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5 Best Cordless Chainsaws With Battery And Charger

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If you want to cut down that tree in your back yard, trim a few branches, or embark on a journey into the world of stump sculpting, then there is no better tool than a chainsaw. They are powerful and get the job done.

In the past, most people chose a gas chainsaw over a battery-powered one as they were the more powerful of the two options but, with advances in technology, battery-powered chainsaws are just as powerful and a lot more convenient.

A battery-powered chainsaw can be used in almost any situation without having to worry about where to plug it in, and how to navigate around the cable, or how much the gas is going to cost. Simply, plug in the battery, and you are good to go.

We set out on a mission to find the most durable battery-operated chainsaws out there. We wanted something which would not only get the job done but which would last time after time. The most rugged and reliable chainsaws are not gas-powered anymore. Battery-operated chainsaws are here and here to stay.

We set some criteria to ensure that we chose the best of the best, and then went ahead and found the toughest and strongest chainsaws out there, all of which come with battery and charger options.

Our Top Picks

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw 20262

This chainsaw comes with a high-performance and heavy-duty 40V lithium-ion battery. This battery keeps your chainsaw going for a long time and also delivers fade-free power. When the battery does run out, it will not slowly die; it will work right up until the very last second.

The 12-inch steel chain gives superior cutting ability which will cut through the most stubborn tree branches and trunks along with having the length to take down the largest of those. You will also like that there is a tool-less chain tensioning. Over time, the chain is going to loosen, and you need to tighten it. With this system, you do not have to worry about finding the correct tool or taking it somewhere.

There is also minimal kickback with this system. Often, when cutting through tough wood, you get a lot of kickback. The chain delivers just the right amount of cutting power to ensure that you can get through the wood without injuring yourself. There is an automatic oiler to keep everything running smoothly.

A great chainsaw with a lot of power and handy automatic features.

Makita XCU03PT1 36V Cordless Chainsaw Kit

This Makita chainsaw uses a brushless motor to deliver lots of power and lots of efficiency. The motor gives you as much power as a gas-powered motor would. There are also a bunch of nice built-in features to elevate this chainsaw above the others out there.

An LED power switch illuminates so you can find it quickly and easily. The auto power-off function will also turn the motor off when the chainsaw is not used for a period of time, saving the life of the battery. The lock-off lever stops the blade from engaging accidentally, preventing easily-preventable accidents.

The chainsaw takes two lithium-ion batteries, giving you a lot of power and a long life between charges. Two 18V batteries mean that you get 36V of power. There are also protective seals inside of the tool to prevent dirt, water, and anything else from getting inside.

This is a robust and reliable chainsaw which protects itself and helps to protect you. You will love the power and battery life.

Black+Decker LCS1240 40-Volt Cordless Chainsaw

You know that you are getting a quality piece of equipment when you hear the name, Black+Decker. This chainsaw has 40V of power, delivered by the lithium-ion battery, which powers the 12-inch chainsaw blade.

You will like the little auto-features which make this chainsaw easy to use and operate. There is tool-less tensioning of the blade for fast and easy adjustments, along with an auto-oiling system to keep everything running smoothly.

If you have multiple Black+Decker tools, then you can share the battery with the other tools, and have multiple batteries at your disposal. The 40V battery will give you a lot of runtime with the option to use another battery while you charge one. You can keep on going with this system.

The handle is one of the most comfortable handles out there. The wrap-around handle conforms to your hand and gives you a soft but secure grip. You can shift position without having any discomfort.

This is a powerful tool which will have a lot of benefits if you use a lot of Black+Decker tools.

DeWalt DCCS620B 20V MAX XR Cordless Chainsaw

This chainsaw is compact and light but still gives you a lot of power and a large cutting area, big enough to tackle branches and tree trunks. The high-efficiency brushless-motor maximizes the run time of your battery while giving you a great performance from start to finish.

You will like the low kickback when using this chainsaw. If you do hit a particularly stubborn piece of wood, the chainsaw may kick back but not as much as it would with other chainsaws, increasing your comfort and saving you from any minor injuries. Along with the low kickback, you also have tool-free tensioning and bar tightening. When you need to make adjustments, you do not need any additional tools to do so.

The 20V battery delivers a lot of power for something so small and compact, and the battery is interchangeable with other Dewalt tools, giving you options if you have multiple tools.

You will love how light and easy to use this chainsaw is.

Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw Cordless Chainsaw

With a 20V battery, this chainsaw is tough, durable, and will deliver high-performance cutting. There are an auto-tensioning system and auto-lubrication, keeping this chainsaw running no matter what happens. A nice touch is the optional extension pole which can be added to the chainsaw to allow you to reach the higher branches without using a ladder and putting yourself in danger.

This chainsaw is light, weighing in at just over 10 pounds. You can use it for a long time without getting tired. There is also an ergonomic comfort grip to reduce fatigue when you have a long day of cutting.

If you have other Worx tools, then you can share batteries between them. If you have a long day of cutting ahead of you, then you can cut with one battery installed while you have another (or more) being charged. Keep going all day with superior battery life and a comfortable handle.

This is a great tool for taking care of your entire yard.

What To Know Before Buying a Cordless Chainsaw


The main concern in the past is that battery-powered chainsaws were not as powerful as gas-powered models, and for a long time, that sentiment was true. With the advances in technology, batteries are bigger and more powerful, and electric motors are as good as any other out there.

When you are looking at the power of your chainsaw, bigger is better. Check the volts and amps of your battery. Generally, the bigger the two numbers are, the more power the battery is going to supply and the longer it is going to last.

Gas vs. electric chainsaw comparison (by Taras Kul).

Noise & Vibration

Chainsaws are loud beasts. Thankfully, battery-power chainsaws are generally quieter than corded chainsaws, and a lot quieter than gas-powered ones. Look for a lithium-ion battery for the least noise and vibration. When you are working for long periods of time, little less noise and vibration can go a long way.

You can also look into an anti-vibration handle if you are going to be using your chainsaw a lot and for prolonged periods. A little vibration may feel fine at first but can quickly become a nuisance over time. An anti-vibration handle will filter those vibrations away from your hands or absorb none of the vibrations from the motor.

Battery Life

The main disadvantage between a battery-powered chainsaw and a gas powered one is that you can refill a gas-powered chainsaw immediately with more gas (if you have more with you) while a battery needs to be charged before you can use the chainsaw again. For a rugged and reliable chainsaw, you need to take a look at the battery life before you purchase it.

The longer your battery lasts, the more you can do before you need to recharge. The most durable chainsaws should have the most durable batteries. We have strived to choose some of the most reliable chainsaws out there, and a lot of that is down to the battery. Look for high voltage and amperage.


You are buying a rugged and reliable chainsaw, so why would you need to worry about a warranty. Well, in our opinion, a warranty is not about getting it fixed should it break down, it is more about how much confidence the manufacturer has in their product.

If you can find a chainsaw with a long warranty, then not only can you have it repaired or replaced should it break but you also have some peace of mind that the manufacturer believes in their product. From our experience, if a manufacturer believes in their product, it is usually due to the fact that premium materials have been used, and high-quality construction.


You are going to be holding this piece of equipment a lot. It may be the most durable chainsaw in the world, but if it is not comfortable, then you are not going to want to use it. We already talked about an anti-vibration handle but what else should you be looking for?

The handle is very important. Look for one which has an ergonomic grip. The better models will have rubber (and other soft materials) on the handle and trigger where some manufacturers would put harder materials. This softness allows you to grip the handle easier and more firmly without straining your hand over time.

The weight is important too. A heavier model may not always indicate a better model. Look for high-quality materials, good construction, and long battery life. Combine this with a machine which is light and easy to hold, and you have a chainsaw which will be comfortable.


Battery-powered chainsaws need not be more expensive than gas-powered ones, and generally, they are not. Where you are going to pay a little more is for durability. If you want a chainsaw which is going to last you forever (or as close to forever as possible), then you need to pay a little more for the privilege. With that in mind, we have also kept our focus on affordability. The chainsaws on our list are durable and rugged and will save you money in the long run.

A durable chainsaw will not need to be repaired as often as a cheaper model, nor will it need to be replaced when it wears out. Paying a little more at the outset can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Paying more for your chainsaw also gets you a lot of nice extras. Battery-operated chainsaws are generally more expensive due to having a longer-lasting battery. Most of the time, though not always, paying more for your chainsaw will give you a product which will run for longer between charges. You may also pay more for a more powerful motor and longer cutting teeth.

You always get what you pay for, so you should not be averse to spending the money to get a high-quality battery-powered chainsaw. Pay a little more and have a chainsaw which is going to last.

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