoting teeth cleaning as your dog tries to rip it apart (and fails). A great replacement for chewed furniture.

2. Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone For Aggressive Chewers

This is a wonderful toy for your dog that almost looks like a piece of art. The bone toy is modeled after a dinosaur bone, giving your dog a feeling that they can conquer anything (provided that they know about dinosaurs), and it is made from real wood. The bone also comes in a variety of sizes, suiting medium-sized dogs all the way up to extra large hounds.

The bone is recommended for moderate chewers, and the fact that it is made from real wood means that you will not worry if it does start to come apart. The addition of peanut butter in the wood also means that your dog gets a treat as they chew.

The bone is one of the best toys out there for promoting dental hygiene in your dog, and chewing on it will help to clean teeth and massage their gums. Continual chewing will also help to promote less destructive behavior in your home and relieve boredom.

Perfect for medium and large dogs, this natural toy will be loved by everyone. Made in USA.

3. Motusamare Indestructible Beef Flavored Dog Bone

How do you know that a dog toy is indestructible? Well, you never really know, as dogs are smart and have a way of destroying the most indestructible items, but a lifetime replacement guarantee is a no-brainer. When a company is so invested in their products that they offer this to you, then you need to snap it up. The best that happens is that your dog does not destroy it. The worst is that you have to wait while a replacement is sent out to you.

The special bumpy design is intended to help dogs with their teeth and gums, featuring a bone-shape and a beef flavor. Dogs will love to chew on the toy and will get a lot out of it, both physically and mentally.

The material used is safe and non-toxic. The rubber is environmentally-friendly while still being solid and rugged. It is bite-resistant and especially suited for medium and large dogs.

If you are unsatisfied with the product, contact the customer service department, and receive a replacement. It’s a win-win for you and your dog.

Heavy-Duty Rope Toys For Dogs

Dogs have a natural ambition to pull on something, fighting back against the force exerted in the other direction. It is a part of who they are and where they came from; it is also a lot of fun. These rope toys will allow for great interaction between you and your dog.

1. Pacific Pups Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

There is so much to love here in this set. Not only do you get the typical assortment of ropes, knots, and loops, you also have some wonderful shapes, such as a carrot and a giraffe. The toys are durable, resisting bites and chewing, and the safest materials and adhesives have been used.

One thing that you will appreciate about your purchase is that the company was created to help save dogs from kill shelters, so every time you purchase from the company (and each time you play with the ropes), you will be helping other dogs.

The inclusion of the giraffe and carrot is actually to serve a purpose. Both toys are specially structured to floss and clean dog teeth and promote gum health. Your dog will love playing with both and will benefit from them in so many ways.

With so many different toys, your dog is going to be kept busy for hours, and so are you.

2. AMZpets Dog Toy Set – 7 Nearly Indestructible Cotton Chewing Ropes

With seven different rope toys, all in bright colors, your dog is going to have a field day when it comes to playtime. The shape and color of the toys have been specifically chosen to promote playfulness between dog and owner, making them the perfect toys to build a relationship with a new dog and cement a friendship between all dogs and owners.

There are rope toys to be thrown, tossed, tugged, and chewed. They all come with some sort of knot, perfect for your dog to get its teeth into, and there is also a handy shoulder bag to carry all the toys. You can load up and spend the day at the park or the beach.

Each rope is tough and will stand the test of time. Each one is crafted from high-quality cotton, perfect for teething dogs, and each one is natural, safe, and washable. The ropes may get ragged and dirty, but you can spruce them up with a quick machine wash.

A great set of toys for playful interaction, and also ones that you can leave your dog with when you cannot be home. They will promote healthy chewing and stop your beloved dog from chewing up your furniture, shoes, and anything else.

3. Otterly Pets Rope Toys (5-Pack)

High-quality rope toys should be durable, but you want some variety too. This purchase comes as a set of five toys, each a rope, and each bringing something different to your dog. They come in different shapes and sizes, with knots and more. You have a knotted rope, ring, figure eight, rope with loop, and monkey knot rope.

All of the ropes are chew-resistant and durable, excellent for the most extreme and aggressive chewers. The variety of sizes also means that the set is perfect for almost any size of dog, and the variety will be appreciated.

The fibers in the ropes help with teeth cleaning as the dogs chew on them or play tug-of-war. They are also excellent for beating boredom, and your pet will love to play with them when you are away from home. The ropes are also washable, so take them outside and play with them in the mud, cleaning them up when you get home.

The non-toxic cotton helps to prevent gum disease while feeling great in your pet’s jaws. An excellent set for any dog.

Heavy-Duty Dog Toys With Squeaker

If you have ever seen a dog with a squeaky toy, then you know that they go crazy when they hear that squeak, and immediately try to get to the source. Playing with a squeaky toy takes them back to their past lives as wild hunters. Unfortunately, most squeaky toys do not last. Well, these ones do.

1. VANFINE Indestructible Squeaky Stick

Squeaky toys need to be especially durable, or your dog is going to rip it apart in seconds. This toy is definitely one that will hold up to excessive chewing and biting. The eco-friendly rubber material is soft and flexible, completely safe for your dog, and extra-durable.

The toy also features dual-squeakers, promoting healthy play, and encouraging a hunting mentality, bringing them closer to their ancestors. The double squeakers help to keep your pet engaged for longer, especially important when you cannot be there to play with them.

The rubber is extremely durable and will hold up to the most intense chewers. The manufacturers have also used natural food flavors and scents to keep your dog interested. The smell and taste will satisfy your dog, and the extended chewing will help to promote dental hygiene, the bumpy shape helping to clean your dog’s teeth.

The lifetime replacement guarantee is also very welcome, and one of the best features of this dog toy, bringing peace of mind to you and keeping your dog chewing for longer. If something is wrong with the toy, you will have it replaced in no time.

2. Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball

Amazon Prime
$6.62 $12.99

Combining a squeaky toy with a durable ball means lots of fun for your pet. Your dog will love to chase after the ball as you throw it, bonding with you as you play, and will be rewarded with a squeak when they get to the ball and sink their teeth into it.

You have a lot of options with this ball toy, with multiple sizes and packs available, ensuring that you have the size needed for your dog, and enough balls to keep them satisfied. All of the balls are also compatible with the dog ball launchers (available from the same company), allowing you to throw the ball a long distance if you are unable to.

The durable design means that the ball will go far, bounce well, and stay in one piece when chewed. The ball will not wear down as it is thrown time and time again, nor will it wear down as it is bitten. The buoyancy of the ball also means you can take it to the lake, pool, and beach with you, and create lots of fun for your animal.

A wonderful toy to use when you want to bond with your dog.

3. EASTBLUE Rubber Chew Ball with Squeaker

If you have an excitable dog that needs a toy as bouncy as they are, this squeaky toy from Eastblue is an excellent option.

Along the side of the toy are several grooves and divots which help your dog get a strong grip in its jaws. These grooves also add personality to how the toy moves, making it bounce in irregular ways that will keep your dog on its toes.

The toy is made of natural, non-toxic rubber for your dog’s health, which also gives the toy a soft and chewy feel that dogs love to sink their teeth into. Thanks to the rubber and the design, this toy can survive even the most aggressive chewers with getting torn to shreds. When they do chomp down, the squeaker inside will catch their attention and keep them excited.

Additionally, by virtue of being shaped like a football, this toy is well suited for a long-bomb throw down the park. For times when your dog needs a serious game of fetch to stretch its legs, this will be the toy your dog will not want to let go of.

Tough Plush Dog Toys

Plush toys are great for comforting your pet while also allowing them to play. For those dogs who love to chew, you need something durable, and that is precisely what we have found.

1. Charming Pet Plush Dog Toy – Interactive, Tough and Durable

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$12.79 $15.99

There are plenty of durable plush toys, but how about one as cute as this? The charming toy looks like a cuddly cow with a flattened body, perfect for chewing on. This toy opens up to be 26” long, perfect for a tug-of-war match between you and your pet, or between two dogs.

The plush toy also comes with lots of interaction, showcasing a squeaker pad and crinkle paper. This is a great toy for social interaction, but will also give enough to do for a solo animal, making it perfect for those dogs with separation anxiety. The toy is durable and chewable, but soft enough to bring comfort too.

The outside of the toy is plush and soft, while the interior is durable and strong. The interior features K9 Tuff Guard technology with durable non-rip canvas. The seams are double-stitched, and there are nylon-infused tear points. That tough interior is covered in soft and cuddly plush and corduroy.

An interactive toy that is perfect for all ages and sizes of dogs.

2. CNMGBB Durable Plush & Squeaky Chew Toy Set

What is better than one plush, durable toy? How about five!

This pack comes with five different animals: squirrel, raccoon, fox, skunk, and penguin, and each is perfect for chewing on and playing with. The high-quality toys are durable and floppy, making them perfect for throwing in a game of fetch, and they will flop and roll in a way that dogs will love. They are also completely machine washable, so you can keep the toys clean and your pet safe.

The internal squeakers will excite your dog as they bite into it, and the crinkle paper will add lots of sound to their play. There is no stuffing inside of the animals, helping them to last longer, and you will not have to worry about a mess if one of the toys is punctured. This also gives a freer movement that your pets will love.

The animals are realistic looking, and that will tap into the natural hunter instinct of your pet. They will love to chase after them, bite them, bounce, shake, toss, and catch. All of the materials used are non-toxic and completely safe while being soft and durable. Perfect toys to keep your dogs entertained for hours.

3. Fluff & Tuff Walter The Wabbit

If you want cuteness overload, more so than your already cute pet, then say hello to Walter The Wabbit. This toy looks like a plush kids toys, but is, in actual fact, a durable chew toy for your excited dog.

Measuring in at 12” in length, this toy is perfect for any size of dog and is crafted from a unique combination of an extra-plush outer layer and a thick and durable Tuffweb mesh liner. The seals are all concealed, making it hard for your dog to bite through them, and each seam is folded over and double-stitched. The non-toxic polyfill gives amazing shape, and will not harm your dog should they bite through and consume any of it.

The eyes are embroidered so that there is no swallowing or choking hazard, while still remaining realistic. Your dog will love to run and chase after this real-looking rabbit and will be able to chew and both it for hours of play. You will love it too, and want to steal it from your dog.

An extra-plush dog toy that will comfort your dog when you are not there, and excite it when it is playtime.

What To Know Before Buying a Dog Toy

Toy Size

What size of dog toy should you use for your dog? You can never go too big when it comes to a durable dog toy. The main concern with a dog toy is ingesting the toy.

As long as the toy is too big for your dog to swallow, then it is safe.

Of course, you do not want the toy to be so big that your dog cannot lift it with their mouth; you want them to be able to chew and gnaw on it.

Toy Shape

Bone shaped toys are always a classic shape to go for, and the thinner middle allows your dog to easily pick it up in their mouth. They are great for dogs who like to chew and gnaw on their toys for a long period of time.

Balls are great for dogs who like to play fetch. Make sure that the ball is big enough that they cannot swallow the ball but small enough to fit in their mouth. Solid balls work best and are harder to destroy.


Toys which hide treats will delight your canine as they play and make them work for their treats. These types of toys are great when you cannot be there to play with your dog.

Toy Safety Tips

While many companies throw around the word, indestructible, there is no such thing as a truly indestructible dog toy. I mean, is there anything that it actually indestructible?

With dog toys, there are some that are more durable than others, and we have tried to focus on the most durable. When thinking about dog toys, a large part of their durability will directly impact their safety.

Here are some tips to ensure that your dog is always safe:

  • When you first purchase your dog toy, do not let them use it alone. Be with them the first few times that they chew on the toy to ensure that it really can hold up, and does not pose any safety risks.
  • After playtime, inspect the toy for any damage. If you can spot damage before it gets bad, you can protect your dog. A few teeth marks on your dog toy is fine, but chunks of rubber coming loose can pose a choking hazard, and torn seals could mean small parts to swallow. Take action if the toy is not holding up.
  • Look for toys that are washable, machine washable for plush toys. A few days with a dog toy are all that your dog needs to get it dirty or to leave slobber all over it. By washing your dog’s toys regularly, you will remove harmful bacteria, protecting your dog, and your home. This is especially important if you are using a dog toy to store hidden treats.
  • While many dog toys are created for tug-of-war games, not all are, and some can become damaged if you try to use them for that. There is also a risk of harming your dog if you are too rough. Many dogs love to pull on toys with their teeth but, if their grip is loose or your pull is too violent, it can lead to dental problems. Be sure to play, but be careful as you do.
  • Multiple dogs can also pose problems. If the dogs are new to you, then you may not know their behaviors. With multiple dogs, there can be possessiveness over toys, and that can lead to fighting. Toys are great for socializing, but it can also be beneficial to have multiple toys for your dogs.

What Breeds Love To Chew The Most?

When it comes to the breeds that chew the most, there are no breeds that really stand out as more violent chewers. There are, however, dogs that are bigger and have stronger jaws, and they are the ones that can do the most damage, though all dogs have that potential.

When comparing dog breeds, and trying to figure out if your dog needs an extreme chew toy or a regular one, it is best to think about your own dog’s needs rather than the breed of dog. If you are ever in doubt, then go for the durable dog toy.

Having said that, there are those breeds that are bigger and stronger, and will generally benefit from having a more durable toy. So, if you have one of the breeds listed below, then an investment in a durable and tough toy is never a waste:

  • Pit bulls
  • Staffordshire, Bull, & Jack Russel terriers
  • Beagles
  • Siberian huskies
  • German & Australian shepherds
  • Shetland sheepdogs
  • Labrador & Golden retrievers

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