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17 Ethical And Affordable Clothing Brands

When you think about ethical clothing, how far back does your memory go?

In this world of ours, ethical clothing is a relatively new term. It was not that long ago that the expression did not exist, even though ethical clothing did.

The common misconception about ethical clothing is that it costs a lot more than regular clothing. While that used to be exclusively the case, it is not true anymore.

In the past, you would have struggled to find ethical clothing and affordability, but the world around us is changing.

There has never been a better time for ethical clothing than today. The demand for fair trade, organic, sustainable, and ethical clothing is now more in demand than ever before as consumers are becoming savvier about where their clothing is coming from and how it is made.

With more demand comes more supply, and brands and companies everywhere are creating eco clothing to satisfy that demand. Consumers are becoming more conscious, and manufacturers and responding to that.

When it comes to purchasing clothing, you can now invest your money into ethically sourced clothing that will help those who create it instead of exploiting them. Of course, you will still find fashionable clothing without breaking the bank.

What Is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion encompasses everything about a piece of clothing. From the sourcing of the material, to the production process, to the treatment of those involved, ethical fashion means that everything is, well, ethical.

The brands that are heavily invested in ethical fashion are the ones who respect everyone involved or impacted by the production of a garment.

But what does this mean?

  • When materials are sourced, they are sourced ethically and with the environment in mind.
  • Fair prices are paid for materials, and individuals are paid fairly for their skills.
  • The people involved in each stage of the process are treated fairly, work in safe environments, and are not just another cog in the machine to be exploited.

The ethical part also extends beyond the people. If animal products are being used, then how are the animals treated? How is the environment being treated?

At every stage of the process, every effort is made to be completely ethical.

What Do We Mean By Affordable?

Manufacturing has been streamlined, and that has often meant cheaper prices at the expense of other things (mainly fair pay, the environment, and natural materials). It can be costly to change processes, often leading to people thinking that eco-clothing is more expensive.

Actually, the opposite can be true.

By embracing a “less is more” attitude, costs can naturally be cut when creating ethical clothing. As with any clothing line, there are expensive items. The same is true with ethical clothing, but there is affordability out there, too.

For the purpose of this article, we looked for clothing that was ethical and affordable. We focused on the brands that offer affordable clothing that is high-quality, ethical, long-lasting, and fashionable.

Yes, you can get high fashion for under $100.

If you are still struggling with the prices, then at least you know the brands. The next time you are in a thrift store, you know which brands to seek out, and you can get yourself a real ethical deal.

If you are on the fence about it, just remember that the eco-clothing that you buy will help a lot of people. You can find cheaper clothing, but at what price?

Price Does Not Equal Quality Or Sustainability

Now, we are all about affordability and durability, but we are also big believers in getting what you pay for. If you want high-quality clothing, then you need to pay a little more. High-quality clothing generally costs a little more than regular, and that is down to the quality of the materials and craftsmanship.

However, paying more does not always guarantee quality.

Expensive clothing brands can often charge a lot for their name only.

While paying a pittance will get you clothes that fall apart quickly, paying more will not guarantee the opposite. There is a balance to be sought.

By investigating the brands creating the clothes, you can find the clothing that will last and is ethically sourced. You do not need to pay a lot, but you should be willing to pay for quality and durability.

Our 17 Favorite Ethical Fashion Brands

Okay, we have gone into what you should be looking for and why, but you are really here for the brands. We have done our homework so that you do not have to. Here are our favorite ethical and sustainable brands.

1. Everlane

Styles: Women’s & Men’s

The internet is responsible for a lot of things, and that includes Everlane’s fame. At the launch, they gained almost immediate fame, and only continued to grow from there. They are a young company, but one that has already achieved a lot.

Their clothes are luxurious and stylish, have an exceptional fit, and are extremely ethical. They strike a welcome balance and leave you feeling elegant and ethical at the same time.

The clothes are ethically sourced, and the pieces even arrive in recycled packaging. If you want more information, the clothing lines can be traced all the way back through the supply chain.

2. Alternative Apparel

Styles: Women’s, Men’s, & Kids

Alternative Apparel is all about organic cottons and recycled materials. Strict ethical standards have been implemented by the company on anyone that they deal with, and this makes the clothing as ethical as it comes. Add in sustainable packaging and low-impact dyes, and you have a super-eco brand.

You will love the vintage and aged look of the pieces in this clothing line. Everything is stylish and timeless.

3. Pact

Styles: Women’s, Men’s, Kids, & Babies

All of the cotton pieces from Pact have been certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and that tells you everything that you need to know about it. The manufacturing process follows organic guidelines, the company is Fair Trade Certified™, and workers have great working conditions and appropriate wages.

The clothing itself is soft and comfortable enough to be worn every day. This organic brand will become a staple in your day-to-day living.

4. Matt & Nat

Styles: Women’s & Men’s

Matt & Nat is short for Material & Nature, and that is what they look at when they are creating their clothing. They do not use any materials that could negatively impact animals, such as leather or wool, and they continue to explore innovative ways to use fabrics.

This brand showcases sustainable, eco-friendly, and fashionable clothing.


Styles: Women’s & Men’s

Kotn is all about, as the name implies, cotton, but not just any old cotton. With 100% Egyptian cotton, the clothes are soft, comfortable, and durable. When you also find out that the cotton is 100% eco-friendly, you feel a little warm inside.

The commitment to ethics and responsibility has helped to grow the brand while keeping the costs low. The quality is high, the prices low, and the look is amazing.

6. Old Navy

Styles: Women’s, Men’s, Kids, Toddlers, & Babies

You do not usually associate ethical clothing with the larger brands, but Old Navy are one of the exceptions. They have grown over the years and created more premium clothing, but that has not stopped them from remaining ethical.

With enormous collections for all of the family, you can outfit everyone with ethical clothing, all at a low price. Old Navy have been sustainable and eco-friendly for a long time, and they have continued to improve quality and durability.

Find a whole new wardrobe for everyone, all in one place.

7. Able

Styles: Women’s

The great thing about Able is that they have built themselves up to suit every budget. There are price-conscious garments for those on a budget, and more expensive fashion items for those who want to splash out.

With garments as low as $30, and moving all the way up to $150, there is something for everyone. The focus has been on simplicity and sustainability while creating timeless pieces of clothing that have incredible details and eye-catching designs.

8. Tentree

Styles: Women’s & Men’s

Earth-first has always been the motto of Tentree. Not only are they conscious about the planet and ethically sourcing their clothing, but they choose to celebrate it too. With their ‘Buy one, plant one’ program, they plant a tree for each item purchased, planting over 35 million trees worldwide so far.

The clothes are fashionable and stylish, and each time you wear your item, you can think about the tree that is growing because of you.

9. thredUP

Styles: Women’s, Men’s, & Kids

If you want to save some money, then thrifting is a great option. You can find some deals in thrift stores if you know what you are looking for (and you will by the end of this article), but it can be time-consuming, and you need to get lucky. Online thrift stores are helping with that, especially curated ones.

thredUP is a curated thrift store, picking out the best clothing to sell online. Everything is sold here, and all of the high-end brands are represented. Check them out, after arming yourself with the necessary information, and get yourself an ethical bargain.

10. Reformation

Styles: Women’s

This brand from California is all about timeless fashions and design. There are fads that come and go, but Reformation create clothing that does not pander to those fads and is, instead, about longevity and style. The designs are always on-trend but are also built to last (in more ways than one).

These timeless designs also come ethically. The company has always demonstrated excellent commitment to eco-clothing and sustainable practices. The materials are sustainable and recycled, both in the clothes themselves and the packaging.

They have an extensive range for all sizes and shapes, focusing on all women and not just the 95%.

11. Thought Clothing

Styles: Women’s & Men’s

If you like organic materials like cotton, bamboo, and hemp, then Thought Clothing might just be your new favorite brand. The clothing feels amazing, and it looks amazing too. Thought have some fabulous pieces with lots of style and color.

The eclectic mix brings you clothes for the office, a night out, or relaxing in front of your favorite streaming service with a glass of wine.

12. People Tree

Styles: Women’s

People Tree from the UK are pioneers of the Fair Trade movement. They have been creating ethical clothing for years, and continue to refine their methods to bring you the very best. They create beauty that lasts, and there are many people who purchased from them years ago that are still wearing the same clothes today.

The clothing is durable, stylish, and timeless.

13. Outdoor Voices

Styles: Women’s & Men’s

An eco-brand that specializes in activewear.

If you are active, you know that clothing can wear quickly, so you want something that will last, or you do not want to pay a lot for the clothing. Outdoor Voices covers you with both. They are all about getting people outside and active without breaking the bank.

The brand is always on the lookout for more sustainable fabrics, like merino wool and recycled materials, and have a focus on clothing that lasts. The pieces are durable and affordable.

14. Outerknown

Styles: Women’s & Men’s

Outerknown has a real focus on durability. They have a large range of denim apparel that is not only eco-friendly but affordable too. They are a forward-thinking brand that have been constantly recognized for their efforts in design, production, and marketing of their clothing.

One thing that Outerknown has been focused on is ensuring that the clothes are only sold by retailers that share the same values as they do. If you find their clothing at a retailer, you know that the retailer is all about ethical clothing.

15. Threads 4 Thought

Styles: Women’s & Men’s

This brand goes out of its way to ensure that the factories creating the clothing are creating the best possible working conditions for the workers. They also promote sustainability in the factories that they work with and have partnered with the International Rescue Committee.

The clothes sold by Threads 4 Thought help to create a more sustainable environment and strengthen communities from all around the world.

16. Tradlands

Styles: Women’s

Tradlands are all about creating clothing that can be worn for years while being worn every day. The pieces are timeless, never going out of fashion, while also being durable and tough.

The brand focuses a lot on ethical working practices and promotes a fair and livable wage for all of those involved in the clothing. They care for the environment and the people who live there.

17. EcoVibe Apparel

Styles: Women’s & Men’s

EcoVibe set out with a mission. The clothing industry is responsible for a lot of the world’s pollution, and they wanted to create a brand that would change the way people think about clothing.

That has only been successful. By using sustainable fabrics and ethical practices, they are changing the way that clothing is produced. The look is bohemian and elegant, and the prices are affordable.

Wrapping Up

More and more people are making the switch to ethical clothing, and you can too.

Gone are the days when sustainability and Fair Trade meant going to a specialist store and spending a lot of money. There has never been more choice or affordability.

By choosing the clothing we wear with ethics in mind, we can find clothes that do not pollute the environment or take advantage of people.

Ethical clothing is responsible and affordable and helps people, communities, and the environment.

Look for ethical brands and invest in clothing that will make an impact.

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