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5 Best Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables

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Have you ever turned the key in your car ignition (or pressed one of those fancy new fobs), only for the car engine to turn over a couple of times and die? Do you remember the feeling at the exact moment you knew your car battery was dead? Did you leave a light on? Have you left it too long to replace your battery? Was there anything else you could have done?

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It does not matter how the battery died; all that matters now is getting some juice into it so that it can charge or last long enough to transport you where you need to go. It is time to reach for your indispensable jumper cables, a staple of every vehicle.

It does not matter if you have a pair of jumper cables or not, now is the time to think about a pair of robust and reliable jumpers. When it comes to getting your vehicle up and running, your jumper cables are often an overlooked, yet essential piece of kit.

We have scoured the internet in search of the most durable and heavy-duty jumper cables, the jumper cable which is going to be with you for life. Here is what we found.


Before we look at the actual cables, let’s look at what you need to know before you buy them. One of the main considerations is the length of the cable. This may sound obvious, but it would surprise you how often people are left short with cables which are just not long enough.

You need the cables to be able to reach from your battery to the battery of another car. Now, if the other car is parked directly facing yours, then there will be no problem with almost any set of jumper cables. But, as with life, nothing is ever as smooth and easy as that. You never plan to lose battery power so there is a chance that you may need a longer cable. Our tip is that longer is better.

Charging automobile discharged battery by booster jumper cables at winter

Most standard jumper cables are 10 feet (3 meters) long. This will get from one car to another if they are close but will not be ideal in many situations. The longer you go, the more you will likely have to pay. We say that you can never go too long. The longer your cables, the more likely you are to be able to join two cars in any situation.

Thickness & Material

You have probably never thought about the thickness of your jumper cables, have you? The sad truth is that there are many cheap jumper cables on the market which may seem like a good deal, but the thinness of the cables can let you down. Thin jumper cables are only good for a jump start or two before the metal inside overheats and begins to break. The sad part about this is that you may not know that the cables are broken until you come to try and jump-start your car. That is the worst possible scenario to be in.

When we looked for heavy-duty jumper cables, we definitely chose ones which are going to hold up over time. Thick jumper cables will allow a high-level of energy to be conducted through them. Cheap and thin wires will not hold up; thick and durable wires will.Look for industrial-grade wires when you are selecting your jumper cables.

  • Copper cable is the best option and will conduct the energy the best.
  • Copper-plated aluminum is also a safe choice. With vehicle batteries getting stronger and more powerful, cheap jump cables cannot keep up.

You will also find that thick cables come with larger alligator clips. The benefit to this is that they can deal with large connectors as well as small connectors. If you have small alligator clips and are trying to attach them to a large battery, they may keep slipping off. With large clips, you can connect to almost anything. A good connection will also ensure that you have, well, a good connection. The better the energy can flow, the better it is for your jump start.


The best jumper cables are the ones which are going to last. Your cable should be thick, but it should also be protected. Materials such as PVC will not only insulate the wire, but they will also protect them. High-quality PVC is resistant to chemicals and oil, a handy thing to have when the cables are going to be resting on a car engine.

jumper cables isolated on a gray background

A good material will also remain flexible, especially in cold weather.

This means that the wire will not tangle easily, a nuisance when you are trying to get your car running again, and will be easy to uncoil when you need it.


You get what you pay for. We are looking for the most heavy-duty jumper cables on the market. With great durability comes great cost. Well, not necessarily great cost but you should expect to pay a little more to get a set of high-quality jumper cables.

A cheap set may last you forever if you do not happen to use them at all, or only one time, but we are after the set which will last you forever should you need to use them over and over.

We do not want to take the chance of not being able to jump-start your battery when it dies or not being able to help someone else when they are in need of a jump start.


Our Top Picks

Here are some of the best jump cables which we found.

EPAuto 6-Gauge Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables

These cables are long enough to fit most of your jump start needs. We hope that you are never in a position where you need to use these cables, but if you are, then you can use them under a variety of circumstances. You have a generous 16ft of cable. This means that you do not need to have another vehicle directly beside you or nose to nose. The cable is long enough to stretch from one vehicle to another should you not be able to get too close.

The cable itself is a heavy-duty 6-gauge cable. This is a cable which is built to last. The cable has also been designed to have no tangles. When you need to use it, simply uncoil the cable, and you are good to go. It does not matter if the conditions are hot or cold; this cable will uncurl just the same.

The alligator clips on the end are big enough to deal with the large connectors on some of the more heavy-duty batteries while still having enough capability to clamp onto smaller batteries. The ends are copper plated to ensure that you get the best connection every time.

Included in your purchase is a handy travel bag so that the cables are always protected and a pair of safety work gloves so that you are always protected too — a great set of jumper cables which are sturdy, durable, and safe.

Energizer 1-Gauge Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables

You have 25ft of cable to work with here. We believe that the longer your cable, the better it is. This set gives you a lot more cable than many other sets on the market. You do not need to worry about where the other vehicle is when you are getting a jump start or helping someone else. The cable set is also good for almost any vehicle, from small and compact cars to large vans or SUVs.

There is a thick vinyl coating covering the cables which helps to protect the cables from rust and corrosion. The same vinyl coating also covers the handles, protecting them too. The bonus of having the coating on the handles is that they are really easy to grip. The handles are strong, rugged, and durable, with a strong spring for easy and secure positioning. The clamps fit not the top or side posts of most batteries.

A travel bag helps to protect these tangle-free cables, protecting them when they are not in use. You can easily store and transport them when you want to.

You will especially like that the aluminum cables are covered in copper to give you a flexible product which will still work even when the temperature drops down to -40 Celsius, and we all know that that is the time when batteries most fail.

Cartman 2-Gauge Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables

On the inside, you will find copper-coated aluminum which will give you superior performance and get your vehicle up and running in no time. The 2-gauge wire also has two times more conduction than a 4-gauge wire, making it perfect for larger vehicles with bigger batteries.

You get 20ft of cable with this purchase, enough to cover you in most dead-battery situations. You also get a handy carry bag to store the cable in. This protects it and stops it from becoming tangled when in storage.

The patented design of the clips features an inside tongue which gives you a superior connection when you are joining two batteries together. You get a double connection which ensures that you get your vehicle up and running quicker.

You will also be happy to know that you can use your cable in temperatures as low as -25 Celsius.

Katzco 1-Gauge Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables

You get 25ft of jumper cables with this set. You will also appreciate the plastic storage case which you can use for storing and transporting the cables. When you do have them in storage, they are more protected than most cables on the market, and all at a reasonable and affordable price.

The 1-gauge cables are great for the biggest vehicles (while still being useful for smaller vehicles too). You could use the cables for your vehicle, industrial equipment, or generator. The cables are durable and heavy-duty.

The materials used to craft this set are high-quality and will last you for a long time. The jumper cables are tangle-free and offer a lot of protection. The material covering the wires is resistant to abrasions, petroleum, water, dirt, and grime. When you are using these cables, and you will use them a lot, you are not going to damage than with chemicals and dirt.

The durable clamps are designed to attach securely to the top and side of most mount post, giving you options and flexibility.

This is a grant set if you need a jumper cable set which can be used in a variety of situations. They will last you forever and are well worth the cost.

Cartman 1-Gauge Heavy-Duty Booster Cables

With 1-gauge cables, you can jump-start the largest batteries. This is an ideal set for larger vehicles, such as pickup trucks and freight haulers. The thickness of the cable will allow you to conduct power at twice the level of 2-gauge wire. The copper-coated aluminum is also high-quality and will last. It will not burn out after a couple of uses, will work at -25 Celsius, and will remain flexible and durable through it all.

The clamps are copper-coated to give you superior connection and ensure that you get the jump start on the first try. They will allow you to connect to the top or the side of the mounting post.

The set comes with a handy carry bag so that you can carry the set with you wherever you go, and a set of safety gloves so that you can protect yourself when you are jump-starting a vehicle.


If you’re not sure how to jump start your car, watch the video below to learn how to do it properly.

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