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5 Best Small Cordless Angle Grinders for Professional & DIY Use

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Angle grinders are an essential tool for both trade work and DIY. However, power tools such as angle grinders, and their parts, including discs and motors, can burn out or wear down quickly. Built to cut the toughest of materials, such as concrete, stone, and steel, replacement or repairs may even be necessary after a single grinding session.

That is if you buy the wrong angle grinder! You see, not all models are equally as durable as the next. With this in mind, we’ve carefully researched and selected the most durable angle grinders out there. These days, it’s not necessary to settle for cumbersome corded options, either.

All of the angle grinders in this list are compact and cordless, making them perfect for DIY and professional projects.

Our Top Picks

Angle grinders can get used for various tasks, including sanding wood and leveling concrete floors. Compact cordless angle grinders (4.5″ to 6″) are particularly useful for outdoor or on-site projects where electrical supply may be limited. If you feel one is the right fit for your project, read on to find out which are our best angle grinders to pick!

1. Bosch 18V X-LOCK (GWX18V-8N) Brushless Angle Grinder

$99.00 $139.00

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The Bosch GWX18V-8N 18V X-LOCK is the most compact, ergonomic cordless angle grinder in the X-LOCK range. This particular angle grinder is brushless, making it more durable than other Bosch brushed motor angle grinders. It is ultra-compact, fitting smaller, 4.5” discs, and features a powerful 18-volt battery.

Built for speedy disc changes, this innovative tool-free angle grinder saves you time. There’s no need for spanners, wrenches, or even adjustment of flange nuts. The unique X-LOCK disc clicks into place or releases with just a press or a pull of a lever. Not only is the disc system tool-free, but the guard and guard adjustment also.

Its safety features include restart protection, soft-start technology, and overload protection to reduce the chance of accidental starts, kickbacks, and motor overheating. Overall, it’s an exceptionally easy-to-use, portable, and affordable cordless angle grinder. It’s also very affordable compared to other similarly-sized angle grinders on the market.

2. Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 FUEL™ Brushless Angle Grinder

The Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 FUEL™ is one of the most popular cordless angle grinders on the market. Perhaps this is because this powerful angle grinder is built to grind for much longer. Featuring a POWERSTATE™ brushless motor and REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence, it delivers corded performance with up to 2x longer battery life.

Even if you do run out of power while working on a project, you can attach another pre-charged M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 battery pack (sold separately), and you’re good to go. Its brushless motor offers superior durability compared to brushed versions. Featuring a powerful 18-volt battery, it’s not lacking in power, either.

Versatility is another plus, as this angle grinder can fit discs from 4.5” up to 5”, unlike some other models that only fit one disc size. Besides being ideal for demanding outdoor projects, this cordless angle grinder also offers tool-free accessory changes.

3. Makita XAG20Z 18V LXT BL Brushless Paddle Angle Grinder

The Makita XAG20Z forms part of the extensive 300+ LXT® power tool range. All of these can be used with the same 18-volt batteries and charger. It’s important to note that this angle grinder is a bare tool, which means that it doesn’t come with either. The compatible BL1840BDC2 18V LXT® lithium-ion battery and charger are sold separately.

Though, you can sometimes find Makita XAG20Z cordless angle grinders for sale in a set with a battery and charger. If you have a few other LXT® power tools, going for this particular angle grinder can save you money on buying those separately. Overall, this brushless angle grinder scores top marks for being durable, powerful, and safe.

Its unique and handy variable speed control dial and paddle switch make it that much safer and more convenient to use. Featuring XPT protective seals, it’s also ideal to operate in wet, dusty, and dirty conditions. Lastly, it fits discs from 4.5” up to 5” and features a powerful 18-volt battery.

4. DeWalt FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ MAX* Brushless Angle Grinder

Featuring a 20-volt (max power without a workload) battery, the DeWalt FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ is undoubtedly one of the most powerful cordless angle grinders on the market. Handily, to extend its battery life, you can pair it with DEWALT 20V MAX* or 6, 9, and 12 Ah FLEXVOLT batteries.

Part of the PERFORM & PROTECT, it’s not only designed to perform but also built to protect. With advanced safety features and parts like a kickback brake, E-Switch, and E-CLUTCH, the angle grinder is better equipped to safely handle binding, pinches, stalls, and unexpected shut-offs.

Its durable brushless motor and versatile 4.5” to 5” disc bracket are added bonuses. Being Tool Connect Chip Ready, you can also easily install a chip to manage and track it using the TOOL CONNECT™ Site Manager. Overall, it’s an excellent pick for those demanding on-site projects and DIY tasks.

5. Ridgid 18-Volt OCTANE Brushless Angle Grinder

$129.99 $169.99

If you’re looking for the best budget cordless angle grinder, the brushless Ridgid 18-Volt OCTANE fits the bill. This affordable angle grinder is surprisingly powerful for the price. It delivers up to 10,000 RPM, which is more than many other similarly sized cordless angle grinders.

The tool itself comes bare, with the battery and charger sold separately. The 2 Ah battery is the standard choice, and you can sometimes find this angle grinder sold with this basic battery. However, opting for a Ridgid lithium-ion 4 Ah battery or up is recommended, especially if you need more power.

With a tool-free guard, it’s easy to adjust outdoors without a wrench or spanner handy. Its compact, 4.5” disc bracket is ideal for basic DIY and on-site tasks, particularly those that don’t take too much time. Overall, it’s a convenient, compact, and affordable angle grinder option.

What To Know Before Buying a Cordless Angle Grinder

Before selecting an angle grinder, read this buyer’s guide on motor types, battery life, and more. Arming yourself with this important information will help you pick the best cordless angle grinder for your needs.

Motor Type

As with all power tools, motor type is important. Angle grinders typically come with one of two motors—brushed or brushless. Brushed motors are the less modern of the two, whereas brushed motors are the newer option. Brushed motors are easier to maintain, more powerful, and energy-efficient. However, they’re pricier, so you can also opt for an angle grinder with a brushed motor if you want to save.

Power Output

In terms of power, small cordless angle grinder motors typically range from 500 to 1500 watts. If cordless, an angle grinder’s internal battery also plays a part. The higher the angle grinders battery voltage, the more strength it will have—with 18 volts and up being ideal. Also, look at amps and max revolutions per minute (RPM) as these make a difference to its performance.

Battery Life

Cordless power tools are definitely convenient, but they do come with one limitation. As they operate on an internal battery, you’ll be limited as to how long you can use a cordless angle grinder. If it has multiple power or speed settings, using it at its highest can drain the battery much faster. Look for an angle grinder that has enough battery life, recharges quicker, and is compatible with detachable batteries.


Cost is always a factor when purchasing goods. Generally, a good quality angle grinder should cost around $130 to $200 and last 5 to 15 years. Though cheaper cordless angle grinders can be tempting, the quality and durability of these don’t always measure up. That said, you can lower your costs by opting for an older model in the range.

Disc Type & Size

Angle grinders polish, cut, and grind using a rapidly rotating disc. Most small and regular-sized angle grinders fit a 4” to 5” disc. Brushless models tend to be able to fit larger 5” angle grinders, while brushed motors typically only fit a smaller 4.5” disc.

Tool-Free Adjustment

Some angle grinders feature tool-free adjustments that make them a little more convenient and quicker to use. Tool-free adjustment allows you to change various part positions or remove and place discs without the use of any tools. However, what you can adjust, tool-free will vary from angle grinder model to model, so be sure to check.

Weight & Comfort

Angle-grinding can be quite an exhausting task. Besides the loud sounds, the vibrations from the machine can be challenging to handle. The weight, shape, and grips on an angle grinder can make it much easier and more comfortable to use.


Many hard-wearing products, including power tools such as angle grinders, do come with a warranty. Angle grinders from reputable brands typically come with a 3- to 5-year limited warranty. This does vary per product, so it’s important to check for whichever angle grinder you intend to buy. Also, be sure to read the warranties’ fine print to find out what it covers.


Angle grinders can be dangerous to handle, which is why some manufacturers have added built-in safety features. These extras can include brakes and triggers, which help limit accidental starts and kickbacks. Of course, you should always follow additional safety precautions like wearing a welding helmet, gloves, and protective shoes.


When shopping, it’s best to go for reputable brands to ensure you get the best value for money. Some of the best cordless angle grinder brands include Ridgid, Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Ryobi. Besides being more experienced in manufacturing power tools, these companies also generally offer superior customer service, warranties, and repair services.


Angle grinders may come with additional accessories, such as travel bags, replacement discs, or other types of discs and tools. These are money-saving bonuses that can also be handy for outdoor or on-site projects.

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