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6 Best Indestructible (And Comfy) Dog Beds For Heavy Chewers

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Dogs are a person’s best friend, or so the saying goes. If you have ever owned a dog, then you know that to be true. There is nothing better than coming home to your dog after a long day at work, the tail wagging as you walk in the door. In an ideal world, that would happen every day, and most days it does.

There is only one problem. Dogs can be rascals at times. They are wild creatures, domesticated to live in harmony with people, but wild creatures none the less. You are sure they did not mean to destroy their new toy, dog bed, or your furniture, but somehow, they have.

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Choosing the best dog bed for your wild friend is about choosing the toughest and most comfortable dog bed. You may not be able to protect your furniture but you can protect the place they sleep every night, and that is by choosing a dog bed that is almost indestructible. Doing so is going to save you money in the long run and keep your frustrations at bay.

We went looking for the toughest (and most comfortable) dog beds out there and found some great ones.

Our Top Picks

1. K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed - product image

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

This is a chew-resistant dog bed, percent for diggers, scratchers, and chewers. Anything which has the word ballistic in the title is going to be reliable and durable. The cover is bite-, scratch-, and water-proof, along with being chew resistant. On top of that, the cover is also comfortable and soft.

The ballistic ripstop design means that it is going to hold up to the toughest chewers. No need to worry about that slobber either with the waterproofing. And, the orthopedic design means that your dog is getting one of the most comfortable dog beds out there.

Underneath, you will find non-toxic, shredded certiPUR foam mattress, made in the USA. This material is great for a range of dogs, no matter their size or breed. Your dog will sleep peacefully and wake rested and ready for the day.

When you purchase this dog bed, you also get a 120-day chew-proof warranty. If your dog damages the cover pithing the first 120 days, then K9 Ballistics will replace the cover for your free of charge. There is almost no risk when you invest in this dog bed.

2. K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed – Chew Proof and Indestructible

K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed - indestructible - product image

Available sizes: X-Large

If your dog is a chewer, then this durable dog bed is going to put an end to that. Well, maybe not the chewing, but certainly the damage from chewing. The bed is completely chew-proof, resisting even the sharpest teeth. It is also chew-resistant, with the elevation preventing destructive habits such as chewing, biting, and scratching. The bed will actively prevent your dog from chewing but will hold up when they do.

The ripstop ballistic fabric is as tough as they get. Then, you have the aluminum frame. Your dog is not going to be able to damage this bed but, if it does, this bed comes with a 180-day chew-proof warranty. A long warranty that shows the faith in the product. They will replace the bed for free if it is damaged by chewing or if any of the components are broken.

The comfortable and elevated dog bed is designed to fit into all standard dog crates, minimizing the gaps around it to keep your dog safe and secure, and reduce the opportunity to cause damage.

With many colors to choose from, this dog bed looks great and feels great too. Dogs of all sizes will find comfort with this adaptable and destruction-proof bed.

3. Gorilla Ballistic Orthopedic Dog Bed – Rectangular

Gorilla Ballistic Orthopedic Dog Bed - product image

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

No matter the size of your dog, they are going to find the ultimate comfort with this Gorilla dog bed. The robust and dense fabric is scratch-, chew-, and puncture-resistant, while also preventing mold, mildew, odor, and more.

This is one of the toughest beds on the market, perfect for extra-large dogs, and comes with military-grade velcro closures, a 268lb-pull-strength zipper, and triple-stitch seams.

The American-made mattress is high-quality, with different densities for different breeds and sizes of dogs. The orthopedic beds provide support for the heaviest dogs and feature CoolTek technology to keep the beds cool and your dog from overheating. For older dogs, you can opt for the memory foam mattress to eliminate pressure on joints and improve circulation. Both mattress options come with a won’t-flatten guarantee.

The ballistic-grade bed comes with a water-resistant liner to protect against accidents, and the cover is fully machine washable. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and each bed comes with a 125-day replacement warranty. If your dog chews through the cover, they will send a new one, free of charge.

A comfortable bed that is easy to clean.

4. Big Barker 4″ Crate Pad

Big Barker 4 Crate Pad

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

The Big Barker crate pad is designed to give dogs the most comfortable and supportive sleep. Each pad is made from premium layers of support and comfort foam, including orthopedic foam, offering dogs extra support compared to standard dog beds. As such, it’s the perfect option for dogs with medical, orthopedic, and mobility issues, including dysplasia & arthritis.

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As far as durability goes, this pad is covered with one of the strongest fabrics; Cordura™ “super-weaved” nylon. It’s highly tear- and chew-resistant, making it perfect for those pups and dogs who can’t stop scratching and biting their things! Otherwise, it’s easy to wash and keeps its shape for longer due to the memory foam construction.

Buyers can choose from small, medium, large, XL, and XXL sizes to fit a variety of dog breeds—from miniatures to larger dogs like Great Danes. The Big Barker crate pad is proudly made in the USA and comes with a generous 10-year guarantee.

5. BuddyRest Titan Defender Bolster Dog Bed

BuddyRest Titan Defender Bolster Dog Bed

Available sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

The BuddyRest Titan Defender Bolster dog bed is one of the best options for heavy chewers. Featuring a cover made from 1680 denier rated Titan™ Ballistic Nylon, it’s ultra-durable. Not only that, the bed seams themselves are sewn with Titan™ thread to ensure there’s minimal chance of them breaking apart.

Plush AdaptaLoft™ Cloud Support filling adds support and comfort while they rest. The pad also features a bolstered cushion, which keeps dogs cozy and offers additional padding in which to nest. The Titan Defender Bolster dog bed comes in four sizes, including medium, large, XL, and SuperXL.

Pick from ballistic brown, gunmetal grey, and olive green to suit any indoor or outdoor décor. The Titan Defender Bolster bed cover comes with a 30-day guarantee, which can get claimed if a pet manages to destroy it. It’s easy to clean and is machine washable. The bed itself features a further 10-year warranty and is machine-washable as well as wipeable.

6. Carhartt Durable Canvas Dog Bed

carhartt durable dog bed - product image

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large

For durability, not much can beat hardy duck canvas. Carhartt uses the same fabric for work jackets and is known for being sturdy but gentle on the skin like it was already broken in. Duck canvas is strong enough to hold up to your dog’s teeth while also making for a comfortable bed to lounge on.

If your dog is just returning from a romp in the muddy dog park, you’ll appreciate having a removeable exterior as this bed has. It unzips and can be thrown into the washing machine to remove mud stains, food spills, or “accidents.” You could even use this as an outdoors bed safe in the knowledge it can clean up easily. The inside is firm polyester stuffing which both provides support when your dog lays down and is soft for comfort.

The design keeps the bed compact and practical. A strong YKK zipper tucks away so your dog will not unzip the bed and get at the stuffing. You can choose from several different sizes and colors to find the perfect bed for your particular dog.

What To Know Before Buying a Dog Bed


We are going to talk about two forms of weakness here and what you can do about them. The first is attached to your dog and the second is attached to your dog bed.

When you are looking for an indestructible dog bed, you want one which is chew proof. Dogs have been known to chew through all types of material, so if your dog is a chewer, then you need to get a tough dog bed that can resist this. Of course, you may want to address this chewing at the source. Dogs chew for many reasons; they could be bored, anxious, scared, and stressed. If your dog chews more than normal, then it may be a good idea to consult an expert. Having an indestructible dog bed starts with a happy pet.

When looking for a tough dog bed, you also want to think about weak points. Dogs chew for many reasons, but they also like to dig to sleep. Dogs love to dig holes and lie in them. They do this with their dog beds. You want a dog bed that can hold up to chewing and clawing, and this starts with minimal weak points. Look for dog beds that do not have a lot of seams, zippers, removable parts, etc. Look for materials that are tough and durable and will hold up to being chewed, ripped, clawed, pulled, stretched, and dragged.

Interior Materials

You may think that you can choose a durable outer material and be done with your choice, but the interior fill makes as much difference to the longevity of the product as the outer material does.

Small dogs benefit from a softer support system. If they are not comfortable, they are going to try and dig at the bed until they are. Dense memory foam will only be uncomfortable for them. Small breeds benefit from a loose fill.

With large dogs, a memory foam interior is ideal. The foam will support them, much like it does on our beds, and will take their weight.

If you can find the right interior material to bring comfort to your dog, they are going to be more satisfied and less likely to dig and rip at the fabric.

Outer Cover

Once you have the interior bringing comfort to your dog, it is time to think about what material you want for the outer cover. Depending on your dog breed and behavior, you can get away with certain fabrics.

Canvas and other durable fabrics will hold up to gentle dogs and can be an affordable option, but if your dog is tough, then you want to go tough with the fabric.

Military-grade fabrics will fight the good fight against even the most ferocious chewers. Remember to keep in mind the accidents that your dog will also have from time to time. A fabric that is easy to clean will save you from a lot of headaches later on.


Seams are a weak point on a dog bed as are fasteners. You may not be able to avoid choosing a dog bed with a removable cover, and they are easier to clean than ones that do not have a removable cover. When choosing your dog bed, think about the weak points and what you can do about them. If your dog leaves its bed in one place and the zipper is on the bottom, then you may not have a problem with them chewing around it. Look for concealed closures that your dog cannot get into.


Dogs love to chew on what they can grab onto. If your dog bed has corners which taper to a point, then that is going to be an easy place for your dog to grab hold of and repeatedly chew on. Try to find dog beds that have rounded corners. This stops your dog from chewing on the bed and also stops them from dragging the bed around, as they do not have anything to hold onto.


The price is always a factor when you are choosing durability. The toughest dog beds cost a little more than regular dog beds, but they also last a lot longer. When we set out to find the most rugged dog beds on the market, we set out to find affordability too.

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