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5 Most Durable & High-Quality Earbuds

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One of the staples in life is the inclusion of music. We are creatures of vision, and we are creatures of sound. Music has been a part of our culture for hundreds of years as has storytelling. Podcasts are the new Netflix. Countless discussions have been had around the water-cooler about the latest and greatest podcast. To take in all of the sounds of our world, you need a great pair of earbuds.

If you have ever flown with a commercial airline, then you know just how bad earbuds can be. We are sure that you have a junk drawer somewhere with a pair of earbuds which came complimentary with your flight (some even charge now). What you need is a pair of high-quality and durable earbuds to replace all of the disposable ones you go through year after year.

Not only are durable earbuds better for the environment (and your junk drawer) but they are better for you. They are more comfortable, give better sound, and last longer. Durable is the way to go. Why pay over and over for something when you can pay once and have something for life.

Our Top Picks

Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earbuds

We love the look of the clear earbuds. The product comes in a variety of colors and finishes, but there is something about the clear ones, which showcase the simple yet effective electronics inside, that we love. There is a retro feel to them. Remember the time when all electronics were coming in clear cases?

You will love the sound you get from these earbuds. We mentioned that we never compromise when it comes to sound, and these are no different. The technology comes from professional music equipment which has been tested for years by professional musicians. You will get the perfect sound, no matter what you are listening to.

Along with the superior sound, you also get comfort. The earbuds are lightweight and have a low-profile shape. They are angled to fit in your ear perfectly, trapping the sound and blocking out the ambient sound from around you.

An especially nice touch is the inclusion of a durably reinforced cable. The set also comes with a fit kit, so you have the perfect fit in your ear (with options of three sizes) and a neat carry case to protect your earbuds further.

Sennheiser CX300 II Precision Earbuds

Durability need not mean high-cost. When we were looking for rugged earbuds, we wanted to find affordable options too, and this set is just that. They are affordable and will last you a long time.

The high-quality dynamic speaker system is great for bass-driven stereo sound, making them a wonderful choice for electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets. They are a definite upgrade in sound from standard headphones without there being an upgrade in the price.

The earbud kit comes with a variety of rubber earbud caps so that you find the perfect fit. This is essential to block out the ambient noise around you and keep your sound where it should be. With three sizes, you are going to find earbuds which not only give great sound but act as earplugs too while fitting comfortably. Comfort is essential in a pair of earbuds which are going to last a lifetime. Throw your earbuds in the protective case when not in use, and you will never need to buy another pair again.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds

The first thing which you will notice (and love) about this set of rugged earbuds is the style. There are wires coming out of each earbud, but that is to connect them together. They are completely wireless (except for the aforementioned wire). The small wire sits on your neck and stops the earbuds from falling to the ground should one come out of your ear. Perfect for not losing your earbuds (like some of us have done in the past).

The fact that these earbuds are wireless and fit so well makes them perfect for your toughest workouts. You demand performance in your body when you are at the gym or running in the great outdoors; you should demand the same performance from your earbuds. They are sweat-resistant, have 5-hour battery life, and fit comfortably. Everything you need to help you to work up a sweat (and then resist that sweat).

We love the look of these earbuds and how much comfort they will bring you. They have been molded to stay in your ear, even when you are moving. Go rock climbing, canoeing, or hiking, and then earbuds will stay put.

Bose has also created a free app for your smart device to help you connect with your music. Use the app to quickly switch between devices without having to pair the headphones each time. Personalize your settings and power up before you work out.

RHA T20 IEMs DualCoil HiFi Noise Isolating Earbuds

These durable earbuds look amazing. The stainless steel finish looks rugged and reliable. You only need to see the headphones to know that they are going to last — no cheap plastic used here to cover the important components inside. The same goes for the cable connecting them. It is rugged and durable and will hold up to the stress and strain of everyday life. Don’t worry if it is bending under the strain of your yoga pose or being stretched as you complete the last rep in your routine; the wire is going to hold up and last. Pay once and keep your headphones forever.

When it comes to performance, these earbuds outperform most on the market. The revolutionary RHA DualCoil driver technology beats conventional dynamic drivers hands down. A customizable tuning filter system filters your music through molded stainless steel housings to give you sound which is incomparable. Combine that with the moldable over-ear hooks and ergonomic design, and you get earbuds which will to only give you amazing sound but amazing comfort too.

These headphones are built to last. The stainless steel casings will not break or become dented over time. The cable is durable and moldable over your ears. The connection is going to last too. The oxygen-free copper cable and gold-plated connector ensure that the signal is clear and the connection is solid.

A selection of ear tips means that you can find the perfect fit for your ears which will keep the music in and the ambient noise out. Choose between foam and silicone. When you are not using your earbuds, the carry case will protect them from harm.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E4 Advanced Earbuds

Bang & Olufsen have a reputation for creating durable and high-quality sound equipment, and these earbuds are no different. You get all of the quality and craftsmanship which you would expect from people who have worked in the world of sound for years.

When you listen to your music, podcasts, the radio, or anything else, you want to hear your music; your podcasts. Noise canceling technology is a big part of durable earbuds. You could have the best materials in the world and the longest-lasting headphones but without being able to hear the music clearly, what is the point?

These headphones showcase a minimalist design, but the performance is far from minimalist. Immerse yourself in your music with Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound and block out the ambient noise around you. One of the features which you will love is that you can go back to an ambient mode with a simple gesture. A simple movement of your hand and you can hear the ambient noise around you again. You do not need to take out your earbuds to hear what that person is saying — wonderful technology to immerse yourself in music but stay immersed in the real world.

These earbuds are light and comfortable. If you are switching between your audio and ambient noise, you want to be able to comfortably wear the headphones for a long time, and you can. The memory foam ear tips conform to your ears to cancel the outside noise and bring you comfort. Additional silicone ear tips ensure that you get the fit which is right for you.

A wonderful pair of earbuds which also come with a remote for hassle-free control. A great pair of earbuds which may just be the last pair you ever buy.

What To Know Before Buying Earbuds


You get what you pay for. If you want durable earbuds, then you need to pay for them. Now, this does not mean that you have to shell out all of your hard-earned cash, but it does mean that you need to pay a little more than those airline headphones would cost. Headphones which are well made and put together expertly are going to last longer and save you money. They are going to repel sweat when you exercise and hold up when you drop them.

Water Resistance

There are almost no earbuds which are completely waterproof (unless you are buying specialized earbuds for snorkeling or scuba diving), but many are water resistant. Resistance to moisture is going to make your earbuds durable and longer-lasting. Especially great if you wear your earbuds to the gym and work up a sweat as the beats are being cranked out.

Cable Quality

The cable is going to twist and bend and is often the weak point of your headphones. This is the part which is going to fray or tear, revealing the wires underneath. You want a cable long enough so that you do not need to stretch it but short enough so that it does not become tangled. The material should be high-quality and heavy-duty. You could also go the other way and invest in wireless earbuds, forgetting about the nuisance of a cable altogether.

Sound Quality

We are looking for durability with our earbuds, but that does not mean we should compromise with the sound quality. The main reason you are buying earbuds is for sound. This is an area where we never compromise. We are out to find you the longest-lasting earbuds, but we also want to find quality ones too. The great thing is that durable earbuds are generally well-made, so paying for high-quality materials means that you are usually paying for high-quality sound too; which leads us on to our next topic.


Of course, the price of an item is always a big concern. However, when we look at the cost of an item, we are looking at the value vs. the price. This is an investment in a pair of dependable earbuds. With cheaper pairs, you are buying them again and again. With a durable set, you buy it for life. A little investment at the outset will save you money in the long run. When you are searching for your perfect earbuds, think about the pair which is going to become your lifelong friend.

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