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5 Best Heavy-Duty Jack Stands For Your Car, SUV, or Truck

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If you want to do some work on your car, then you need a jack stand, it is as simple as that. Now, the question is, would you rather have a regular jack stand or a heavy-duty jack stand? The answer is simple and clear. If you are getting under your vehicle, you want to know that whatever is holding your vehicle is going to hold your vehicle. A durable and robust jack stand is going to hold more weight and be more secure than the cheap option, every time.

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We set out to find the strongest and toughest jack stands out there. When we are working on our vehicles, we want to feel as secure as we can. We do not mind paying a little extra to get a little more security and, let’s face it, save ourselves from serious injury. This was not a task that we took lightly.

Our Top Picks

The Best 2, 3- and 6-Ton Heavy-Duty Jack Stand

Pro-Lift T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stand

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$54.25 $89.99

This is a perfect jack stand for small-to-medium vehicles, lifting up to 6 tons. It can hoist your vehicle anywhere from 16” to just under 2 ft. above the ground, providing more than enough clearance to work underneath.

The Pro-Lift T-6906D jack is made with heavy-duty steel so you can feel confident trusting your vehicle to the jack. The lifting bar is of the same steel, and is cranked upwards with a ratchet designed for a smooth lift. This means more control over the high of the jack (and your vehicle) and security since the lifting bar will not suddenly drop.

For safety, there are two separate locks on the jack to hold it in place, so that should one fail the other will prevent your vehicle from crashing to the ground. The jack also meets or exceeds all standard safety requirements. If you want quality and sturdiness that you can see and feel in your jack, look no further than this jack stand from Pro-Lift.

The Best 10-Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

Sunex 1410 Tall Jack Stands (Standard, Medium & High)

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$295.99 $372.75

If you are looking for a durable and heavy-duty vehicle jack stand, then this 10-ton beast is for you. This is a great jack stand for all of your vehicles, from your commuting car to your work trucks, trailers, and other equipment. A handy item to have in your garage, and also a key tool for construction sites, agriculture, and industrial environments.

There are three 10-ton jack stands to choose from. The standard size has a low height of 11” and a high height of 17.3”. The medium stand can move between 18.9” and 29.9”. Finally, the high stand goes from 28.1” to a whopping 46.5”. As long as your vehicle is within the weight range, you can find a jack stand to elevate it as high as you need to.

Each stand has a four-leg steel base, providing security and stability for your large vehicle, and the heavy pipe adds more strength and durability. A large saddle keeps the vehicle in place once it is elevated, and you can quickly and easily adjust the height as you are working. The v-shaped saddle also makes it easier to cradle axles or the underside of trucks.

If you want something that will handle large vehicles and equipment, the Sunex 1410 Jack Stand stand is for you.

The Best 12-Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

Big Red Torin Steel Jack Stands

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$138.59 $152.99

You get a pair of jack stands with this purchase, and they can hold up to 12 tons. They have a wide-angled base to provide security when they are extended to the maximum height and feature a solid look which presents you with security before you even begin to use them.

The Big Red Torin Steel jack stands are constructed from high-grade forged steel and are welded together for extra durability. On top of each stand, you will find a large saddle area that brings a lot of stability to the vehicle sitting on it. The saddles are also angled to prevent your vehicle from slipping.

The jack stands use a ratchet system to elevate themselves and hold themselves in place. When you are raising them, you can move the elevation from between 18.3” and 25.1”. That gives you a lot of flexibility and will lift your vehicle higher than many other jack stands on the market.

We like the security of these jack stands. They will lift almost any of your vehicles and hold them securely.

The Best 20-Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

AFF 6522 Heavy-Duty Jack Stand

If you want a heavy-duty jack stand that can hold up to 20 tones, then this stand is one of the best options out there. With a solid 10” x 10” base, you can hoist up your cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and industrial fleets. Use this stand with all of your equipment, and have maintenance and repairs completed in no time.

The pin is a critical safety system that holds the secure load, and you can adjust the pin to create 7 height positions, from 12” to 20”. There are also extra-large saddles to hold the largest vehicles and equipment. The 3” x 5” support saddle has ample room to secure the axles and undercarriages of most vehicles, giving you more options for elevation. This tough saddle gives durability and longevity.

The AFF 6522 Heavy-Duty Jack Stand meets ANSI and PALD standards and is perfect for automotive fleets, construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, and professional workplaces. The perfect jack for quantity, both in the number of vehicles it can lift and the amount of weight.

The Best 22-Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

OTC 1780 Stinger Super Heavy-Duty Jack Stands

These jack stands are solid and sturdy. They are made from welded steel for durability and solidity. The bases are also wide to provide security when your vehicle is elevated. The flat bases also prevent the jacks from sinking when you have them on loose ground.

The pin locking system allows you to lock the jack stands in three-inch increments. On the top, you will find a generous saddle that is angled to give security to the vehicle which is sitting on it. You will also like the handles on the side of each stand which makes them easy to move and carry around.

The OTC 1780 Stinger stands meet all US standards for lifting equipment, so you know that they have been rigorously tested for safety. They can support up to 2 tons of weight and not fail on you.

These are great jack stands for whatever vehicle you may have at home.

What To Know Before Buying a Jack Stand


Choosing the best and most robust jack stand comes down to many factors and the material used plays a large part in this. If you want a strong and durable jack stand, then it needs to be made from a strong and durable material. There are two main options when it comes to your jack stand: aluminum and steel.

Aluminum benefits from being light and durable. Being light makes it better if you need to move the jack stand a lot from in and out of storage or between locations. The material is strong and durable but will not hold up as well as steel so should not be used for extremely heavy lifting.

Steel is one of the top choices when it comes to car jacks. It may not be as light as aluminum, but it is a lot stronger. If you are looking to support heavy vehicles, the steel is the way to go. Just like aluminum, steel is robust and durable. The downside to this material when compared to aluminum, other than being heavier, is that it is usually more expensive but, if you have a heavy vehicle, then steel is what you need.

A comparison of aluminium and steel jack stands.

Load Ratings

When you see the weight rating for a jack stand, it refers to a pair of jack stands. The ASME PASE-2014 regulation states that jack stands must be rated in pairs. The maximum load of a pair of jacks must also not exceed the rated capacity of an individual stand. For example, you could not use a 5-ton and a 10-ton stand to elevate a 7-ton vehicle.

Each stand in a pair must also be able to pass a proof load test of double the load for ten minutes.

So, a jack stand rated for 5 tonnes must be able to hold 10 tonnes for 10 minutes. There must be no more than a 0.125” reduction in the height of the jack stand after the load is removed. The jack stands are tested both individually and as a pair.

Always ensure that you know the weight of your vehicle before you purchase jack stands so that you can be sure you are not presenting any danger to yourself or anyone who is working with the stands. You can usually find this information in your owner manual.

Because the weight of your vehicle is not always evenly distributed, and the weight in the manual will refer to the curb weight, you always want to round up to be safe. A few extra dollars could be the difference between safety and injury.

How strong are jack stands?

Locking Mechanism

When you use a jack stand, you will have to lock it in place at a certain height. This stops the jack stand from lowering when you are working on your vehicle. There are three main types of lock: pin, ratchet, and screw.

A pin lock, as the name may suggest, uses a pin to lock the jack stand in place. A pin, usually crafted from steel or iron, slots through a hole which connects the two parts of the stand. There are a variety of holes so that you can move the stand up and down and then pin it in place. This is the most popular type of locking system which you will find in a jack stand and is one of the most secure. It lasts a long time, is heavy-duty, and extremely durable. The only downside to this type of locking system is that it can be difficult to use. Not impossible to use, just a little more difficult than your other options.

A ratchet system is easy to use and extremely user-friendly. A ratchet system is used to move the jack stand up and down and then lock it into place. They are great for smaller vehicles but may not be the safest for large and heavy vehicles. They are not commonly used in professional settings.

Screw locking systems are your third and final option. They are not as common as the other two options but can still be found. Once the jack is at the correct height, you screw in the screw to lock it in place. It takes a little longer to put the jack in position but is extremely secure once you have it locked in place. It is a time-consuming method but gives you a lot of accuracy.


If you own a car, the height is not much of an issue but will become one when you have an SUV, truck, or other large vehicles. You want to pay attention to the height range of the jack when you have larger vehicles.

Look for jack stands that can be adjusted so you can find the perfect height, but be careful not to choose jack stands that are too high. If you have something like a sports car, the chassis is low, and you want jack stands to match.

Make sure that the jack stands can fit underneath your vehicle.


Safety should be your number one concern when investing in a durable jack stand. Working with a vehicle which is off of the ground can be dangerous. We already mentioned the base width of the jack stand when compared to the height, and the method of locking the stand in place. Other than this, you should also be looking at the grip of the jack stand on the surface below it. The stand should have some form of anti-slip material on the base to hold it in place. It should also have safety features to hold the vehicle, such as angular dents so that the car does not shift.

Learn how to correctly use a jack stand.


You get what you pay for. We have tried to find the most secure and safe jack stands while keeping durability and reliability in mind. While doing this, we have also focused on affordability. The jack stands on our list may cost a little more than the average stand, but they will save you money in the long run by lasting longer. They may also save you from serious injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable are jack stands?

When it comes to jack stands, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, make sure that the jack stand is sturdy and able to support your vehicle. Secondly, make sure that the base of the jack stand is flat and level. Finally, be sure to check the torque specs of the jack stand before using it.

What size jack do I need to lift my truck?

There are a few factors that you need to take into account when choosing the right jack for your truck. The size of the jack and the weight of your truck will both affect which jack stand is best for you.

Generally, a 2-inch-diameter jack will be sufficient to lift trucks up to 10,000 pounds, while a 3-inch-diameter jack can handle trucks up to 12,000 pounds. However, if your truck weighs more than 12,000 pounds or is unusually heavy, you may need a stronger or larger jack.

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