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5 Best Heavy-Duty Jack Stands For Your Car Or SUV

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If you want to do some work on your car, then you need a jack stand, it is as simple as that. Now, the question is, would you rather have a regular jack stand or a heavy-duty jack stand? The answer is simple and clear. If you are getting under your vehicle, you want to know that whatever is holding your vehicle is going to hold your vehicle. A durable and robust jack stand is going to hold more weight and be more secure than the cheap option, every time.

We set out to find the strongest and toughest jack stands out there. When we are working on our vehicles, we want to feel as secure as we can. We do not mind paying a little extra to get a little more security and, let’s face it, save ourselves from serious injury. This was not a task which we took lightly.

We set out to find some defined criteria before we even thought about picking out favorites. Join us as we take you through our criteria used before choosing the best jack stand for you and your vehicle.


Choosing the best and most robust jack stand comes down to many factors and the material used plays a large part in this. If you want a strong and durable jack stand, then it needs to be made from a strong and durable material. There are two main options when it comes to your jack stand: aluminum and steel.

Aluminum benefits from being light and durable. Being light makes it better if you need to move the jack stand a lot from in and out of storage or between locations. The material is strong and durable but will not hold up as well as steel so should not be used for extremely heavy lifting.

Steel is one of the top choices when it comes to car jacks. It may not be as light as aluminum, but it is a lot stronger. If you are looking to support heavy vehicles, the steel is the way to go. Just like aluminum, steel is robust and durable. The downside to this material when compared to aluminum, other than being heavier, is that it is usually more expensive but, if you have a heavy vehicle, then steel is what you need.

Aluminium vs. steel jack stand compared (by “The Switz”).


It should go without saying that your jack stand should be able to support your vehicle. We talked about the material, but even if you do choose a steel jack stand, that does not mean that it will be able to hold whatever you put on it. The only way to know that the stand is safe is to check its weight capacity. You should never put weight on your jack stand above the maximum capacity. We also recommend not pushing the limit and going near the maximum load, just in case.

Locking Mechanism

When you use a jack stand, you will have to lock it in place at a certain height. This stops the jack stand from lowering when you are working on your vehicle. There are three main types of lock: pin, ratchet, and screw.

A pin lock, as the name may suggest, uses a pin to lock the jack stand in place. A pin, usually crafted from steel or iron, slots through a hole which connects the two parts of the stand. There are a variety of holes so that you can move the stand up and down and then pin it in place. This is the most popular type of locking system which you will find in a jack stand and is one of the most secure. It lasts a long time, is heavy-duty, and extremely durable. The only downside to this type of locking system is that it can be difficult to use. Not impossible to use, just a little more difficult than your other options.

A ratchet system is easy to use and extremely user-friendly. A ratchet system is used to move the jack stand up and down and then lock it into place. They are great for smaller vehicles but may not be the safest for large and heavy vehicles. They are not commonly used in professional settings.

Screw locking systems are your third and final option. They are not as common as the other two options but can still be found. Once the jack is at the correct height, you screw in the screw to lock it in place. It takes a little longer to put the jack in position but is extremely secure once you have it locked in place. It is a time-consuming method but gives you a lot of accuracy.


If you are going to lift your vehicle off of the ground, then you should be able to lift it high enough to do work on it. The height you need will depend on the size of your vehicle and the amount of clearance underneath. You should also be aware of the base width. The higher the jack can go, the larger the base width should be. You should also note that the higher a jack goes, the less stable your vehicle will be at maximum height.


Safety should be your number one concern when investing in a durable jack stand. Working with a vehicle which is off of the ground can be dangerous. We already mentioned the base width of the jack stand when compared to the height, and the method of locking the stand in place. Other than this, you should also be looking at the grip of the jack stand on the surface below it. The stand should have some form of anti-slip material on the base to hold it in place. It should also have safety features to hold the vehicle, such as angular dents so that the car does not shift.

Learn how to properly use a jack stand (by Engineering Explained).


You get what you pay for. We have tried to find the most secure and safe jack stands while keeping durability and reliability in mind. While doing this, we have also focused on affordability. The jack stands on our list may cost a little more than the average stand, but they will save you money in the long run by lasting longer. They may also save you from serious injury.

Our Top Picks

Omega 32225B Heavy-Duty Jack Stand

These stands have a 22-ton capacity. That is a lot of weight. The sturdy welded steel construction has something to do with this. If you want to support a lot of weight, then you are going to want to opt for steel. The heavy-gauge steel also prevents the frame from twisting under the weight of whatever is on top.

When you have the jack stands under your vehicle, you can raise the jacks to between 13.3” and 19.6”. When you have them in place, they lock with a pin-locking mechanism. The pins are also heavy-duty and solid, and you will hold your vehicle in place without you worrying about the pins falling out or breaking.

The large saddles on top are angled to provide a lot of support and security for the vehicle when it is on top and will cradle the parts on contact.

This is a jack stand which will hold almost any vehicle and hold it securely.

Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

You get a pair of jack stands with this purchase, and they can hold up to 12 tons. They have a wide angled base to provide security when they are extended to the maximum height and feature a solid look which presents you with security before you even begin to use them.

These jack stands are constructed from high-grade forged steel and are welded together for extra durability. On the top of each stand, you will find a large saddle area which brings a lot of stability to the vehicle sitting on it. The saddles are also angled to prevent your vehicle from slipping.

The jack stands use a ratchet system to elevate themselves and hold themselves in place. When you are raising them, you can move the elevation from between 18.3” and 25.1”. That gives you a lot of flexibility and will lift your vehicle higher than many other jack stands on the market.

We like the security of these jack stands. They will lift almost any of your vehicles and hold them securely.

OTC 1780 Jack Stand

These jack stands are solid and sturdy. They are made from welded steel for durability and solidity. The bases are also wide to provide security when your vehicle is elevated. The flat bases also prevent the jacks from sinking when you have them on loose ground.

The pin locking system allows you to lock the jack stands in three-inch increments. On the top, you will find a generous saddle which is angled to give security to the vehicle which is sitting on it. You will also like the handles on the side of each stand which makes them easy to move and carry around.

These jack stands meet all US standards for lifting equipment, so you know that they have been rigorously tested for safety. They can support up to 2 tons of weight and not fail on you.

These are great jack stands for whatever vehicle you may have at home.

Pro-LifT T-6906D Double-Pin Jack Stands

The sturdy stamped steel brings a lot of strength to these jack stands, allowing you to lift up to six tons. The quality does not stop there. With a ratchet-locking system, the ratchet is usually the weak part of the entire system. This ratchet is constructed from high-quality ductile iron. The result is a jack stand which is almost unbreakable.

The double-lock system adds extra security to the ratchet system. The stand locks into place with the ratchet, and then the ratchet locks into place with an additional safety pin. This gives you two layers of security in case anything should happen. It is the little touches which make buying quality worthwhile and saves us from any possible injuries.

The ratchet system allows you to adjust the height of the jack stands easily and smoothly, cranking the saddles upwards to connect with the vehicle. The saddles on the top have a lot of space and are angled for extra security.

The stands meet or exceed all ANSI/PALD standards, so you know that they are going to be safe for home and professional use — a solid set of jack stands.

Powerbuilt 620471 Bottle Jack & Jack Stand

There are times when you want a jack stand and times when you want a bottle jack. With this all-in-one jack from Powerbuilt, you can have it all. Bottle jacks are great when you do not have a lot of clearance and will lift a lot of weight, usually holding more than a jack stand would. You really do get the best of both worlds with this jack.

This heavy-duty jack stand and bottle jack will lift regular and unibody cars and trucks. No more will you need to use two pieces of equipment when one will suffice. You will love the affordability and functionality which you get with this product, along with how light and small it is.

There is a wide steel base for lots of security when there is a heavy load on top, and the saddle is angled for extra stability. You also have the option of various height to raise the jack to. You can raise it to between 11” and 21”. When you have it raised, it locks in place with a pin, and there is a separate safety lock to add a second level of protection and safety.

A great and durable jack for almost any vehicle.

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